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Published on June 3rd, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Vita Liberata Trystal Review: Self Tanning Facial Bronzer

The EASIEST self tanner that you’ll EVER use & one of the BEST facial bronzers on the market! Read why Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals will change the way you tan forever! It’s FOOL PROOF!

Vita Liberata has fast become a leader within the self tanning industry. Focusing on natural looking and super long lasting sunless tanners, this brand’s reputation has skyrocketed with movie stars, VIP, and beauty experts alike.

And although there’s certainly a lot of well-deserved hype for their body self tanners, such as their cult favorite Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan, Vita Liberata facial tanners haven’t seen as much press….until now!

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding one of Vita Liberata’s newest facial tanner and for good reason. This innovative self tanner for the face features bronzing minerals that not only give an instant bronze goddess glow but also provides a subtle sunless tan afterwards.

Called Trystal Minerals, this product is the world’s first ever self tanning bronzing minerals! Offering all of the much-loved benefits of a mineral powder, the gorgeous glow of a bronzer, and the lasting effects of a self-tanner! (available at Space NK in the UK or at Sephora in the USA)

Revolutionary Trystal3 technology interacts with your daily moisturizer or liquid foundation to activate crystalized DHA (the chemical that results in a tanned affect).

Vita Liberata Trystal Review Bronzing Minerals


Ease of Use:


That’s no exaggeration, no need for gloves, shower caps, plastic sheets, old t-shirts, or tanning mitts! All you have to do is twist off the top, shake a bit of minerals onto the surface, dab the brush, and apply like a regular bronzer! Within 20 seconds you are bronzed and good to go!

ZERO mess and NO wait time!

You can even think outside the box and add more to certain areas for contouring, or add to shins or collar bones to accentuate a healthy glow!

Trust me, I am quite inept at applying and using self tanners, and this face tanner is FOOL PROOF!

What makes it even better is that you can actually apply it AFTER your liquid foundation, so for those who don’t leave the house without your face on, this is the ideal product for you as you can use it in place of your regular bronzer.


The Trystal Minerals are oil-free which is great for oily or problem skin types (like me). This means that it didn’t melt off within a few hours!

Not only does this product work great for oily skin/combination skin types, but it’s also ideal for those with sensitive skin, particularly those who have found other self-tanners to be too irritating.

I usually end up getting clogged pores and little bumps on my face when I use self tanners, but NOT with this! No irritation and no clogged pores. In fact, my skin feels and looks healthier.


Because of the mineral-makeup technology, this is more than your usual bronzer! It gives a light coverage that isn’t too sheer allowing for the powder to cover up slight imperfections fairly well!

I found that I got just as much coverage as some of my lighter powder foundations. But if you need more coverage before you step out, don’t fret, as this bronzer can be applied over top of your liquid foundation allowing even more flawless coverage!

Makeup, bronzer, self-tanner in one!


One of the BEST facial bronzers on the market in my opinion!

Coming in two different shades (Sunkissed and Bronze) the color when applied is a beautiful natural glow that isn’t orangey or fake looking. The shade I tested was the lighter shade called Sunkissed and it produced a natural and radiant looking tan when applied.

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Bronzer Affect Best Bronzer

I usually prefer more olived-toned tanners as my skin naturally tans to a more dirty/muddy tan in natural sun rather than warm/golden tan. And ALL of the Vita Liberata products including this one are great for olive-toned skin or for those, like me, who prefer that more brown color than golden color.

Longevity of Bronzer:

The longevity of the bronzing aspect once applied is phenomenal!

I had a gorgeous glow from morning until night, without fading or melting away in the sun. I believe this is because of the mineral ingredients and the oil-free aspect allowing it to almost sink into the skin and mattify as the day goes on.


As far as that gross cookie fake tan smell that usually accompanies sunless tanning products, this one had NO detectable smell whatsoever!

This is a super big plus for me, as a perfume expert I have a sensitive sense of smell and therefore usually find it difficult to stand self tanners in general, but the Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals don’t have a scent at all. In fact, most if not all of Vita Liberata tanning products are great for having no detectable  fake tan smell.


I knew you’d think that this product was too good to be true…….

It’s great but not without one major flaw. A flaw, which, I know that would be easy enough to fix with consequent reformulations from the company. Also, a flaw that may be down to skin-type and tone alone!

Self-Tanning aspect:

Once the brilliant bronzer is washed off, I expected the same gorgeous glow to remain as it IS a self tanning product……

However, when I tried it, I failed to see much of a noticeable effect. Yes, it did produce a slight sun-kissed glow, but sadly not as much as I was hoping for.

Vita Liberata Trystal Review Before and After

After reading some other reviews of how amazing the self tanning aspect was for them, it makes me think that perhaps results vary depending on skin type, skin tone, or which products you use with it.

Could this be due to the fact that I have more oily skin?

Could this be because of the type of foundation I used underneath? Do particular foundations perhaps affect how well the DHA activates?

I did try another few trials and altered things by trying it over moisturizer instead of over liquid foundation and same thing, very very subtle results.

Could this be because of the type of moisturizer? Do particular moisturizers perhaps affect how well the DHA activates?

I’m not quite sure, but I am going to get to the bottom of this because I feel that this product has the potential to be the greatest thing since sliced bread if I could only figure out how it works!

Color Options:

Now this point could also be the reason why I found such subtle results with using this as a self tanner, and it’s also a very subjective negative to point out, but I feel that I may not be alone especially amongst fair skin people.

Basically, even when using the lightest Sunkissed shade, I felt that I had to apply the bronzer very lightly as the shade was quite dark upon application. And because you have to apply it all over your face and not just on your usual bronzing points, I felt that the color was quite dark.

Because I applied such a light dusting of the powder, this made me think that this is the reason why I didn’t get a dark enough result in the end.

This would be a simple fix, if the company could release a third and lighter shade. The Sunkissed shade which I tried is best suited for a MEDIUM tanning affect NOT fair. If there was one for fairer skin, this would allow me to apply more product and in turn get a greater tanning result in the end.


They claim the tanning affect of the Trystal Minerals should last 4-5 days, but I found that it only lasted 1 day!

This is disappointing but it could be due to the fact that I didn’t use very much product, hence there would be very little DHA to provide a lasting tanning affect.

But because this product is also such an amazing bronzer, you basically want to use it every day anyway, rendering the self tanning aspect irrelevant.


Even though the color pay-off wasn’t exactly what I expected, Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals is by far the EASIEST most FOOL PROOF self tanning product I’ve ever used! Because of this fact alone, it will remain in beauty bag for the duration of Summer!

Not only is it easy, but it’s a multi-tasker that can be use both on the face and for highlighting other areas like decolletage and shins. It provides a beautiful color upon application, great coverage, and superior longevity.

On top of that, it’s one of the only facial bronzers that I can use that doesn’t cause breakouts, clogged pores, or bumps.

It’s near perfection, if only the self tanning aspect was slightly stronger and the tan lasted longer. But with that being said, if used on a daily basis, it is easily buildable!

I would highly recommend this product and if you aren’t already familiar with Vita Liberata products, then hurry up and check them out because as far as sunless tanning goes, these guys are in a class all their own!

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals are available at Space NK in the UK or at Sephora in the USA.



Vita Liberata Trystal Review: Self Tanning Facial Bronzer The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This is the EASIEST most FOOL PROOF self tanner you'll ever use! Not only that, but is one of the best bronzers for your face on the market. It's patented formula works with your own moisturizer or liquid foundation offering easy and customizable color. Too bad the self tanning aspect isn't very dark and doesn't last very long! Otherwise this product would be a God send!


Fool Proof Facial Tanner

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