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Published on October 29th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

TOP 10 Tips for Beautiful Lashes

Here are the TOP 10 expert tips for beautiful lashes that you have NEVER heard before! Trust me. You’ll be shocked by some of these tips & tricks from the industry insiders! Having gorgeous lashes is easier than you think! And you’ll be surprised at how to get them!

1. Dust baby powder or face powder on eye lashes before applying mascara to make lashes fuller and thicker

2. Apply Vaseline, lip balm, or castor oil to eye lashes, swiping it on with your finger tip, to make lashes shiny and to condition them. This makes for an excellent emergency touch-up on the go if you forgot to apply your mascara in the morning. Or, it makes for a pampering night treatment for your lashes as you sleep, especially after wearing waterproof mascara which is drying for your lashes.

3. Apply mascara and curl lashes using a credit card! Line the bottom edge of the card up to the lash line of your top lashes (holding it parallel to your lash line). As you gently press the card down on your lid, your lashes will bend up slightly. Hold it there with one hand and with your other apply mascara. You’ll not only be able to apply mascara more effectively, but it will also gently curl your lashes AND prevent mascara from transferring to your lids.

4. For natural thick looking lashes, apply mascara to the roots only. Use a stamping technique where you press the mascara wand against the base of your lashes then lift off. DON’T pull the wand up through the rest of the lash length, just stamps the roots of the lashes across the lash line. This will create thick lashes with soft feathery tips!

5. To remove clumps, use an old (but washed) mascara wand to brush lashes before mascara dries removing all clumps and excess mascara.

6. Multi-task your lashes by mixing mascaras! Layer different mascaras to get more bang for your buck. For example, after using your favorite mascara try sealing your lashes by adding a waterproof mascara on your final coat. This acts like a top coat for your lashes improving wear-time and weatherproofing! Or after applying a volumizing mascara, use a curling mascara for the second coat. Voilla! Thick AND curled lashes! 

7. Curl lashes with a spoon! Steal a spoon from the dinner table and head to the powder room for an instant eye-opener mid-dinner date! Hold a spoon horizontally to your face, with the concave side facing outwards. Press the edge of the spoon along your top lash line (the rest of the spoon should be pressed up against your lid). Use your fingers to bend lashes around the edge of the spoon. Then rotate the spoon and pull up to curl lashes. This is a similar technique to curling ribbon with the edge of your scissor blades at Christmas.

8. Fix spidery/clumping lashes. Simply use the tip of a mechanical pencil. Insert the tip of the lead at the base of the lashes that are clumped together and gently work the tip up separating the lashes as you go. 

9. Use colored mascara. Black is great for definition and drama. Dark brown is great for natural looking lashes and for those with very fair complexions. But colored mascaras are not only fun and trendy but when you subtly apply them, they can actually bring out the color of your eyes! Use as a top coat/second coat over normal mascara and it will make your eyes really pop! Don’t worry, when you apply it as a top coat, the effect is so subtle you don’t have to worry about looking like you’re a time traveler from the 80’s! Blue and Burgundy bring out the green in green/hazel eyes. Green brightens the blue in blue eyes. And Purple/Green brings out the gold tones in brown eyes.

10. Invert your eyelash curler. You won’t believe the results! Insert your eyelashes like you normally would and pinch down just enough to hold lashes, not to crimp them. Then, while holding, rotate your wrist upwards using your thumb as a pivot point and your pinkie finger going from your chin to forehead. Now press down harder to crimp lashes. Hold for five seconds and pivot hand back down and release., Inc.

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