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Published on October 14th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Guerlain Maxi Shine Lip Gloss Review

Guerlain Maxi Shine = The most perfect lip gloss ever created!

Guerlain is certainly one of my favorite beauty brands and perfume houses, not only because of their supreme luxury, sophistication, quality, and innovation but also because their products are near perfection in terms of color, texture, longevity, and an uncanny ability to make a woman beautiful without looking like she’s masked by makeup! And their Gloss d’Enfer (Maxi Shine) lip gloss is just as exquisite as every piece of beautiful makeup that Guerlain has ever created.

What’s the main reason why this lip gloss is the most perfect lip gloss ever created?

It’s the only lip gloss I have ever tried that IS NOT sticky! One of my biggest pet peeves is when on a windy day my hair gets plastered to my lips because of my tacky lip gloss! I end up prying my locks off my lips which are now covered in a sticky, glossy mess! But the Guerlain lip gloss is FREE from stickiness and tackiness; it is completely wind-proof!

Another reason why it’s unsurpassed and one-of-a-kind is it’s feel and texture. Trust me, you HAVE to try it to see what I’m talking about. You have never felt anything quite like this! Instead of being thick, gooey, sticky, and gloopy like ALL other lip glosses; the Gloss d’Enfer is silky, moist, soft, slippery, and slick feeling! I may don it because of it’s gorgeous color and shine but I am also obsessed with smushing my lips together because the feel is utterly addictive!

The reason why it feels like pure silk is in part by it’s oil composition; which is tied to the reason why I have included this review in my week of dry skin reviews. This lip gloss is pure moisture! Pure comfort! The rich oil content of the gloss locks in hydration creating a moisture barrier on the lips. This innovation is unheard of in the industry. Guerlain’s Maxi Shine lip gloss is probably the ONLY way you are going to be able to wear lip gloss WITHOUT drying your lips out! And when the weather starts getting cooler and dryer like it is currently, this is the perfect way to impart lush color with extreme shine while protecting your pout at the same time!

But that isn’t all, this gloss not only feels amazing, looks amazing, and softens lips, but it also plumps them! Again, the innovative texture and formula of this lip gloss adds volume to your lips making them appear fuller! I swear this lip gloss is sent from heaven!

Oh and did I mention that the colors are to-die-for?! Firstly, the shine that this lip gloss imparts is second to non and I’m not talking about the Saturday night club night kind of shine (though you could wear it Sat. night at the club) I’m talking about sophisticated shine. The kind of classy shine that can be worn by women 16 years old or 60! And the colors are equally versatile! There is everything from fun & flirty colors to deep and rich colors. And the best part about them is that they are customizable so I can go from a subtle flush of color to a high pigmented statement color all depending on how much I layer on.

I highly recommend the Guerlain Maxi Shine lip gloss to EVERYONE. In fact, I almost demand that every girl/woman deserves to own at least one Maxi Shine gloss in their lifetime! Oh and did I mention that the lip gloss smells like a bouquet of flowers! Just when you thought it couldn’t be more perfect!

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Guerlain Maxi Shine Lip Gloss Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: The Guerlain Maxi Shine lip gloss is the most perfect lip gloss ever created! Completely NOT sticky, this gloss is pure comfort with an utterly addictive silky smooth texture that feels like a dream! It's all due to the luxury oil content making this gloss also a moisturizer and lip protectant. Not only that but it's innovative formula PLUMPS lips too! And if that wasn't enough for you, the colors are to-die-for and totally buildable from subtle to statement all while imparting a sophisticated shine for EVERY age!


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