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The content featured within this site, and all related Perfume Expert sites, is comprised of reviews/tips/information based on personal experience and are the personal opinions of the author. The opinions/reviews from the author are not a guarantee of results or efficacy of any given product. The author does not claim to be a medical professional/dermatologist or a certified expert or licensed practitioner in the field. If you have certain allergies, medical conditions, or dermatological concerns you should always seek advice from a medical professional before using any of the featured products.

Comment Policy:

We ask that if you intend to use the comment sections please do so with respect. does not tolerate profanity, insults, or Spam and will remove any comments we deem to be inappropriate .

Review disclosures: nor the author receive compensation for reviewing a specific product. However, sometimes products are sent to us for review consideration, but it is up to us to decide whether or not to review it, and if we do so, our reviews are always non-biased. In the event that a promo product or press sample of a specific product is featured in a review on and/or other related Perfume Expert social networking sites, that information will be fully disclosed at the end of the relevant blog post on All other products reviewed on this and/or related Perfume Expert sites are either purchased by us, owned already by us, or have been obtained as a free sample.

Affiliate Links:

Some of the ads/banners, Deal Checker, or links to purchase on and within our mail outs are part of an affiliate program. Meaning, sometimes we recommend where to purchase a product by placing a link at the bottom of a review, placing an advert/banner on the page or in an email, or provide you with access to our Deal Checker. When you make a purchase by following any of these links , we may receive a small commission. This is of no extra cost to you as the buyer, the retailer is responsible for this, and in most cases if a product is returned, so is our commission.
Sponsored Events/The Perfume Expert Giveaways:
At times, may offer special events/giveaways. In this case ALL of the products for these giveaways are purchased by as our way of saying “Thanks for being a part of our community”. However, occasionally, we may host a “Sponsored Event” from a company that we recommend and when we host a “Sponsored Event”, may receive compensation for promoting this event. Sponsored Events will clearly be labelled as such.

Privacy Policy:

All personal information and email addresses shared with are kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or given to any other third party.
We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13. If we become aware that we have collected information from someone under this age we will delete said information immediately.

The Perfume Expert Ratings: features a unique rating system that is not an official rating but a rating system designed by us to accurately describe our personal opinions of products reviewed on our site. These ratings are not a form of guarantee and because these ratings are based on the authors personal opinion, you may have different results when using the featured product.

Disclaimer: and all persons affiliated with this and related sites are in no way legally responsible for any damage/harm/injury caused from using any of the products or tips mentioned on this or related sites. We provide only personal opinions and recommendations about products/tips and therefore, and any person affiliated with this and related sites are not liable for any damage/harm/injury which may occur from the use of a product or tip mentioned on this site, nor are we responsible for any negative experience had from a featured product or tip.
In addition, only features retailers that we feel are reputable and that we use ourselves. and all persons affiliated with this and related sites are in no way responsible for any negative experience which may occur with our affiliated retailers. In the event of there being a problem with a product, order, or shipment of product purchased by using one of our affiliates, it is up to you to contact the retailer directly NOT does not handle any transactions or customer service, we only offer a link to reputable retailers.


All written content that is published on, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted along with all The Perfume Expert logos and designs. Any unauthorized copying, publication, uploading, submitting, or posting, of the content or portion thereof from this site is strictly prohibited without written permission of the site owner. You are welcome to share or link to posts from this blog, but we ask you to include the name of the blog and/or URL when you do so (Most social networking sites like Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter already do this for you). To obtain permission to use any of the content within this site please email us by using the Contact form here.

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July 3rd, 2013

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If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy/disclaimer/disclosure process please contact us using the Contact form here.

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