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Published on October 1st, 2017 | by The Perfume Expert

AVEDA Hair Color Review

Ever asked yourself, should I dye my hair?

Well, if so, BEFORE you do, read this! Because I have found the best salon hair color line on the market!

Having colored/dyed my hair since the age of 15, I have spent more than half of my life now donning a color not my own. And I have spent this time on a secret quest to find the most perfect hair color.

And I found it!

Whether I have had bleached hair, highlighted hair, low-lighted, blond hair, auburn hair, chestnut hair, or even wearing rainbow locks, I have searched high and low, near and far for a hair coloring system that protects my hair, conditions it, keeps it healthy, shiny, and most importantly, that doesn’t fade (especially with reds and dark hair colors).

I thought that my dry, dull, split-ends would forever suffer the fate of beauty until they were saved by AVEDA.

Like a knight in shining armour AVEDA hair color offered me a hair color that would guard my tender locks and forever change the way my hair felt and looked.

Out of all the suitors who have come before, AVEDA hair color is in a class all to its own and nothing has ever compared to its exceptional quality, innovative ingredients, and outstanding results!

The Full Spectrum Hair Color is AVEDA’s permanent  and demi-permanent color line only available at official AVEDA spas & salons. It provides remarkable coverage, gorgeous rich color, unsurpassable longevity, and unbeatable conditioning. What makes AVEDA color so noteworthy is that it not only provides such beautiful results but it is also natural and made with a social and environmental conscience.

Manufacturing the color-line using 100% wind-power and using recycled materials for the packaging, AVEDA creates a hair color that is up to 99% natural!

Using sustainable and organic farms to harvest protective plant oils like babassu,  sunflower, castor, and jojoba; instead of petrochemicals found in other hair colors. Without parabens, nitro-chemicals, or animal-derived ingredients, the Full Spectrum hair color line is virtually damage-free! Not to mention that the demi-permanent colors are also ammonia-free, creating a hair color that actually improves the condition of your hair instead of damaging it like other dyes (and no harsh smell either)!

But apart from the commendable social and environmental conscience of AVEDA, this hair color is truly the most gorgeous color you will ever have.  First of all, the permanent collection is virtually fade-resistant, giving you months of deep, rich color that will never dull, wash out, or change tone.

Even the demi-permanent range has exceptional fade-resistance and tone retention giving you up to 6 weeks of gorgeous healthy color!

The same cannot be said with any other hair color line I have used; including top names like Wella, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Matrix , Goldwell, or Redken.

Secondly, are the shades and tones of color within each range. AVEDA color is truly unique as each and every color looks natural! Even the darkest colors or brightest reds still maintain a natural and real quality; never appearing fake, chalky, brassy, or wig-like. Every color I have had from the darkest of browns to even the softest blondes have somehow looked real and organic, miraculously passing as if it’s my natural hair color!

Thirdly, is the condition and shine that is the hair is left with after an AVEDA color. Never has my hair felt more healthy, conditioned, soft, thick, and shiny as it does when I get an AVEDA color done. Due to its highly natural content and innovation, the Full Spectrum hair color protects and conditions leaving a veil of healthy oils to improve the over-all condition of your hair over time.

AVEDA has continuously and reliably impressed me not only with their products, but with their ethics and service.

This is the ONLY hair color line that I would recommend to my readers.  

So if you’ve asked yourself should I dye my hair, then every woman and man who has, does, or is considering coloring their hair needs to try AVEDA!

Remember, that although the AVEDA Full Spectrum hair color line is consistently amazing, no salon service is alike; so part of getting desired results is by finding the right hair color specialist to help you create your dream color.  AVEDA salons are all over the world so make sure you do your research to find a reputable AVEDA salon and a recommended hair stylist.

[AVEDA also has their own lightening products which provide superior lifting to create natural and pure blonde tones (not brassy or orange) which are unsurpassed by any other color line. Furthermore, AVEDA offers a grey-hair specific range to effectively cover 100% grey.

AVEDA Hair Color Review The Perfume Expert

The Perfume Expert Rating

Overall Impression

Summary: AVEDA Full Spectrum Hair Color is unbeatable in terms of rich, deep, and true fade-resistant tones, unsurpassed shine, and healthy conditioning properties. Being up to 99% naturally derived, this color line is truly unique and the gorgeous results are out-of-this world staying shiny and true to the tone for months on end. Never dulling, fading, or washing out! Never has my hair looked and felt better! Only reason why it doesn't get a full 5 stars is because AVEDA has the potential to be ever-so-slightly more expensive than regular hair color (but this also depends on the salon of course).


Rich shiny healthy color

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