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Published on February 18th, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Review

Who doesn’t want PERFECT SKIN?!

Well, now you can get it…or at least fake it with Yves Saint Laurent’s newest foundation, the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation.

One of the most innovative foundations on the market and also THE BEST!

What else would you expect from the YSL brand, a brand synonymous with quality and luxury.

YSL Le Teint Encre de Peau Foundation

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One of the things that makes this foundation so exceptional is it’s REVOLUTIONARY texture. At first it feels like a weightless, airy liquid then it seems to disappear into a super fine featherweight film on the skin.

It covers beautifully with a light-medium, but buildable, coverage which looks nearly invisible.

Seriously, it just looks like you have PERFECT SKIN!

Thanks to it’s patented extendable polymers!

But the best part is fusion ink’s┬áhybrid stain technology with special sweat and sebum-controlling agents that allow for 24-hour of impeccable wear.


Don’t let the name “ink” scare you, it’s just more innovative technology involving sensorial and volatile dry oil complex that allows it to set in seconds!

Oh and did I mention that it also has an SPF of 18 to protect the skin from damaging rays?

All this does come at a cost though, at nearly $60 a bottle; however, it is well worth it and because of it’s micro-fine texture you don’t need a lot in order to get natural and flawless coverage.

My other, but slight, negatives with this foundation is it’s texture makes it kinda messy to apply as it’s such a thin consistency it warrants finger application over a brush. Also, the color slightly oxidizes when it’s sets, meaning that it sets slightly darker on the skin then when first applied.

But what appreciate most about the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation is it’s versatility and wearabilty for everyone. Because it gives that perfect natural matte, without being too matte, finish it makes it suitable for everyone’s needs. Also, due to it’s ultra buildability, it makes for perfect sheer coverage, a more natural coverage, or even heavy coverage for those who need it.

And with over 20 different shades to choose from, you can achieve a nearly custom-made foundation that will match your skin and lifestyle perfectly.

The YSL Fusion Ink Foundation is definitely a beauty bag staple!

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Review The Perfume Expert

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Ease of Use

Summary: Want perfect skin? Well you can certainly fake it with this revolutionary foundation. Light as a feather, sets to perfection with weightless feel for all-day wear! It's near perfection! The only small things that led me to not give it a perfect score were it's formulations being a little messy and leads to more finger application rather than brush, that the color slightly oxidizes on the skin, meaning it sets slightly darker, and the cost which might deter some people. But trust me, this is worth it!


Most Innovative Foundation

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