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Published on December 1st, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Jo Loves Mango Nectar Review

Mango Nectar by Jo Loves is part of the Mango collection and is the straight up Mango of the bunch. It doesn’t get more Mango than this!

This fragrance justly deserves a short a review, not because it isn’t worthy of some dramatic essay on its scentual experience, but because it really does smell ¬†just like Mango, plain and simple and nothing much else. But that doesn’t make it any less special and in fact it’s quite a bold move for a perfume house to create such a minimal scent surrounding such a unique fruit.

What makes it special is like all Jo Loves fragrances, there is nothing candied, or artificial or superfluous in this fragrance. Not only do you get lush, sweet, and tropical Mango nectar that leaves you craving hot sun, sand, and tropical cocktails, you also get some faint but beautiful notes that compliment the fruit very nicely.

Top wistful notes such as Grapefruit and Lemon give the fragrance life at the beginning. And a base note of Musk is the most perfect complement to Mango you’d swear they were made for each other! There are also supposed to be notes of Apricot Blossom and Jasmine but these are almost undetectable, although they do account for the slight Spring-like waft of Orange Blossoms and Peachiness.

But the star of the show, is undoubtedly, the sweet succulent Mango. Juicy, lush, sweet, and syrupy. This scent is like nothing short of pure mango! It is hard to get the scent of Mango right, and in most other fragrances the Mango accord comes across a bit sharp, bright, and gives a vague “tropical” note. But Jo Loves version is true to the natural scent of Mango being more deeply sweet and honey-like. A depth of sweetness that draws you in like bears to the honey-trap!

This fragrance is perfect for hot summers, the beach, and tropical vacations, or to reminisce on vacations past. It is a scent worn by a woman who is familiar with the tasty delights of living life. A woman who surrounds herself with her favorite things, favorite foods, in her favorite places and takes comfort in knowing exactly what she wants. A tendency to jet off to some exotic island, this woman knows how to live, but is not fleeting. Like the Mango, she is lush but with a sweet side!

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 Jo Loves Mango Nectar From the Mango Collection



Jo Loves Mango Nectar Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: The most true and pure mango scent on the market! Mango Nectar by Jo Loves is a gorgeous lush, succulent, sweet, honeyed scent that makes you think of hot sun, sand, and tropical vacations. Though it's never superficial and flirty, this scent is rich and deep and lures you in to it's honey trap! Don't let the low complexity rating deter you, it is only low because there isn't much else stealing the show here in this scent, it's PURE mango all the way!


Straight-Up Mango

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