Skincare Reviews Vichy Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet Lotion Review

Published on April 2nd, 2016 | by The Perfume Expert

Vichy Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet Lotion Review

Don’t be a sweaty mess! This is A MUST-HAVE in your gym bag! Read how the refreshing Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet lotion by Vichy will help you keep your cool after your daily workout routine!

This is the perfect gym buddy!

Whether you are a regular gym rat, are obsessed with your Soul Cycle class, or lace up every morning for a brisk jog before work, you are aware of the complete and utter annoyance of having to get ready for the day/night post-workout!

A sweaty hot mess which leads to an even more sweaty hot shower which leads to attempting to pull on skinny jeans or, god help you, pantyhose in a steaming hot shower room!

We’ve all been there, and if you’re like me, it’s inevitable that amidst all the steam, sticky body lotion is the last thing you want to put on!

Come on….NO ONE HAS TIME to massage in luxurious body lotion and then stand there naked for the next 20 min while it absorbs!

Everyone has a busy life these days and frankly, even if you aren’t a dedicated gym rat, you probably still have very little time to get ready every morning and sadly not many of us have more time to unwind at the end of the day either.

Because of our busy lifestyles, our beauty routines have to adapt.

But there aren’t very many companies and products that realize the growing need for speed and ease in this modern world.

Yes, pampering is nice and spa nights-in sound like a dream, but they rarely fit in to our hectic schedules.

Enter Vichy! A company that not only understands the skincare needs of women of all ages, but understands HOW they want to use skincare!

A perfect example of this is their new Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet Lotion.

Vichy Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet Lotion

Not only does this lotion contain ALL of the hydrating, anti-aging, and firming properties you’d want from a body lotion, but it’s cooling texture and refreshing ingredients help to absorb instantly and keep your refreshed throughout the day!

First of all, it’s Vichy, so you’re going to get the usual dose of beneficial Vichy spring water, that in itself is spectacular. But you also get continuous hydration from their Aquabioryl + Hyaluronic acid + Fundamental oils!

The difference is that with the added Carrageenan sugars (seaweed based) this gel-like lotion binds water to the skin and absorbs almost instantly leaving a dry, almost powdered feel, to the touch making slipping on your fav skinny jeans or bodycon dress EVEN EASIER!

Doing double duty, the Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet also contains LHA which firms skin, increasing the effects of your dubious efforts at the gym! But unknown to most, LHA is also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a great gym buddy!

But the magic happens with the addition of Ginko Biloba!

Ginko Biloba is somewhat of a miracle ingredient.

Not only does it provide a potent anti-oxidant effect (anti-aging), but it’s also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory which are all welcome benefits after working up a sweat.

Moreover, Ginko Biloba helps increase circulation and this almost regulatory effect adds a freshness and energizes the skin all day long which is perfect tool for helping you keep your cool.

And for all those sensitive skin types…what this lotion DOESN’T have is Parabens and it’s Hypoallergenic. Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control. And contains soothing and fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Now, apart from the scientific aspects of this lotion, I can’t go without talking about the superficial aspects as well….

First off, the smell is almost lickable! A sunny, sweet, spring-like fragrance that does actually smell a bit like a creamsicle!

Secondly, the texture is a light gel-like lotion that absorbs fast and is cooling upon application.

Lastly, the level of hydration is important. For the perfect gym lotion, you want it to be hydrating but not overly moisturizing and this hits the mark. It sinks in instantly and skin is left feeling balanced and never with that “I just applied moisturizer” feeling.

Moisturizer has NEVER seen the inside of my gym bag before this!

All I can say is, being a girl who works out hard then has to be out the door in 10 min, the Vichy Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet has now become a gym bag staple! #VichyWorksForMe

What I’m more excited about is being able to use this light lotion in hotter temperatures….bring on Summer!

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[The product mentioned in this review was a Press Sample but opinions are all my own]
Vichy Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet Lotion Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This new body lotion from Vichy has all the benefits of a great moisturizing lotion but it's lightness, gel-like consistency, and refreshing ingredients make it a super lotion for your gym bag to keep you fresh and hydrated all day!


Great Post-Workout Lotion

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