Skincare Reviews FOREO Iris Review Illuminating Eye Massager Beauty Tool

Published on June 24th, 2016 | by The Perfume Expert

FOREO Iris Review: Illuminating Eye Massager Beauty Tool

Opthamologist approved! A REAL eye opener! This latest sonic beauty tool, the FOREO Iris Illuminating Eye Massager, will ramp up your skin care routine.

From the makers of the handy sonic face cleansing tool, the FOREO Luna, comes a high tech tool promising to reduce puffy eyes, dark circles, and fine lines!

Yes….you probably own an eye cream that already promises to do that…but what you may not know is that HOW you apply your eye cream is JUST as important, if not MORE important than the cream itself!

This is where the FOREO Iris comes in! It assists you in the ideal mode of application so you can get the most out of your eye care.

Utilizing a combination of ancient Asian tapping technique and sonic vibrations, the Iris gently pulses and flutters mimicking finger tapping while adding more penetrating vibrations.

This movement is the key to reducing puffiness and undereye circles as the stimulation increases circulation and lymphatic drainage!

Of course you could do this yourself with your fingers, but let’s be honest……you never would!

You may think that this is a pointless expense when you can tap your own fingers for free, but trust me, it’s HARD to replicate the fast tapping AND keep doing it for three minutes! I’ve tried!

Watch the video of the Iris in action:


This is the KEY reason why I think that the FOREO Iris is a worth-while beauty gadget. Because the most beneficial thing we can do for our eyes to reduce undereye bags and circles is manual stimulation and most of us don’t have time or the patience to do this every time we apply our eye creams!

This is why the FOREO Iris is the perfect lazy girl’s tool! It does all the work for you!

Apart from dark circles and puffy eyes, it also claims to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet.

This is a harder claim for me to prove right/wrong as I would need at least three months of testing. However, given the technology, I would say that the reduction in fine lines would be due to this tool’s ability to relax muscles, help exfoliate, and make creams/serum absorb better; which in turn, allows your existing wrinkle-reducer to work more effectively.

Yes, to a certain extent, massaging and increased circulation may stimulate collagen production to smooth lines but I don’t think that’s the main benefit of this tool.

I think the main benefits would be the relaxing of muscles around the eye area which would help prevent tension lines and relaxing the muscles would also make existing fine lines appear reduced.

Also, the sonic vibrations help exfoliate dead skin cells which would reduce the appearance of fine lines and give a more overall youthful appearance.

But the most pronounced benefit of using this tool is that it helps creams/serum absorb deeper, which in turn makes the product more effective.

It won’t work miracles, but it is an essential part of your eye care routine!

Think of this tool as a booster for your skincare routine, or in the same way you think of your face cleansing brush, your eye lash curler, or your Kabuki brush

One thing to note when using the Iris is that it works best when applying a heavier eye cream or eye serum. These are more lubricant liquids and allow the tool to glide over the eye area better.

When I first got it, I tried it in the morning with my La Prairie Cellular Revitalizing Eye Gel and due to the fast absorbing gel-like texture, the Iris tugged on the skin as it went. Not good.

However, I usually don’t want to use heavier creams in the morning as they interfere with my makeup application. Therefore, I found that in the morning I used the Iris as part of my cleansing routine while my cleanser was still on the skin. Thanks to it’s 100% waterproof material it can come in the shower with you!

At night, I happily use the Iris with my favorite night serum, Elemental Herbology Eye Elixir. It’s got oils of¬†Macadamia Nut, Grapeseed and Lavender that allow the Iris to glide over the skin, but it’s also got patented actives Lanablue that stimulates collagen synthesis and Eyeliss to promote lymphatic drainage.

As you can see by my before and after photo, my under eye bags are GREATLY reduced and the puffiness on the upper eye lid is also reduced. It’s hard to notice but I have a few fine lines/crows feet appearing and the Iris also helped reduce the appearance of these. The dark circles however, did not appear to change all that much.

Foreo Iris Review Before and After Photo

These ingredients accentuate the benefits of the FOREO Iris and vice versa, and this is the REAL benefit of this beauty gadget.

It’s not a stand alone wrinkle reducer. It won’t be as effective as a face lift or erase lines like fillers would. It is simply a tool to compliment your already existing skincare routine.

Other cool things about this tool is the quality of design. Already mentioned, it’s completely waterproof which makes it handy in the shower. It is also made of anti-bacterial silicone, and has an extremely long battery life giving up to 150 uses before needing a charge!

And when you do need to charge it, it uses a convenient USB charger, so it’s perfect for traveling!

FOREO is so proud of it’s quality that it is Opthamologist approved and offers a 2 year warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee!

The FOREO Iris is available for £99 or $139 US

To learn more and order yours today visit

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FOREO Iris Review: Illuminating Eye Massager Beauty Tool The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This neat little gadget works on gentle pulsations and sonic vibrations to target puffy eyes! It doesn't work miracles, but instead helps you to pay more attention to applying eye serums and the gentle massaging allows eye creams to penetrate deeper to be even more effective. For those who often rush through their beauty routine, or are too lazy, this gadget does all the tapping and massaging for you! A decent de-puffing effect but it doesn't work miracles. I like it most because it forces me to pay attention to my eye care routine.


De-Puff and Relax

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