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Published on July 2nd, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Heir & Grace Luxury Scented Candles

More than just a scented candle but a work of art!

New British brand Heir & Grace have taken the art of candle-making to a whole new level of luxury!

Based in Royal Windsor, Berkshire. All of their candles are hand-made with the finest available ingredients and hand poured right in the town center. It doesn’t get more British, or more regal, than an Heir & Grace candle.

Candles have been lighting our spaces since the ancient Egyptians, but the desire and use for scented candles is now such a popular trend that I bet every person in the western world has either lit a scented candle themselves or has a friend or loved one who lights them!

Almost every home store or department store will have a section dedicated to scented candles. It has become such a popular item that we find them just as essential to our homes as a throw or accent cushion.


We have become a society obsessed with scent and scented spaces and as a perfume expert, nothing pleases me more than for fragrance to be developed in multiple ways. I think of scented candles as perfume for the home and feel they are just as important for creating a mood, evoking emotions, and establishing a first impression, as the perfume we wear is.

But not all candles are created equal!

The attention to detail and care for the art of candle-making, make Heir & Grace stand out above the rest.

Firstly, and most importantly they source the best quality artisianal fragrance oils you can get, which makes a huge difference in not only the scent dispersion and longevity of the fragrance but also the sophistication of the scent. No head-ache inducing or sickly sweet fake scents here!

Unlike other (and cheaper) candles, the Heir & Grace fragrance smells natural and organic not fake and perfumey. The scents are realistic representations of the flowers, herbs, fruits and spices; so much so that it literally smells like a garden in your room!

I had the pleasure of trying their Citrus & Jasmine candle that is a sunny mixture of delicate Jasmine, fresh green Patchouli, and effervescent Lemon & Mandarin. The result is a breath of fresh air! A sun-drenched English garden! A little slice of sunny heaven on Earth!

Heir and Grace Scented Candle Citrus and Jasmine

Other scents in the collection include the romantic English Rose featuring not only the traditional Rose essence but also Tomato Leaf which adds a green grassy nuance to the scent making the Rose less heavy. Other intriguing notes of hot Ginger, delicate Jasmine, and intoxicating Orchid make this fragrance “not your typical Rose”!

The grounding notes of warm Woods, Musk, and glowing Amber make this an ideal evening candle, or for lighting on special occasions to heighten the romance in the air!

Heir and Grace Scented Candle English Rose

Also, due to their Royal proximity, Heir & Grace released a limited edition candle to celebrate the birth of the new princess. Charlotte, the aptly named candle is a unique fragrance juxtaposing warm milky notes with vibrant fruits and fresh flowers. This distinctive combination elicits a cheerful mood yet comforting like a big hug!

The smooth and cozy note of Sandalwood is combined with juicy Apple, watery Watermelon, and vibrant Cassis. Also added are floral notes of Rose and peppery Freesia.

Heir and Grace Scented Candle Charlotte

Not only are Heir & Grace using the finest scent oils and waxes for their candles, but they are also taking the time and care in the candle-making process. A process that is usually rushed and mass produced by machines.

Instead, all Heir & Grace candles are hand stirred and poured into hand-washed glasses with the up most of care and concern. Even the attention to the detail of the wick placement is carefully monitored to ensure the most precise melt pool in the wax.

Heir and Grace Scented Candle Makers

After curing for a week to allow the delicate oils to infuse, each candle is heat-flashed twice over a three-day period and then checked again for absolute quality. Once approved, the candle-maker hand-signs the candle-care card just as an artist would proudly signing off their work.

Each individual candle takes 10 days to make!

Now this may sound a little too excessive at first, but all of this attention to detail really does make this one candle exceptional.

For example, the high quality oils and waxes allow the candle to last longer than others.

The wick placement allows the candle to burn slowly and properly never tunneling down the middle.

The hand-washing of the glass makes sure that the scent isn’t affected and is as pure when burned as possible (so no chemical cleaner is leaching into wax).

And the hand-pouring process allows the scent oils to fully combine with the wax allowing maximum scent dispersion.

The result is a candle that burns perfectly and fully for over 45 hours with no wax waistage. But the best result of these candles is the impressive room-filling scent!

One candle is enough to scent my entire apartment with glorious fragrance! In fact, even when the candle is not lit, the scent fills the room just as much as a scent diffuser would. Furthermore, the scent is just as strong at the last lighting as it is when you first light it! And since it is hand-mixed and hand-poured you get a multi-dimension fragrance, meaning it smells slightly different every lighting.

I have never experienced such an effective and beautiful scented candle!

Yes, they are expensive at £40 each, but seriously, you DO get what you pay for in terms of quality of scent, strength, and longevity. But what’s more valuable in my opinion is that with Heir & Grace, you are not just buying a candle, you are buying a piece of art!

A candle hand-made by artisans with the same passion and care for their creation as any artist has for their art!

By investing in an Heir & Grace candle you are supporting British artisans who take pride in creating high quality luxury items, hand-made with love and care, to enrich your home.

To learn more about Heir & Grace or to purchase your own candle visit


[Citrus & Jasmine candle was a Press Sample courtesy of Heir & Grace]

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