Skincare Reviews Caudalie Divine Oil for face, body, and hair

Published on October 21st, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

CAUDALIE Divine Oil Review

With a name like Divine Oil, you’d think this oil was sent from heaven. I think it is, or at least it’s something that should be worshiped as such! This multi-tasking hair, face, and body oil is like liquid gold imparting the most luxurious moisture wherever it graces your body!

These multi-functional dry oils have become a fast trend and rightfully so as they are not only gorgeous but extrememly useful in so many ways. Use it on your hair to add some shine or to heal split ends. Use it on your face to hydrate dry skin or on your body to impart moisture and a subtle sheen. And the list goes on, I’ve used these oils for anything from cuticle treatment to a lip serum. I’ve even applied this oil in the car with my fingertips to my eyelashes to add a natural sparkle when I forgot to put on my mascara that day!

How ever you use it, having a dry oil in your beauty bag is a must! And one of the best is Caudalie’s Divine Oil! A cult-worthy beauty oil that is as divine as it’s name says! It is the oil of Gods! Made with a unique combination of Grape Seed, Hibiscus, Sesame, and Argon oils, this Divine Oil effectively hydrates without being greasy or slick. Most body oils on the market use heavier oils which can leave your hair oily or your body sticky, but not the Caudalie oil. Caudalie’s Divine oil highlights the more delicate and easily absorbable oils like Grape Seed and Hibiscus, making this oil instantly soak into your hair and skin, leaving you perfectly hydrated and glowing!

Not only does it make your hair and skin look beautiful but it also protects your skin with innovative use of anti-oxidants. In addition, the high Vitamin E and Omega 6 factors of Grape Seed oil, heal skin and help with it’s regeneration process! And like all other Caudalie products it contains no Mineral oils, Parabens, or Silicones which are often used as fillers in other brands. Almost all other oils simply hydrate with filler oils, without adding any other benefits. This is another reason why the Divine Oil is one of the best on the market.

The other reason why this oil is utterly divine, is it’s scent! This is the French Riviera in a bottle. A sophisticated and gorgeous combination of Rose, Vanilla, Cedar, Pink Pepper, & Grapefruit!

And just when you thought you couldn’t love this product any more, you find out that Caudalie is committed to regenerating the Amazon forests, planting over 150,000 trees in two years with the Coeur de Fôret Association due to the success of this product! So not only do YOU feel beautiful using it, but you’re making the WORLD beautiful too!

Caudalie Divine Oil is highly recommended, especially at this time of the year when the cooler weather can start to dehydrate your skin. It feels beautiful, looks beautiful, and smells beautiful!

Yes, it may be just an oil, but it will make you feel like a Goddess!

I would recommend trying any of the Caudalie products as this brand produces quality luxury while using natural ingredients and maintaining commendable ethical practices that are kind to the world we live in.


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CAUDALIE Divine Oil Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This dry oil by Caudalie is one to be worshipped! It's multiple uses make it a beauty staple. Use it to seal split ends and add shine to hair. Use on your face to rehydrated and protect skin. Or use it on your body to moisturize and impart a sublte sheen. It's an instant beauty enhancer! The only slight downfall with this product is that it takes some practice to use it effectively. It is an oil so it's a little tricky to get right without using too much and becoming a little too slick.


Multi-Tasking Beauty Enhancer

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