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  • How your Perfume can Double as an Insect Repellent. Learn which scents repel bugs along with a DIY Bug Spray Recipe. |
  • This stuff WORKS! @PaulMitchellUK Platinum Blonde Tonning Spray. For a quick fix, shimmery purple pigments dust the hair counteracting brassy hair on the go! Who said going blonde was high maintenance?! Read about it here: How to Take Care of Blonde Hair |
  • Lightening hair breaks the disulfide bonds in the hair shaft leaving hair brittle and porous. Help seal the cuticles and repair the bonds with Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair Spray. One of the top tips on how to take care of blonde hair in this latest beauty guide How to Take Care of Blonde Hair |
  • How to Take Care of Blonde Hair in this helpful guide to Blonde Hair Maintenance How to prevent and fix Brassy Hair |
  • How to Take Care of Blonde Hair Learn these tips for properly maintaining blonde hair and preventing brassy tones |
  • Self Tanner for Sensitive Skin | Best Face Tanner by Skin Type |
  • The Top Perfumes That Turn Men On and the sexiest scents that attract men rated by the Perfume Expert |
  • Skincare Expiry Dates. Find out the shelf life of your skincare products with this helpful guide. Also learn tips on how to tell if your creams are gone off and how to preserve them longer. |

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