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Published on April 9th, 2018 | by The Perfume Expert

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x Review | Best At Home Laser Hair Removal

The only review you’ll need! Read why I think the Tria Beauty Hair Removal 4x Laser is THE BEST at home hair removal device. PLUS I’ll let you in on the best laser hair removal tips for a virtually pain free experience!

I ain’t going to lie to you, it’s a long and arduous process, but read my review of the Tria Beauty Hair Removal 4x laser and I’ll let you know how I get on with tips  and useful facts that will have you bikini-ready by Summer!

So let’s get zapping!….

At Home Laser Hair Removal

I recently have begun the time-consuming process of ridding certain areas of my body of hair! Sick of daily shaving, ingrown hairs, or being caught off guard by a spontaneous beach holiday or pool party… I was excited about the prospect of never having to shave or wax EVER again!

But there’s no way I could afford thousands of dollars to get it done at the dermatologist!

Two legs of full treatment at the dermatologist can cost upwards of $4000!

Luckily, due to recent innovations, at home laser hair removal is something that is not only now accessible, but SAFE to do in the comforts of your own home. And after extensive research, I believe that the Tria 4x Laser is the best at home laser hair removal device on the market! At at just over $500 it’s a fraction of the cost of professional services!

The Tria 4x laser uses the exact same technology that the dermatologists/spas use, which is a diode laser (not pulsed light like other devices on the market) to target and permanently disable the hair follicle to stop hair growth without damaging surrounding skin.

Now, the laser in the Tria device is not as strong as the laser a doctor uses.  However, that doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done.  It’s the same diode laser technology that powers their laser, only a bit weaker. The reason for this, is that clinics need a longer battery charge to get through multiple clients in a day; therefore, the size of the battery that is needed in a professional system is much too large for practical at-home use.

In other words, at-home hand-held device = smaller battery = shorter battery charge = portability (don’t need a huge wheeled cart for the machine).

This smaller more portable device means that it will take you longer each sitting to do large areas and you will need to break in order to charge the device every-so often.

How Does the Tria 4x Laser Compare to other Hair Removal Devices?

There are a few different at home hair removal devices on the market, but don’t be fooled….Tria is one of the only devices that uses this laser technology like the professional systems, which is much more effective. You can see here by the diagram below as to how more effective a laser is at permanently removing hair.

laser hair removal technology comparison chart

Here’s another info graphic that shows how Tria stands above the rest in terms of its powerful laser technology.

Tria laser hair removal device comparison chart

Also, the Tria Laser was the first to be FDA approved in the US and medically approved in Canada. And ever since that point, Tria have continued to improve their technology to offer users the MOST effective and safest at home hair removal possible.

This is important to note because not having this clearance or not using these devices properly can lead to serious harm! But there’s nothing to worry about the Tria if you follow the guidelines correctly.

Does the Tria 4x Laser actually work?

That’s the main reason why you’re reading this article right?!

The first thing to mention is that there is no such thing as permanent hair removal.  

Our bodies are designed to produce hair, so even if you destroy your existing hair follicles, your body will gladly make a few more (but not all) over the course of a few years.  Luckily, the rate at which new follicles are produced is way slower than the rate at which you can zap them.

Not to mention, that every hair has a different growth cycle, so just one sitting will not catch every hair.  Multiple sessions are required if you want every hair removed.

Negative reviews that point out hair comes back after a while fail to understand this fact.

It should be mentioned that dermatologist laser treatments do not result in “permanent” hair removal either.  After a few years you’ll need more spot treatments, too.

But what IS permanent is that the few hairs that do randomly and sporadically grow back after a few years will be finer and lighter. And this makes it A LOT easier to maintain and with a lot less pain.

To see the most results you should do about 8 sessions (two weeks apart). This makes for about four months (perfect routine to start in the Fall so you’re good to go come Summer).

Tria says that after just 2 treatments you’ll see a reduction in hair. Since I have only done my first two sessions, I can not comment on the permanent results so I’ve included a study done on it’s effectiveness until I update this article.

Furthermore, the Tria 4x laser comes with FIVE different levels so it can be customized for your comfort i.e. pain threshold….but the higher the level, the faster you’ll see results. So let’s just say I’m in for the long haul (only being able to stomach level 3).

