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Published on August 27th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Korres Yoghurt AfterSun Gel Review

As Summer comes to an end we often have to take measures to heal our sun-drenched skin! And no one knows this better than the Greeks! They have a secret to skin healing that they’ve been using for generations, and the secret is YOGHURT!

Get ready for some sun and buy your Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel 5.07 oz from Sephora today!

Years ago, I traveled to the Greek islands and not only got swept away by the beauty of my surroundings and the generosity of it’s inhabitants but also by the rays of the sun! The Greek sun was not the kind of sun that my North American skin was used to, and I quickly became entranced with it’s energy, warmth, and glow, but this firery obsession would end up burning me in the end, like a blaze of bright firery rays that seemed to pierce my skin on contact.

Upon an encounter with a sympathetic islander, I was enlightened to one of the oldest Greek remedies for soothing skin; yoghurt!

The Greeks have been using yoghurt as a soothing, calming, healing, moisturizing, and gentle exfoliant for hundreds of years and still use it today in every-day life. Rightfully so, as the cooling yoghurt cream that I smeared on my burn, not only was the only thing that felt good but was the only thing that healed the burn, even when compared to the prescription creams from the pharmacy!

So when I first learned of Korres and their Yoghurt skincare line, I quickly bought every product and use it religously throughout the year and especially during the Summer. Every product in the line is of superior quality and is highly effective while also being nearly completely natural and the Cooling AfterSun Gel is no exception.

Specifically formulated to soothes, cool, calm, and heal sunburned skin, this AfterSun Gel is the best AfterSun that I have ever used, and that is coming from a self-proclaimed sun worshiper! Even without a burn, this cream is an excellent moisturizer for the body AND face during the hotter months as it is non-sticky, soaks in quickly, and is refreshing to put on after a day in the heat. It would also make an ideal moisturizer for those who live in hot & humid climates.

Formulated without harsh chemicals and without Parabens, Propylene Glycol, synthetic dyes, etc. and without fillers like Silicones and Mineral Oil, this product is over 83% all-natural and really focuses on the key ingredient at work; yoghurt!

Yoghurt is a natural source of Lactose, minerals, proteins, and vitamins that increase skin hydration and speed up skins natural healing and regenerating processes. Combined with yoghurt are calming and healing elements of Calendula, and also anti-inflammatory elements of Fennel and the herb Epilobium Angustifolium which are known for their exceptional soothing, anti-irritant, and repairing qualities.

This along with moisturizing oils of Jojoba, Sunflower, and Almond oils, make for the most effective and natural AfterSun gel I have ever used. Gone are the days where you must suffer from sticky Aloe Vera or harsh stinging Menthol or Lidocaine!

Not only is this the most perfect Summer AfterSun or hot climate moisturizer, but I have also used it to soothe and heal windburned skin and skin that has been exposed to cold frosty conditions. So whether you are calming a complexion flushed by the heat of a tropical sun in Mexico or by the relections off the ski hill in Aspen, this cream will calm and heal wherever you may go.

Furthermore, because of it’s soothing and cooling properties, this makes for a gentle and healing moisturizer to use post cosmetic treatment or to calm your complexion after an intense facial or chemical peel. Either way you use it, the Korres Yoghurt Cooling AfterSun Gel is a miracle-worker and definitely a saving grace when we indulge in a little too much sun!


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Korres Yoghurt AfterSun Gel Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: All of the Korres Yoghurt products are exceptional but this is specifically for soothing, cooling, healing, calming, repairing, and moisturizing sun-drenched skin. Highly effective at relieving sunburns and cooling skin in hot & humid conditions but also effective a soothing skin with windburn in frosty conditions or as a post-cosmetic treatment to soothe complexions after harsh treatments.


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