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Published on June 28th, 2017 | by The Perfume Expert

Best Summer Cologne

Here at The Perfume Expert we have the inside scoop on the latest Spring Summer trends in fragrance and based on these have compiled a list of the BEST Summer cologne!

Summer is here and as you forget about your Winter coat and wooly hat so should you forget about deep musky Winter scents and get ready for a fresh Summer cologne.

Unlike the deep, heavy, and mysterious fragrances of Winter, the BEST men’s cologne for Summer are ones that combine a light airy freshness with vibrant fruits and bold spices!

You want your Summer cologne to uplift your mood and enliven the senses, but also be the perfect balance of sophistication for work and lightheartedness for those sunny days off!

The top Summer trends in Men’s cologne are refreshing Mint, tart Rhubarb, Tea, and vibrant Citrus!

The Mint Trend:

Mint is the perfect note for Summer as it cools and refreshes the senses. It is refined and sophisticated while also being light enough to go from the office to poolside with ease!

The two best representations of Mint this season are L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport Mint and Guerlain Homme by Guerlain.

A versatile Summer cologne, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport Mint is an uplifting mixture of cool Mint, sparkling Lemon, and Bergamot. This citrus/mint combo make this scent quite young, sporty, and casual, but add the dusty Vetiver, floral Geranium, and dry Woods and this cologne becomes a versatile Summer scent that goes from the boardroom to the boathouse with class!

This is a fresh, airy, and dry scent that’s perfect for hot Summer weather!

L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport Mint would suit a younger man in his 20’s or 30’s who is sporty and appreciates more of a casual lifestyle.

Best Summer Cologne L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Sport Mint

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The other rendition of Mint is Guerlain’s Guerlain Homme which is a similar scent to the Iseey cologne above, but much more mature and refined though still has all the vibrancy for warmer weather!

Slightly tropical in nature, Guerlain Homme features not only Mint but effervescent Mojito nuances of sharp Lime and Begamot, mixed with sweet Rum, floral Geranium, dusty Vetiver, and green Cedar.

This is the “happy hour” of colognes!

Like L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme, this Summer cologne is versatile enough to go from work to play but the addition of sweet Rum and earthy Cedar make this version smoother and perhaps more mature.

I often get asked what is the best smelling cologne and if asked during the Summer, I always answer Guerlain Homme!

Guerlain Homme is like L’Eau D’Issey’s older more serious brother and therefore probably suits an older gentleman. This cologne would suit someone more in their 30’s/40’s and who is wanting a sophisticated Summer scent to wear at the office, that isn’t stuffy or pretentious but that has enough freshness and vibrancy to wear on sunny days off!

Best Summer Cologne Guerlain Homme

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The Rhubarb Trend

This is one of the newest Summer trends and it is hitting the fragrance world by storm!

Rhubarb is a tart, slightly sour, fruity note added to scents to give it a sharp green fruitiness. Think of your nose wrinkling up and your cheeks puckering when you taste something tart…well that’s what Rhubarb does to scents!

This makes it a perfect Summer cologne note as it adds a unique perky nuance to more mundane notes.

The best examples of a Rhubarb cologne are the iconic Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent and Hugo Red by Hugo Boss.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Live Jazz is a cult classic cologne! Although it’s a classic (released in 1998) it’s right on trend to become the best Summer cologne for 2015!

Known for it’s unique and one-of-a-kind concoction of tart Rhubarb, zesty Lemon, cool Mint (both of which are also a Summer 2015 trend), and green Coriander mixed with a spicy warmth.

With the additional notes of glowing Amber, deep Cedar, smooth Vanilla, and spicy Nutmeg, this Jekyll and Hyde fragrance straddles the line of hot & cool, spicy & fresh!

Live Jazz is for a bold man who likes to be the center of attention!

Best Summer Cologne Yves Saint Laurent Live Jazz

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A more straightforward Rhubarb cologne is Hugo Boss’s Hugo Red. This cologne also highlights the tart Rhubarb note, along with other sharp notes that add to the Rhubarb’s already picante nature such as effervescent Lemon, sour Pineapple, sharp Pink Pepper, and Metalic notes.

Just like Live Jazz, Hugo Red also warms and deepens the cologne with notes of Amber, earthy Cedar, smoky Galbanum, and rich Tonka Bean.

Hugo Red is a bold cologne that starts off sweet and sour and develops into a sexy and mysterious scent. The result is a sultry cologne perfect for those hot steamy summer nights!