Wheeland Report 2012:
In a controlled, peer-reviewed study, the FDA-cleared Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X demonstrated statistically significant permanent results 1 year after 8 treatments:
– 73% reduction in hair count at 1 month after the eighth and last treatment on high setting
– Any hair that did regrow was found to be less noticeable, finer, and lighter
– Of the 13 test subjects, 100% reported satisfaction with the results
*Results maintained 1 year post-treatment

The other important thing to note is the size of the treatment window on the device and how many pulses/flashes are needed to cover a certain area. The treatment window is about the size of a dime and you need to overlap as you go. This means a whole lot of flashes…more than you think….trust me!

I thought I was being super diligent covering my legs but only managed to clock 300 pulses. When I looked at the reference chart it says I should have done 600 to cover the lower leg!

This could explain why there are some negative reviews saying that they aren’t seeing results or that patches of hair are growing back. Because if I found it hard to clock 600 being as OCD as I am, I’m sure others aren’t even coming close!

So remember, the more consistent and overlapped your pulses are (without covering the same spot twice) the better the results!

Does the Tria Hair Removal Laser hurt?

Of course, people have different pain thresholds so it’s hard to answer this question. But it’s pretty unanimous that this process IS NOT sensation free!

You will feel something, and in fact, if you don’t then it may not be working or your hair may be too light.

On certain areas, usually the ones with dark coarse hair like arm pits and bikini line, the pain is a cross between a tiny electric shock and a rubber band being snapped against skin. On the legs, face, and arms, the sensation is more of a prickle and less intense. I liken it to brushing up against a stinging nettle bush (sounds random but it’s the exact sensation).

However, the good thing about the Tria 4x is that there are FIVE levels so you can work your way up.

This is soooooo much appreciated because it allows you to use the device right away and build your confidence (and pain threshold) gradually. Other devices I’ve tried were such a shock the first time I tried it, that they instantly went back into the box and never saw the light of day again!

To be honest, out of the five levels, I have yet to breach level four. But i’m ok with that, as I WILL STILL SEE RESULTS but it will take longer (more sessions) to permanently disable the hair folicles.

But there are a few laser hair removal tips that you can use to make this process virtually pain free and successful.

Laser Hair Removal Tips

1.  Start in the Fall/Autumn as it’s a lengthy process (about four months) and because it’s dangerous to use on tanned skin (this includes fake tanning lotions).

2.  Use head bands or hair bands to section off areas of your legs/arms as you work otherwise you’ll lose your place.

Laser Hair Removal Tips

3.  Because of the small treatment window you need to overlap areas and trust me smaller increments are better and will cover more area. As I mentioned above, you may think you’re being thorough but trust me it’s hard to clock the amount of pulses they suggest: Lower Leg 600 pulses,Upper leg 600 Pulses, Bikini 200 per side, Under Arms 100 per side, Upper Lip 25.

4.  The shorter the hair the less painful. The hair acts almost like a conductor, think electricity on a copper wire, so the less conductor material the less painful the zap will be. So shave as close as you can, even better I found is to use a depilatory cream instead as it gets further down. Do this the day of using device, don’t wait until the next day or you may have stubble which will hurt more.

5.  Use an ice pack as you go to numb skin. I found an ice pack to be the most effective at numbing pain. Ice the area for 10 min before starting and hold the ice pack on area as you make your way around, icing the spot to be zapped before you get to it.

Laser Hair Removal Tips Pain Free


6.  Take pain meds 1 hour before starting treatment.

7.  Use at least a 4% Lidocaine lotion and apply 1 hour before treatment (use this only on small areas like bikini line and not large areas like legs or back).

8.  Apply a soothing cream like aloe vera or the Tria soothing creams that comes with the device afterwards.

9.  Choose one area to tackle a day. If you want to do multiple areas you’ll have to charge the device in between. Also, the device tends to heat up quicker after extensive use which seems to cause more pulse errors (when you hear a buzz signaling the treatment window isn’t properly placed). For example, I do my sessions on the weekend, doing my legs on Friday, under arms on Saturday and bikini on Sunday.

So if you’re ready to get started, if you’re ready to leave your razor behind, then go to the Tria website and learn more!

 To order your Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x today, or to learn more about this amazing technology visit

[Device used for this review was a Press Sample courtesy of Tria Beauty Canada. But this in no way affects the honest opinions of the writer]

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