Beauty Tips DIY Hair Toner: How to fix brassy hair and other unwanted red tones

Published on March 13th, 2020 | by The Perfume Expert

DIY Hair Toner: How to Fix Brassy Hair and Remove Other Unwanted Red Tones

Remove brassiness from blonde hair and other unwanted red tones from brown hair with this super easy trick! All you need is food coloring! Keep reading to find out just how EASY it is to have the blond hair you’ve always wanted!

Keeping your blonde hair blonde or your brown hair rich in tone can be an endless struggle. Weather, sun, chlorine, hard water, and even washing your hair are all things that lead to unwanted orange and red tones in our hair.

Not all of us have the funds to get our color refreshed every couple of weeks!

But this simple trick is just as effective and all you need is a few simple ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboard!

I’m Going To Show You A Quick Short Term Fix AND The Long Term Fix To Your Brassy or Red Hair

As both a science student and a hair & beauty expert I have put over 15 years of industry research and scientific study into getting the very best hair tone.

I have consulted with numerous hair color specialists during this process to discover the very BEST tips and tricks on how to remove unwanted orange/red/yellow tones from both blonde and brown hair.

I’m going to show you not only what has consistently worked for me but for literally thousands of my readers too and I am confident that you will be able to utilize this information to get the results that you want.

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If you are serious about fixing brassy blonde hair or removing your unwanted red tones at home and you want the complete (and cheap) solution so that your hair can finally look the way you truly envisioned all of the time and for the rest of your life …

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Ok with that said, let’s help you on your way to get the hair tone that you truly want!

Lets get on with it!

Why You Have Unwanted Tones In Your Hair and How Color Theory Works

First we must understand what is causing the unwanted tones in the first place. A simple lesson in color theory can help us understand why this little trick works so well.

Don’t worry it’s really basic and simple!

If we imagine the color wheel. We can not only see which colors compliment each other, but we can also see which colors are the opposite of each other.

Using the color wheel to fix brassy hair

As you can see, the opposite color to Orange/Yellow is Blue Violet.

The opposite color to Red/Orange  is Blue/Green.

Because these colors are opposite, when they are both present they, in a way, cancel each other out.

In other words, a purple/blue color will cancel out orange and yellow tones. And a blue/green color will cancel out red tones.

Brassy blonde hair has a lot of yellow and orange tones because as color is lifted (bleached) out of the hair shaft it reveals yellow/orange tones underneath, so if we use a product with a purple/blue (Blue Violet) base this will cancel out these unwanted yellow/orange tones.

This is why you usually see shampoos and conditioners for blonde hair that looks purple in the bottle.

Brown hair tends to go red as it fades because it again is revealing warm tones as the rich color washes out and so if we use a product with a blue/green base, it will counteract the unwanted red tones.

Now, a good hair color specialist will be aware of this and adjust the hair color accordingly. Not only, can our color fade into unwanted tones, but some of us are in a way preconditioned to pull orange or red tones in our hair.

Aveda color, for example, has pure color tones (such as green or blue) that can be added to your hair coloring service to account for this fading and your natural tendency to pull certain tones.

I believe this to be the only salon-only hair color line to do this, which makes Aveda Color even more exceptional than I already thought!

The Best Color Care Products For Your Exact Color And Hair Type

If you aren’t prepared to color your hair at a salon just yet, then I’ll point you in the right direction with these tried-and-tested toning products that REALLY work!

For vanishing brassy yellow tones in blonde hair check out the Shu Uemura Color Lustre Shades Reviving Balm Cool Blonde or Christophe Robin’s Baby Blonde hair mask.

For beautiful cool brown hair, Christophe Robin also makes an Ash Brown hair mask that is powerful at masking red tones and warmth. Aveda also makes a potent conditioner called Black Malva that is equally as good at counteracting redness in brown hair!

For the EXACT types of shampoos and conditioners that will keep your color tone right, for your specific hair type and color (including links) you can download my best selling step by step, easy to follow ebook guide:

5 Simple And Easy To Use Secrets Of The Pros To Prevent & Fix Brassy Hair And Remove Unwanted Red Tones For Good…Without spending more than $10 & without having to visit a salon.

Whether you have had your hair dyed at the salon or you have dyed it yourself and you want to know how to maintain it’s tone or to remove unwanted tones afterwards then my guide will help you to fix and keep your hair tone now and consistently for the future.

What Every Blonde Or Brunette Can Do Right Now To Fix Brassy Hair Or Remove Unwanted Red Tones

remove-brassy-tone-with-color Sometimes you may find yourself in a pinch for a treatment and either don’t have access to your regular shampoo or maybe spent your shampoo money on a new handbag instead!So in that case follow this simple and cheap trick to fix brassy hair and remove other unwanted red tones in a flash! What you’ll need is blue, green, red, and/or violet food coloring, regular shampoo/condition, and white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar (optional).

How To Get Rid Of Yellow/Brassy/Orange Tones In Blonde Hair Or Highlights:

1. Add 2-3 drops of violet food coloring to a bottle of shampoo/conditioner.Use blue violet food coloring or mix your own by using 2 drops of blue , 1 drop of green and 1 drop of red to make a bluish/purple shade. It should look more cool, bluish-purple, than a warm redish-purple if that makes sense. Even if you are using violet food coloring you may want to add a drop more of blue to ensure the purple isn’t too red. Regardless, the amount you should add to the shampoo should be about the size of a pea. This should be enough to change the color of the shampoo/conditioner to a bluish purple. You want it to be obvious but not bright purple! This is trial & error, so you may need to add more drops until you get the results you want. How ever many drops you add, just make sure that you are adding more blue than green in the ratio. 2. Wash & rinse as usual. Leave on for a few minutes to get a stronger effect if you want. For a more in-depth version of this process and for 4 more ways to remove your unwanted tones you can download my best selling step by step, easy to follow guide by clicking here

How To Get Rid Of Orange/Red Tones In Brown Hair Or Lowlights:

1. Add 2-3 drops (about the size of a pea) of green food coloring (or 2 drops of green and 1 blue if suffering for more orange than red tones) to your shampoo/conditioner 2.  Wash & rinse as usual. Leave on for a few minutes to get a stronger effect if you want. Or try this DIY Hair Toner:Use this treatment once every month (or more/less often when needed) to refresh your color and rid it of unwanted tones. This simple at-home treatment produces AMAZING results! Please do a strand test before using this treatment as you will need to see how it changes the color of your hair and if you need to adjust the food coloring ratio. If after your strand test you find it too strong (i.e your blonde has a slight pink tinge), you can dilute the mixture with another cup of vinegar. Add about 1/8 tsp of your required food coloring color (blue-purple for blondes or blue-green for browns) to 2 1/2 cups of white vinegar. After you shampoo and condition your hair, pour this home-made toner over your strands and massage throughout then rinse. Added benefit of this treatment is that if you use apple cider vinegar it also produces a gorgeous shine and gloss to your hair! Your hair will be toned, ultra shiny, and super soft! There you go!

What To Do Next

Obviously there is only so much depth that I can go into in this post so if you are serious about removing brassiness from blonde hair or unwanted red tones from brown hair for good then my guide will literally take you by the hand and make sure that nothing goes wrong for you in the process. It is a detailed guide to walk you through YOUR SPECIFIC problem and it will not only help FIX your brassy hair but also teach you how to PREVENT the issue from reoccurring in the future. So if You’re ready to have crystal cool blonde or rich true brown hair you’ve always wanted without spending a fortune at the salon then…

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