Beauty Tips Travel in Style with these Must Have Travel Essentials

Published on August 13th, 2018 | by The Perfume Expert

Travel in Style with these Must Have Travel Essentials

Everybody loves to travel, but no one likes to pack or even knows HOW to pack properly!

So I’ve made it EASY for you with my must have travel essentials that every woman needs in her suitcase in order to travel in style every time!

Working in the fragrance & cosmetics industry, I travel a lot! And being a beauty expert means I feel pressured to look my best at all times.

But as you know, that seems almost impossible at times while going through the grueling journey of catching the red-eye, enduring long-haul flights, and arduous trips on crowded transportation. At times, I feel like I’m in the movie Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, and looking fresh while in it can seem daunting to say the least!

Luckily, for you, from my years of travel experience, I have learned a few key packing tips that will make your travels so much easier and I’ll also share with you the MUST HAVE travel essentials that will help you looking your best whether it’s a grand trip to Thailand, or a road trip down Route 66!

So let’s get packing!…..


  1. Facial Refreshing Spray
  2. Anti-Bacterial Lotion/Wipes
  3. Eye Drops
  4. Clear Lip Balm
  5. Hand Cream
  6. Vitamin Powder
  7. Asprin
  8. Makeup Palette
  9. Skincare Samples
  10. Cleansing Water
  11. Mask Sheets
  12. Beauty Oil
  13. Hair Minis
  14. Foundation Samples
  15. Perfume Samples/Fragrance Wipes
  16. Manicure Essentials: Nail File, Remover Wipes, Clear Polish
  17. Sunglasses
  18. Skinny Scarf

1. Facial Refreshing Spray

A longtime secret of chic Parisian women is to carry a good facial mist wherever you go!

A good facial spray can perk up tired skin! Add a boost of moisture! and help set makeup.

This is especially important while on long haul flights to impart much-needed moisture to skin in the dry cabins and to wake up dull skin upon arrival.

It’s also useful when traveling to hotter more tropical climates as it refreshes skin and makeup when you need it most!

My favorite facial mist is Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir. It is packed with essential oils that refresh, boost radiance, and increase circulation!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Facial Mist

Buy it today at Amazon here

2. Anti-Bacterial Lotion/Wipes

Did you know that airplanes are ONLY properly cleaned at the end of the day, some going almost 24hours without being properly cleaned!

A pro tip told to me by a flight attendant was: NEVER get on any form of transportation without some sort of anti-bacterial lotion or wipes and use these not only for your hands but to wipe the arm rests, seat, tray table, and inside the washrooms. 

Not only can you use wipes or lotion to clean surfaces while traveling but you can use them as quick fixes once at your destination to clean hands after eating at a street vendor, after using public washrooms, even dab on an impending pimple!

I always carry Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial lotions. They are tiny and even fit into the allotted carry-on liquids bag while going through security. Plus they come in fun scents which are nice for a mood boost, or to cover up smells (like after eating a street kabob filled with onions).

Then I also carry normal anti-bacterial wipes found in any pharmacy.

 3. Eye Drops

The “red-eye” flight is called “red-eye” for a good reason!

Not only does traveling usually mean waking up super early to catch flights/trains, but it also means lack of sleep and a lot of time spent in dry conditions. All of these things can lead to tire, dry, red-eyes!

So take an eye-drop solution with you and use throughout the duration of your travel and upon arrival. You may still feel drained, but at least your eyes will feel refreshed and be bright and white!

I use a tmoisturizing eye-drop during the flight and then use an anti-redness eye drop upon arrival.

4. Clear Lip Balm

Clear Lip Balm is a multi-tasking tool while traveling!

Not only can you use lipbalm to hydrate lips during travel but you can also use it to hydrate cuticles, apply it to your lashes to get thick, shiny lashes sans-mascara,  dab on your upper cheek bones up to your temple to create a dewy look, or use to smooth static and fly-aways on your hair!

My favorite multi-tasking lip balm is the classic Rosebud Salve. It can not only be use in ALL of the above ways but also to heal minor burns (like those from your curling wand) or sunburns, to hydrate chapped elbow or knees, and mom’s can use it as a quick-fix for diaper rash!

Rosebud Salve Lip Balm

Only $6.60 at Amazon here

5. Hand Cream

Similar to the above lip balm, hand cream can also prove useful as a multi-purpose tool!

Not only does hand cream work at keeping hands hydrated and soft, but it can also act as a quick facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, or to neutralize hair static!

My favorite hand cream is Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream because it is super gentle for the most sensitive skin and soaks in instantly to prevent sticky/greasy hands. I also use it on my face and even around my eyes when I need added hydration in a flash!

Caudalie Hand Cream

Order yours today here

6. Vitamin Powder

Look good from the inside out!

Traveling can tax your immune system due to lack of sleep, jet lag, and coming into contact with more people and more germs!

