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Published on August 6th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Bobbi Brown Corrector Review

Bobbi Brown makes THE best concealer ever made!

It’s called the Bobbi Brown Corrector and is designed for using under your normal concealer, BUT when used as a concealer alone, you get the most perfect coverage and THE most effective color correction you will ever find!

Say goodbye to undereye circles and conceal acne with one product!

How does it do this you may ask?

It’s due to the shade of the corrector itself. Unlike ALL other concealers on the market, Bobbi Brown’s corrector is a peachy-pink shade which counteracts dark circles and spots. All other concealers are in a yellow tone, thought to counteract darkness, but instead seem to highlight the problem, look unnatural, or make you look like you have raccoon eyes!

Bobbi Brown’s use of a peach-pink tone completely neutralizes dark circles, dark spots, and red pimples. In addition, because of its tone it becomes virtually undetectable when applied and blends with your natural skin tone.

Besides effectively erasing dark circles under your eyes, it is a perfect cover-up for pimples. If you are like me, you have tried to cover-up an ugly spot only to realize that you’ve now seemed to highlight it calling attention to what used to be just a spot to what is now a spot with concealer on it! Again, how it does this, is the peach-pink tones neutralize the redness while still looking natural on your skin. The pimple literally appears to vanish!

Now that was enough for me to be sold on this product for life! However, the fact that it is also long wearing, doesn’t cake, doesn’t crease, easy to blend, AND comes with a mirror in the tiny little case for close-up application, had me stock-piling the stuff instantly.

My makeup bag sometimes seems like a black hole, where products are tried, enter, and never see the light of day again. It is rare for me to find a product that works so well that I am forced to stop looking elsewhere. But Bobbi Brown Corrector makes ALL other concealers worthless and although lipstick shades may come and go, this little beauty will occupy a special spot in my daily routine for many years to come, and probably more so as the years and wrinkles roll on!

Buy yourself a Bobbi Brown Corrector Light Bisque 0.05 oz today at Sephora!

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Bobbi Brown Corrector Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: A miracle product! The best concealer EVER! A wake-up call for tired eyes. Gets rid of dark circles under eyes completely without looking a raccoon due to it's peachy/pink tones not the yellow tones found in most concealers. It does not crease or get caked in wrinkles and lasts ALL day! Perfect for dark circles, age spots, and pimples!


Miracle Concealer

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