Skincare Reviews REN t-zone Balancing Day Fluid

Published on July 7th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

REN t-zone Balancing Day Fluid Review

REN is a cult-favorite skincare line using ALL natural ingredients matched with groundbreaking hi-tech formulations to offer you a skincare regime that is not only kind to your skin but that also WORKS! So many lines out there do their best to be pure and free from chemicals but most are ineffective and even after spending your grocery money on a moisturizer, still leave you dry, wrinkled, dull, and pimpled. But trust me, after spending a good part of my life with troubled and highly sensitive skin, finding a line that is gentle enough for my reactive face but yet  still can reduce my oily, spotted, dull skin is a major hurrah moment!

One of the REN products that I recommend is the T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid. This is not your usual mattifying moisturizer, this is something really unique that I have yet to find anywhere else (although to be honest UK brand Elemental Herbology makes two that are even better if you can believe it…I couldn’t until I tried; however, Elemental Herbology is really hard to find and expensive).

The technology and research gone into the ingredients of this cream is quite astonishing. Bio-extracts include: May Blossom flavonoids,  Salicilin from willow bark, and Glucomannan from the konjac root to purify the skin, reduce excess sebum, and restore balance. While extracts of Chamomile, Blue Cypress calm the skin and reduce irritation. In addition, this cream features REN’s global protection complex that protect the skin from UV damage and premature ageing.

What makes REN’s T-Zone cream so unique, and good, is that unlike most moisturizers for oily/combo skin, this one doesn’t leave your skin dry after application. Yes, we all want the oil slick gone, but we don’t want bone-dry skin either. This T-Zone cream uniquely takes away the excess oil leaving the skin still feeling normal, not fakely matte or tight like most. For most of us with combo skin, you know the feeling; we just want our skin to be normal, not shiny, not dry, not powdery matte, just normal! My only squabble with this cream is that because it’s so gentle and not that tight mattifying-kind of cream, it leaves a slight sticky feeling on the skin after application but that is a minor set-back to a great cream.

The other benefit with this cream, is that it can be used all over the face, not just on your t-zone! Again, all other combo skin moisturizers, say that they are for combo skin, but are really too harsh for the dry areas of the face and although they take away the oil by leaving a matte t-zone, they also rob the rest of the skin of moisture. Because the REN cream is so gentle and doesn’t include those horrible mattifying chemicals, it won’t dry out your cheeks. So gone are the days when you had to apply two separate moisturizers to your face, being careful not to get your cheek moisturizer close to your t-zone without fear of spots, or t-zone cream near your cheeks without fear of getting dry patches. This cream can be your one-stop be-all moisturizer which is a welcomed relief for combo skin everywhere!

 REN t-zone Balancing Day Fluid

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REN t-zone Balancing Day Fluid Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: One of the only combo/oily skin moisturizers on the market that effectively reduces excess oil but does not dry out your skin. Plus, it's one of the only ones that can be used over your WHOLE face and not just your t-zone! So gone are the days when you have apply two different moisturizers! Only negative about this near-perfect fluid is that it leaves the skin slightly sticky.


Reduce Oil w/o Drying

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