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Published on December 3rd, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Jo Loves A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango Review

A shot of Thai Lime Over Mango by Jo Loves, is one of the most edible fragrances I have ever smelt! It is feverishly addictive and makes my mouth water even as I write this!

This scent is a like a dream tropical vacation to a remote island where the only thing you remember is stepping off the plane because you drank way too many citrus cocktails! Worn by both men AND women, this fragrance will make everyone salivate with its eye-opening freshness, it’s tropical juiciness, and it’s sexy forwardness.

The woman or man who wears this scent is confident, adventurous, and has the kind of charisma that causes sparks everywhere he/she goes. Although, this person isn’t the wild beach bum or the bubbly beach bunny! Don’t let the fireworks fool you, this person is also serious, strong, means business, and is determined. They may know how to light up a room and have a good time, but they’ll also always have your back whenever you need! An adventurer you can count on!

Unveiling itself with kicking Thai Lime and Black Pepper, this scent soon envelopes oneself in lush succulent Mango fruit and enchanting Freesia. Finally drying down to a tropical nectar entwined with deep Vetiver and earthy Thyme. ┬áBut never to get too deep it keeps it’s cool by adding refreshing Mint into the mix, a breath of fresh air in amidst the exotic.

Of course, as usual, all of Jo Loves’ scent notes smell natural and pure, neither chemical nor candied. Whether, it’s the fresh Lime, palpable Mango, crisp Mint, or dreamy Freesia, all the ingredients meld together in such an organic way that they never feel contrived. It’s a unique scent experience that really plays on your imagination and weaves into your dreams.

This is more than just a cologne, it’s more than just a smell, this is an experience. A scent to solidify a life-changing holiday, or a scent to travel down memory lane of vacations past.

These scent notes combine for a unique fragrance journey unlike any other, and this is definitely a scent trip worth taking!

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Jo Loves A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango


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Jo Loves A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This mouthwatering tropical nectar is like a dream vacation! One of the most unique and addictive scents I've ever experienced! It's zingy lime, succulent mango, dreamy freesia and deep rich vetiver will make you weak in your knees. It's confident, adventurous, and sexy and can be worn by both men and women alike! It doesn't have the greatest strength or longevity but it's so addictive you'll forgive and forget!


Adventurous Lime & Sexy Mango

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