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Published on January 16th, 2019 | by The Perfume Expert

Winter Fragrance Trends For Men

The light breezy scents of Summer feel like a million light years away as we snuggle in to the frigid temps of Winter. It makes sense for when the temperatures drop we tend to gravitate towards things that make us feel warm, cozy, comforted and fragrance is no different. But lets turn up the heat with these smoky, spicy, sexy colognes for Winter!

The latest fragrance trends for men this year feature notes of smooth leather, smokey tobacco, warming booze, and a cocoa nutty nuance to compliment the usual Winter spices. Here is the Perfume Expert’s Top Colognes for Winter this year.


Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Tom Ford Ombre Leather

I’m not sure we’ve ever created a Top 10 or BEST Cologne list here at the that DID NOT feature a Tom Ford fragrance! We are always impressed not only by the quality but of the unique and contemporary combinations. Beyond that, Tom Ford colognes smell rich and ooze class!

Ford’s latest release Ombre Leather is almost straight up buttery leather as if you’ve just nestled down into the sumptuous leather of a brand new Astin Martin drivers seat.

This smooth leather is further accentuated by the warm and inviting Amber that further adds to the richness of the scent. But to bring balance to the richness is a herbal Cardamon note and an earthy green Patchouli and dry Moss facet that slightly resembles a breath of fresh forest air.

However, my favourite note in this cologne is the Jasmine Sambac; without it, it’d be an alluring masculine cologne, but with it, Ombre Leather becomes a carnal, animalic, sex appeal in a bottle!

Ombre Leather is contemporary take on a traditional scent. A perfect scent for important board meetings and formal events.

Purchase from Nordstrom (USA) Selfridges (UK)

Carolina Herrera Platinum Leather

Carolina Herrera Platinum Leather Winter Fragrance Trends for Men

A powerhouse leather brigade, this cologne by Carolina Herrera is what you put on when you want to make your presence known!

Although it begins with fresh Pink Pepper and Cypriol Oil (a light spicy wood), the middle notes of rich Leather, sweet Vanilla, and sensual Jasmine combined with comforting Musk is where this fragrance lies. It’s utterly delectable!

This cologne is traditional in it’s sensible construction and common notes and because of that, it’s an extremely comforting cologne that would be appealing to anyone. This is the scent to please. It’ll draw you in with it’s masculine sex appeal and keep you close with it’s comforting ambiance. 

Platinum Leather is perfect for date night.

Available exclusively at Harrod’s (UK)


Aramis Tobacco Reserve


Aramis Tobacco Reserve Winter Fragrance Trends for Men

A timeless scent, Tobacco Reserve is for those manly men who prefer tradition and history over innovation and futuristic sentiments. 

Classic smokey Tobacco takes centre stage here but is expertly mixed with dry Sage to make it more palatable and fresh. Nutmeg is also added to create more depth. These two additional notes surround the Tobacco creating a well-rounded and balanced smell from start to finish.

But every manly man has a bit of a soft side, and mixing in powdery Orris Root, juicy ripe Black Currant and smooth Tonka Bean adds a slight sweetness to the scent that compliments the strong masculine Tobacco note.

Tobacco Reserve is an ideal work place cologne. 

Order yours from Amazon today.


Jo Malone Whiskey & Cedarwood

Jo Malone Whiskey & Cedarwood

Whiskey on the rocks. This cologne is fast becoming one of the “true” whiskey fragrances on the market for it’s daring yet minimalistic approach.

Combining smooth, sweet, syrupy Whiskey with spicy Pimento and green Cedar Wood, Jo Malone’s scent is sharp and clean like a well-tailored suit. 

Think about sipping on a smooth Whiskey by a roaring fire place in a log cabin, that’s EXACTLY what it smells like. 

“An enigmatic nightcap” as it’s described, Whiskey & Cedarwood makes for an excellent dinner party or night out cologne. 

Sold Out everywhere except Amazon!

Eleventh Hour by Byredo

Byredo Eleventh Hour

Byredo is known for creating innovative and modern fragrances and their latest cologne is no exception. 

Eleventh Hour is all about the heat! Spicy Szechuan Pepper lingers throughout the scent giving an underlying warmth. It’s mixed with juicy overly ripe Plums, sticky Figs, and sweet Rum to give off a spiced-rum nuance. 

Add to this notes of Cedar Wood, resinous Labdanum, and rich Tonka Bean and it’s no wonder why some liken the scent to Christmas.

Eleventh Hour is perfect for day wear or cold Winter nights, holiday parties and balls.

Purchase from Nordstrom (USA) SpaceNK (UK)


Botega Veneta Parco Palladiano XI Castagno

Parco Palladiano XI Castagno Winter Fragrance Trends for Men

Refined and sophisticated, the latest Botega Veneta cologne deserves a spot in every man’s scent wardrobe as it’s classic, versatile, and an all-rounder.

Focussing on one of this year’s newest trends of nuttiness, Parco Palladiano XI Castagno centres around warm Chestnuts. This rich gourmand note is given some heat by the use of Pepper, Cumin and Ginger.

The result is a spicy, nutty, and woodsy fragrance. A spicy gourmand scent.

Parco Palladiano XI Castagno is the ideal men’s cologne. Great for every day wear.

Available at Saks 5th Avenue (USA) Selfridges (UK) 

Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord

Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord

This edible concoction will have you licking your lips after spraying!

A tasty combination of dark Cocoa, rich Coffee, sweet Vanilla and fruit tantalize the taste buds. But don’t worry, it isn’t all sweetness as fresh greens and woods balance out the scent. 

It’s a bold and brave choice as there aren’t too many gourmand scents for men, let alone chocolate ones. Addictive, scrumptious, seductive, and playful. This scent is for a man who likes to think outside the box and takes risks to stand out.

Due to it’s intoxicating allure, The Scent Private Accord is a great cologne for romantic nights in.

Order yours from Amazon today.


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