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Published on January 21st, 2019 | by The Perfume Expert

Scent City Fragrance & Beauty Haul

The best part of my job is exploring different products and discovering new and exciting brands. Here at we are not always looking for the next best thing but also celebrating the tried & true products that deserve cult status through the ages.

Recently I had the privilege of receiving a fragrance & beauty haul from one of my favourite online shops They spoiled me with some historic brands and innovative products that I can’t wait to share with you.

Cuir Solaire by David Jourquin

This powerhouse perfume by David Jourquin is one of the best niche fragrances I’ve ever smelled!

I was so impressed that I found it hard to believe that it was a niche fragrance as the skilled composition made me believe it came from some historic French perfume house.

Inspired by the coast of alluring Anadulsia, Spain, this scent “Shimmers with a blaze of passion” as it’s described.

It’s genius combination of wind-swept sea air, sticky fruity nectars, and intoxicating leather and florals make this not only a unique fragrance but a timeless one.

Best part about Cuir Solaire is the dry down! It stuns after hours of wear melting into a warm Clove, powdery Heliotrope and sumptuous Leather concoction created in elegant Parisian flair.

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Hortense by Rance 1795

This beautiful perfume pays homage to Hortense, step daughter of Napolean I and future mother of Napolean III, who later on became the Queen of Holland.

Rance created this fragrance from the inspiration that Hortense would scent her blonde wavy hair with Dutch florals and spices of the East.

Utilizing vibrant Grapefruit glowing with Pepper, Cinnamon and Cardamom to depict her love of spices and then mixing these oriental notes with rich Roses, Woods, and sweet Vanilla one does definitely get a regal feel fit for a queen.

After a while these exotic scents linger with dramatic Incense that lends itself to the worldly nature of the perfume.

I was shocked to find out that this particular scent was only created in 2015, as it truly does smell like a classic fragrance from centuries past! It must be the stellar heritage of Jeanne Sandra Rance carrying on the strong Rance history.

Hortense is created with modern technique but with an old tradition that adds sentiment and history. It has all the class and refinement of a traditional French perfume but the contemporary appeal of it’s modern composition.

I didn’t find the sillage or longevity to be overly strong with this one; however, with the more traditional notes I probably prefer it to be more subtle anyway.

Again the best part about Scent City is the ability to buy a sample to try for yourself. Available here: Enter the code Theperfumeexpert and you’ll get 15% off your order.

Le Baume Rose and Le Baume Violette by Feret Parfumeur

Feret is a famous french cosmetics brand that have been creating high quality and often imitated products since 1878.

Still run by the great-great grandson of the founder, Feret still maintains it’s exceptional quality and even maintains it’s french artistic style utilizing graphics and fonts from a bygone era.

I adore the vintage packaging!

One of said products that is often imitated is their infamous hand and lip balms. Made out of 100% natural ingredients of soothing floral oils, organic honey, and dandelion extract along with a host of moisturizing sesame and sunflower oils, bees wax and shea butter this little product is a beauty bag staple!

Who knew that one product could be used in a multitude of ways. From healing chapped hands, soothing lips, protecting cuticles, or smoothing flyaways in hair and mending split-ends.

Use caution as a little goes a long way with this product. It is very rich and needs time to soak in so it’s best used on very dry or damaged skin. Otherwise, it may result in it being too greasy for oily skin types.

There are two different balms coming in two different sizes (15ml/50ml) in the range; one is the Baume Rose scented with a powdery Rose fragrance, and the other is scented with Violet.

The tiny 15ml size is perfect for the handbag or to take in your carry-on on the plane to help with dehydrated skin. However, as I found out the hard way, make sure you’re using dry NON-OILY hands to open the small container otherwise the lid will keep sliding round and round in frustration.

Pick up this beauty-bag staple at The Scent City; Baume Rose or Baume Violet Enter the code Theperfumeexpert and receive 15% off!

Fragrance Jewellery by Lisa Hoffman Beauty

Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig Earrings

From history to the future, Scent City did not want me to miss out on one of the most innovative fragrance applications of today.

In 2012, Lisa Hoffman was nominated for a FIFI award in the category of Technological Breakthrough for her Fine Fragrance Jewellery; a game changer in the way we wear perfume.

This technology uses fragranced balls housed in charms that are then added to earrings, necklaces, or bracelets allowing the scent to waft through the charms as the wearer moves.

I was generously given a pair of her rose gold plated charm ball earrings which house small fragrance balls scented with the Tuscan Fig fragrance.

The craftsmanship of the earrings are exquisite and I love the bohemian aesthetic. But what I love more is the fragrance.

Tuscan Fig is a somewhat tropical gourmand scent surrounding juicy Fig with Coconut Wood, Honeysuckle and Gardenia. I was impressed that given the innovation of the jewellery concept I’d expect the fragrance to be more basic, but in fact the fragrance itself is award-worthy!

Although the scent is a lot more subtle than spraying perfume on the skin, this is sometimes appreciated in certain social situations or in a workplace setting.

But the one thing it does have over strength of traditional fragrances is the longevity. Throughout the day and night every time I turned my head I’d get a glorious waft of scent like a pleasant surprise with every move.

I enjoyed wearing my perfume in a new way and already have the Lisa Hoffman beaded bracelets on my birthday wish list!

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Hayari Paris Secret Mystique Candle

There’s only one thing I love more than perfume and that’s a fragranced candle.

With a background in Couture fashion for Women, Hayari has expanded it’s brand to create beauty fragrances inspired by the Women they dress.

Also included in this new venture are luxury scented candles using the same high quality fragrance notes of the perfumes they represent.

This candle line takes it’s lead from spirit animals. Animals that embody the magic that is deep within us. A connection to a mythical world.

The scent of Secret Mystique is represented by the Wolf and is a complex atmospheric forest smell that is almost impossible to describe but I’ll try my best. It’s woodsy, citrus, and incense.

Powerful Guaiac, Cedar, Orange and Cashmere Wood mixed with green Patchouli lead to the earthly dark forest nuance. But the smokey Saffron, glowing Ambergris, Labdanum, and Myrrh create and ethereal ambiance like heaven and earth. With vibrant Mandarin Orange linking it all together.

It’s a beautiful Winter fragrance that both Women AND Men would like in the home as it’s dark, mysterious, and grounding. The quality of the wax used and dispersement of the fragrance oils make the burning really smooth and the scent is powerful to scent a whole floor!

Pricey? Yes. But as far as luxury candles go, this is top of the line. Think of it more like buying perfume for the room over merely a candle.

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[Products seen in this article are PR samples. This in no way affects the opinions of the author]

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