A convenient way to get ALL of your daily vitamins & minerals, while also getting added immune boosting compounds and replenishing electrolytes, look for purse-friendly vitamin powder sachets.

The best is from a brand called Emergen-C and I ALWAYS take one of these on the plane with me to power up before landing.

Emergen-C Travel Essential

For the best price online visit Amazon here

7. Asprin

This may sound like a give-in, but Asprin can fill many purposes beyond relieving the aches and pains of travel!

Treat a Pimple: Feel a spot coming on? Crush up an asprin, mix with a drop of water and apply it to an oncoming pimple to reduce the redness and swelling.

Fix your Blonde Hair: Blonde tresses gone green from too much holiday pool-time? Crush 6-10 asprin pills in a 1/2 cup of water and apply the paste to your hair. Leave for a few minutes then rinse.

Eradicate Deod0rant stains: No time nor resources to dry clean while in remote locations? Make a paste with Asprin and soak stains with it, then rinse and launder in the sink as normal.

Bug Bites: So you decided to go on a luxurious African Safari but are being eaten alive by bugs? Rub an asprin paste on the bite to reduce inflammation.

Dead Car Battery: Your road trip ends abruptly with a dead battery? Try revving it up by prying open the cover of the battery and drop two crushed Asprin into each battery cell. This causes a chemical reaction that may just start your engine!

8. Makeup Palette

Travel in style and save MEGA space in your luggage by using an all-in-one makeup palette.

A luxurious travel makeup palette will usually have EVERYTHING you need to get you through your vacation and is helpful for quick makeup applications upon arrival. So within one simple case you can have your eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, powder, and applicators!

My favorite brands for deluxe makeup palettes are Dior, Chanel, and Guerlain. Look for these at the Duty Free stores at the airport or watch for them during the Christmas holiday season when they are sold in department stores.

The below makeup palette by Dior includes 3 eye shadows, 1 eyeliner, 2 lipsticks, 1 multi-use face powder, 1 blush and a mini mascara!

Dior Palette

Only available online here

9. Skincare Samples

No one should have to be without their full skincare routine while traveling, but who really can fit every lotion and serum in their luggage?! The size, weight, and delicate containers make packing your skincare routine almost impossible!

But I have found a way to fit every skincare need ALL in your carry-on!

The trick is to get your hands on skincare samples!

A few months before you travel, go to your local department store or beauty store (like Nordstrom or Sephora) and ask for samples of your favorite skincare products, or try something new. Also, be mindful of asking for samples or collecting samples when you purchase beauty items.

Another resource is to search ebay for samples where you can find almost EVERYTHING from a sample of La Mer cream to the newest Chanel fragrance!

Taking samples instead of full sized bottles will save MAJOR space! Best part is that once you’ve gone through the sample you simply throw it away, making even more room for souvenirs!

Another good thing about taking skincare samples is that they will fit in your security-approved liquids bag so you can use them through-out the flight if you wish.

And if you run out, no problem, if you aren’t in too remote of a place, go to the local department store or pharmacy and get some more samples for FREE!

Once, the airlines lost my luggage and I had an important meeting the next day. I went to the local department store and got some skincare samples then stopped at Sephora the next morning for a free makeover! Job done!


Travel in Style Travel Essentials Skincare Samples

Samples pictured are from Sephora here

10. Cleansing Water

A good cleansing water can sure make traveling in style a lot easier!

These innovative yet simple cleansers take off the days dirt and grime along with ANY and ALL makeup! Best part about them, is that you don’t even need a sink to wash away the day!

You can get a good clean whether you’re sitting on the plane, on a crowded train, or in the back seat of a car!

All you need is a good cleansing water and a few cotton balls!

My favorite cleansing water is Bioderma’s H2O, another famous product from the chic Parisians!

Travel Essentials Bioderma Cleansing Water

Due to the popularity of this cleanser it is hard to find, so snap up a bottle today here

11. Mask Sheets

Nothing says travel in style than arriving at your destination looking like you just came from the spa!

And you can if you use this cheap and simple trick!

Purchase individual sheet masks to pack in your beauty bag and use while on the plane.


I take along one for the face, preferably one that adds hydration and radiance, and one for the eyes to reduce puffiness upon arrival. Once the lights get turned down, I place the face mask on and take a nap. Just before arrival I take a few minutes to clear my foggy brain while I place the eye mask on. Trust me….you’ll arrive with bright eyes and glowing skin!

And it wouldn’t hurt to pick up an extra for the hotel room!

My favorite sheet masks are from Sephora. The Dr. Jart Water Replenishment Sheet Mask and Sephora’s own Instant Depuffing Eye Mask

Travel Essentials Face MaskTravel Essentials Eye Mask

Purchase Individual Face Masks here for only $7.50 and buy individual Eye masks here for only $6!

12. Beauty Oil

This multi-functional beauty product is the new kid on the block.

