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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

ALTERNA 48 hour Volume Spray Review

ALTERNA is known for it’s exceptional quality and innovation using nature’s wonders to work miracles with our hair! Best known for it’s use of caviar and mother of pearl, and more recently bamboo, to condition, protect, repair, and strengthen our locks with every use.

The newest ALTERNA line is the Bamboo collection featuring a variety of products for all different hair types that utilize the strengthening properties of bamboo and other natural ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals, Parabens, Sulphates, and synthetic dyes. One of the most stand-out products in this line, and in the entire ALTERNA collection, is the Bamboo Volume 48 hour Sustainable Volume Spray. You are not going to find a better nor more effective volumizing product anywhere else. Trust me, with one use you will see a dramatic difference in the volume and thickness of your hair!

Having been cursed with fine, thin, weak hair my entire life, I have naturally tried every volume boosting and thickening product on the market with no success. Not only did I never see/feel any difference nor any results as promised, all the products left me with sticky residue, powdery roots, or stiff tresses. As many of us dream about, all I wanted was thick voluminous full hair that still felt like hair!….not straw. I wanted my voluminous locks to swing naturally with every head turn, my thick pony-tail to bob joyously as I walked, and my fiance to run his fingers through my soft yet strong tresses!

And that day that I dreamed about for so long finally came when I tried ALTERNA! An award-winning product promising up to 105% thicker more voluminous hair!

First off, the whole Bamboo collection is exceptional featuring the strength building properties of bamboo for not only volume, but also for smoothing, color-hold, shine, and for men. The Bamboo Color-hold collection is also a favorite of mine since it contains no sulphates (which are bad for rinsing color away) and UV protectants. But staying on the topic of volume, the whole Bamboo Volume line from ALTERNA is exceptional combining the strength of bamboo with the volumizing properties of the organic Macca Root, volumizing the hair from the inside out. It makes me feel good to know that the way I am creating fuller hair is by using a naturally occurring substance and not a bunch of chemicals or fillers to temporarily puff up my tresses!

This spray is a miracle in a bottle!

Using the heat of your blow-dryer, this easy to use, light-weight, spray, creates the most full-bodied mane I have ever experienced, all while leaving my hair feeling like….well…my natural hair only better! My hair has never had so much visible thickness and volume while also being soft to the touch, smooth, shiny, and manageable! No stickiness. No residue. No crunchy ends. Just what looks and feels like perfectly plumped up hair! And the best part about it is that unlike other volumizers that fall flat after 20min, this volume lasted ALL day and ALL night long!

Another added bonus to this miraculous product is that it some how kept my style for over 24 hours as well! I’m not sure how it accomplishes this, but after using this product and curling my hair, the curls managed to last over 24 hours, leaving my hair perfectly curled well into 2 days! And this has never happened, as my thin, long hair usually keeps curls for mere minutes! Plus, this isn’t just me who has experienced this phenomenon, others who I have recommended this product to have also commented that not only is their hair thicker, but their styles last a lot longer, some not even needing to touch up their curls for days!

Furthermore, the 48 hour Volume Spray also contains ALTERNA’s Color-hold rinse-resistant technology to protect colored hair from UVA/UVB/Artificial light damage and preventing wash-out and fading!

So let me re-cap. Thick, voluminous, full-bodied hair that is soft, smooth and natural that lasts for days on-end while also holding styles and curls for 48 hours all while strengthening your hair and protecting your color!

So do I believe in miracles?…YES…If ever there was a Holy Grail of hair, this would be it!

Alterna 48 hour Volume Spray

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ALTERNA 48 hour Volume Spray Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This product by ALTERNA is a miracle in a bottle! Not only does it plump up your tresses making them thick and voluminous for days also leaves your hair soft to the touch and manageable. No residue, no crunchy ends, no sticky locks! You'll be addicted to running your fingers through your voluminous mane! All this AND it keeps your curls for days and protects your color!


The Holy Grail of Hair

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