Makeup Trends The Top 10 Beauty Trends for Spring 2014 and How to Wear them Now

Published on January 28th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

The Top 10 Beauty Trends for Spring 2014 & How to Wear them Now

The latest Spring Beauty Trends have arrived! Yes, I know we haven’t even gotten through January yet and already the stores and magazines are filled with the latest trends for Spring! And if you are like me, you feel instantly torn between wanting to don pastel pink and shorts even though your heating is still cranked to max power! This is what I like to call, a bit of a beauty limbo!

Yes, it is ACTUALLY still Winter, but unfortunately our society is fooled into thinking that we have to move on by retail giants and major publications. As much as you try to fight it, admit it, it somehow doesn’t feel right to wear dark burgundy lipstick anymore, even though it was only a few weeks ago that you would have! But the problem is that it also doesn’t feel right to start wearing fuchsia pink either! Hence, the limbo!

So what is a beauty lover to do?!

First thing we have to do is identify the upcoming trends. From there, I will give you ideas on how to slowly incorporate these into your routine now!

1. Orange Lips: Bright orange & coral lips will be hot this Spring/Summer. We’ve seen everything from bright neon orange, tropical corals, to even a more muted burnt orange. Pick yourself up one now and begin by layering it under a brown or red you’ve already been wearing all Winter. Or, get a real deep burnt orange shade and blot it out like in the photos below.

Orange Lips Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

2. Gold/Bronze Lids: These shimmery hues will be everywhere with a tan this Summer but you can start now by adding a gold layer over your purple/plum shadows or layered over brown, or just a touch of gold to the inner corners of your lids. Also try using just a gold metalic eye liner instead of doing the whole eye in gilded gold!

3. Bright but Sheer Shadows: Spring/Summer 2014 is all about either barely any makeup at all, or sheer washes of bright color like blue, teal, purple, neon green, or even white. These are hard to incorporate now, but try adding just a touch of color to the inner or outer corners of your lids. Just a hint of color as you gradual shift to covering the whole lid come Summer! Also, take next season’s colors and wear a few shades darker/deeper until the temperature shifts. In other words, wear blue or purple but instead of bright versions of these shades, opt for navy or plum!

Spring 2014 Eye Shadow Trends

4. Nude & White nails with bold accents: Variations on the nude nail were popular on the Spring runways, as was stark white! The added perk though was the addition of brightly colored or even black accents! Nude nails are timeless no matter what the season so start wearing nudes now. Come Spring, start adding tips or a stripe in a bold color or black!

Nude and White Nails Spring 2014 Nail Trends

5. Black & White eyes: Clean and crisp eyes were runway hits using bold black eye liner to create cats eyes and geometric lines! But what was even more exciting was the use of white shadows and eye liners! Try an all-white cats eye! But why wait until Spring for this trend, a clean black eye liner or cats eye can be done virtually ANY time of the year! Just stick to black only until the temperature rises! Save the whites for Summer.

Spring 2014 Makeup Trends Black & White Eyes

The following hair trends for Spring/Summer 2014 can easily be done now! Hair is ultra easy this Spring/Summer! The most laid-back season for hair EVER! Everything is natural, easy, and either simply pull-back or undone!

6. Natural Hair: Natural soft waves and naturally straight hair were all over the runways for Spring/Summer. The concept is a no brainer really! Just don’t over curl or over straighten your hair and watch how much product you use.

7. Braids: This has been an ongoing trend for a few years now and still going strong. Try a chunky, messy french braid while the weather is still chilly. But keep the trendy braided updo (braided crowns seen in magazines) until the warmer weather.

Spring 2014 Natural Hair Trend Soft Waves and Messy Braids

8. Barrettes: Sounds kind of 90’s, but pulling your fringe/bands tightly back in a clean classic barrette was a big trend this season!

9. Head bands: Not just any head bands, specifically black wide hairbands. Try cutting wide rings out of a pair of black Winter tights!

Barrettes and Bands Spring 2014 Hair Trends

10. The Season of the Ponytail: Again, ever the classic, 2014 sees the ponytail in many different fashions. Sleek, low, frizzed, even a voluminous low side pony! All with one thing in common though, a strong side part!

Hair Trends for Spring 2014 the Season of the Ponytail, Inc.

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