Not only can a luxury beauty oil be used on the face, but it can also be used on the body (try rubbing a drop along your shins to create an instant highlight that makes your legs look thinner), and on the hair.

A moisturizer, highlighter, and hair conditioner all-in-one!

Also, beauty oils can be used to coat the hair while wet to protect it from the dangerous effects of direct sunlight, salt-water, or chlorine while basking pool-side.

My favourite multi-functional beauty oil (ones that are good for both skin & hair) are Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse or Caudalie Divine Oil

Caudalie Divine Oil Travel Essentials

Buy it from Amazon here

13. Hair Minis

Never have a bad hair day while traveling ever again!

Unless you’re staying at a five star luxury boutique hotel, DON’T use the cheap shampoos & conditioners left in the room!

All you need is to pop by your local beauty store and pick up mini versions of your favorite hair products!

Everything from shampoo, hair spray, to styling balms can be found now in miniature, travel size versions.

My favorites are the Living Proof Style Essentials Kit with mini hair serum, hair spray, instant texture volumizer, and hair primer for extending the wear of your style.

Travel in Style Living Proof Style Essentials Kit

Order yours today here

Drybar also make a great mini set aptly called the Up, Up, and Away! set featuring shampoo, conditioner, and the must have hair product to travel in style….the dry shampoo!

Drybar Travel Essentials hair set

Buy it online at Sephora here

14. Foundation Samples

Why risk taking your bottle of foundation with you when you know it just causes a leaky mess, not to mention the mess from the foundation sponge or brush!

Instead, go to your local department store and ask for samples of your foundation (I know ALL of the department store brands will give you a 10 day sample when asked), or purchase little vials (or ask for a few empty ones from Sephora) and fill them with your foundation. That way, you’re only taking what you’re going to use while traveling!

And leave the dirty sponges/brushes at home, your finger tips are actually the best foundation applicators because they gently warm the foundation allowing it to adhere and blend into the skin better.

15. Perfume Samples/Fragrance Wipes

I never leave home without a scent! But in no way would I risk stuffing an expensive perfume bottle in my luggage!

Instead, I collect perfume sample vials and take them instead, or better yet, I take my latest obsession in travel essentials, the Nomaterra Fragrance Wipes!

This is definitely a product for those who like to travel in style, but this is also a functional product for those who need to save space and add convenience!

Each individually packaged wipe contains one of three beautiful scents; romantic Oahu Gardenia, Feminine Malibu Honeysuckle, or flirty Miami Orange Blossom, and these easy to use perfumed-wipes can be carried with you for instant refreshing wherever you are!

Travel in Style Nomaterra Fragrance Wipes

Available at 

16. Manicure Essentials

Nothing is more annoying than getting caught on the run with a chipped or broken nail! So always pack a tiny nail file, a few individual packets of nail polish removing wipes, such as the Scrubbers 2-1 Nail Prep & Remover Pads from Butter London, and a mini bottle of clear nail polish!

Why clear nail polish?

Because messing with a red mani while on the train can spell DISASTER! While clear always looks effortless and classy and hides chips much easier!

Plus there a few other uses for clear nail polish that just may come in handy while on-the-go:

  • Stop a run in your stockings
  • Seal the pointy tips of your favorite heels so they don’t get scuffed
  • Coat a bug bite to prevent itching
  • Fix loose screws on your eye glasses by sealing with a coat of clear polish

17. Sunglasses

When all else fails and you still look like hell, wear a pair of ultra chic sunglasses!

Travel in style while camouflaging a multitude of sins from red puffy eyes to no makeup!

Plus they protect your eyes from the UV rays that seem extra strong when stepping off the tarmac.

Travel in Style Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses Travel Essentials

[Sunglasses featured are the Golden Rose Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana]

18. A Scarf

No one knows how to travel in style better than the Europeans, and one thing they ALWAYS have on them or around them is a beautiful silk scarf.

A simple silk or light-weight wool scarf can serve you to no end while on vacation!

Travel in Style Scarf Travel Essential

[Model is wearing the Gardenia scarf by Canadian textile designer Virginia Johnson sold at Anthropologie]


Not only can you use it for added style and flair with multiple ways to accessorize any outfit, but you can use a skinny scarf to wrap around your hair if you wake up after an 8 hour flight with bed-head, or tie the handles of your carry-on to your wheeled luggage and use it as a piggy-backing device to free your hands!

Or try this trick by tying the ends of your scarf together and then looping it around your neck like an infinity scarf and then hiding your passport/boarding passport in the loop while going through security.

You can also use a larger scarf to cover up when it gets cold during a flight, or use it in case of a wardrobe emergency when entering a place of worship with bare shoulders!

Mom’s can use it as a makeshift baby carrier to be hands-free or as a blanket for the child.

A large scarf can also double as a swimsuit cover up or even a picnic blanket!

Or better yet, wear a chic scarf to blend in with the glamorous locals!

It even looks good tied to the handles of your handbag when you aren’t wearing it!

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