Best Summer Cologne Hugo Boss Hugo Red

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The Tea Trend

Probably one of the most unique 2015 beauty trends for fragrance in general over the past few years has been the introduction of Tea!

Tea in all forms are being added to cologne and perfume to give an original scent; from the deep dark nuances of Black Tea, smoky traits of Earl Grey, to the fresh sweetness of Green Tea.

These colognes are for those who like to think outside the box, who are more the intellectual kinds, and relish a good book and a glass of wine or going to the new art exhibit over Summer break rather than jet skis and cold beer!

The two best tea fragrances for Summer 2015 are Gucci Pour Homme II and Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir.

Gucci Pour Homme II is a classic cologne, traditional in nature but unique in the featured Black Tea note. Not only does it highlight the dark, smoky nature of the Black Tea leaf, but also accentuates it with Tobacco, Myrrh, Musk, and Woods.

With all these rich deep smoky notes, you may wonder why this is a Summer cologne at all! But add to these vibrant Bergamot, cool metalic Violet Leaf, spicy Cinnamon and hot Chili Peppers and you’ll begin to see the sultry steamy nature of this complex cologne perfect for Summer!

I liken this cologne to sitting round a roaring firepit on a sandy beach in the Hamptons! It’s warm, smoky and rich yet fresh and bold!

Best Summer Cologne Gucci Pour Homme II

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The other Black Tea infused cologne is Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir. This scent is more minimal and simplistic in it’s nature. Centering around deep Black Tea combined bitter Bergamot, dry Papyrus, and warm Amber. Dry, woody, powdery, and elegant.

Because of it’s minimalistic approach and notes used, this scent is very calming, zen-like, and inviting. Perfect for a lazy Summer day napping in a hammock, or watching the sunset over the dock at the lake. This scent suits those who are perhaps more introverted, quiet, and who like to take their time and enjoy the fine things in life!

Best Summer Cologne Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir

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The Vibrant Citrus Trend

This is not your usual citrus trend!

This is citrus taken to whole new level, a more refined and luxurious citrus that makes you think of sun-filled holidays in the south of France, Summer road trips down the Italian coast, or sunning on a yacht on Lake Como!

This is the citrus of the rich & famous!

Two colognes represent this vibrant trend, Green Orange & Coriander by Jo Loves and Acqua di Parma Mirto di Panarea from the Blue Mediterraneo line.

Green Orange & Coriander is an exciting unisex cologne from Jo Loves, an up-and-coming new fragrance brand out of London. It’s a modern take on citrus with minimal notes of bitter Green Orange, herbal Coriander, nose tickling Black Pepper, earthy Oak Moss, and cozy Tonka Bean.

The result is a vibrant and sunny Orange scent perked up by fresh green herbal nuances that settle into an earthy coziness.

It’s unique, bold, and intoxicating. It’s a great scent for the more adventurous sorts and for those who are the life of the party! But don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about an immature party life of Ibiza, I’m talking about the kinda of party that takes place on a yacht with free flowing champagne!

But do to the dry-down of earthy Oak Moss and inviting Tonka Bean, this cologne is sophisticated enough for any formal occasion or the office, making it one of the most versatile scents for Summer.

Green Orange & Coriander is a more refined boldness that is all that you could ask for in a Summer cologne; fresh, vibrant, tantalizing, and versatile!

In my opinion this is one of the BEST mens cologne for Summer on the market!

Best Summer Cologne Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander

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Another sophisticated Summer citrus can be found in Acqua di Parma’s Blue Mediterraneo line. This entire collection of 7 unisex scents inspired by the sun-filled Mediterranean are packed full of zesty citrus freshness. But I’ll highlight one in particular, Mirto di Panarea for it’s exquisite take on a refined citrus and herbal cologne worthy of any V.I.P!

Mirto di Panarea features the timeless trio of Lemon, Myrtle, and Bergamot. Zesty green citrus nuances.

But that’s just the beginning! Then the scent takes on a whole new kind of freshness with Basil, Cedar, Juniper, and Aqua notes that smell like the sea-side.

Finally, notes of Rose, Jasmine, and Amber round out the scent making it more romantic and elegant.

Although refined, elegant, and sophisticated, Mirto di Panarea with all of it’s organic nuances would suit someone who loves spending time in the outdoors just as much as the man who loves spending time in the boardroom.

It’s fresh and earthy, but refined and elegant.

Best Summer Cologne Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea

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