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Published on October 25th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

Nomaterra Fragrances Review: Travel the World with Scent

Nomaterra is a new and up-and-coming perfume brand that combines innovation and creativity with old-world traditions and sentimentality.

I have never been as impressed by a niche fragrance brand as I am by Nomaterra!

As a perfume expert, I find myself not only smitten with the greatest and grandest perfume houses in the world, but also obsessed with finding the next big thing!

I am always on the hunt for that one-off scent that can rival the big boys or that up-and-coming brand that will rock the foundations of the beauty industry, and if anyone has a chance it’s Nomaterra!

Creating perfumes is an extremely difficult thing to master and one may have the greatest idea for a fragrance but pulling it off so that it smells like a quality mainstream scent is nearly impossible without a multi-million dollar budget.

But somehow, Nomaterra defies all odds, by creating some of the most goregous scents with the upmost in quality and sophistication to rival the likes of Jo Malone, Atelier, Diptyque or even Creed!

Perhaps it’s because of founder Agnieszka’s experience as a beauty editor, or her and her husband’s useful expertise as bio-chemists? Or better yet, perhaps it’s because it’s in her heart!

It’s obvious when reading the story behind Nomaterra that Agnieszka Sygnarowicz Burnett experiences the world around her through scent and is driven to share with us this amazing world and these experiences of far-away lands; taking us on a scentual journey!

” We do extensive historical, geographical, cultural, and anthropological research on each location to discover the most indigenous plants, flowers, trees, and herbs that make a location special. Our passion lies in creating an authentic representation of a location’s ethos for you to connect with on a sensory and emotional level. “

Impressive are the ideas and philosophy of the brand, even more impressive is the quality!

Creating scents using organic and natural ingredients of superior quality and made in small batches by hand, it is almost astonishing when smelling these scents to think that they were made on this scale. The ratio of and skillful combinations of notes is utterly superb.

And the best part about Nomaterra, is that unlike other pretentious niche perfume brands, there is something for everyone in this collection! Whether you are a serious politician, a sultry woman of mystery, or a bubbly California girl, Nomaterra has just the right scent to fit your personality and inspire you to travel the world with scent!

Currently, there are 8 fragrances in the Nomaterra collection, inspired by our favorite cities in America. I certainly hope they don’t stop there, as I’d love to experience more far-away lands and be inspired by other global scents in the future!

East Hampton Atlantic White Cedar

But for now let us start with my favorite Nomaterra scent, their East Hampton Atlantic White Cedar fragrance. This unisex scent is not only unique but impressive with it’s original take on a sporty/fresh/aquatic scent. It is hard to pull off a fresh sporty scent that is also sophisticated. Most sporty fragrances on the market can be down-right boring using the same notes and portraying the same clean, just-showered scent that is monotonous at best, but not Nomaterra.

Nomaterra Fragrances East Hampton Atlantic White Cedar

Rightfully titled East Hampton, you know right from the start that this scent is going to be for those with style and taste. Yes, it’s casual and easy-going, but in a sophisticated way that only those who summer in the Hamptons can pull off.

Refreshing busts of Salt Water swirled with sandy driftwood-like White Woods and green Patchouli make this scent smell like Summer strolls on the warm board walk. Add to that the sunny combination of zesty Bergamot, fresh Grapefruit, and other vibrant Citrus and you have that sporty clean nuance that is mature and refined.

And although unisex, mix these fresh notes with exquisite notes of Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, and other White Florals of Gardenia and Magnolia and you get the most romantic heady heart-notes that are truly womanly and with pure class.

The dry down of this fragrance is exquisite featuring the heady white Gardenia flower, a regal and sophisticated floral with just the hint of sandy shores.

It’s breathtaking!

If the start of this East Hampton scent is a refreshing stroll on the board walk in the Summer sun, the end is a romantic walk through a botanical garden hand-in-hand with a new-found love.

Nomaterra is all about creating a scentual journey and this one scent alone takes you from sea to shore in the most wonderful way!

DC Cherry Blossom

On a more serious note, DC Cherry Blossom is certainly politically correct with it’s impeccable unisex qualities. Don’t let the feminine title of Cherry Blossom throw you, there is something for everyone in this scent. Nomaterra points out that the cherry trees in DC were originally donated by the Japanese in 1912 and so their slightly oriental take on this delicate flower in this fragrance is not only creative but really effective!

Nomaterra Fragrances DC Cherry Blossom

Fleeting but vibrant Citrus start the race but is quickly followed by a unique combination of sweet Cherry Blossoms, spicy Nutmeg, warm Black Pepper, and cool green Bay leaf. This original combination lingers for some time as smoky Tobacco and rich Vanilla & Musk round out the scent for hours.

Masculine in character, DC Cherry Blossom would smell divine on a man or on a powerful woman. Also, because of it’s rich smoky & spicy character, it would make a lovely winter fragrance and would smell gorgeous worn in front of a roaring fire!

Boston Tobacco Leaf

Still on the East Coast, Boston Tobacco Leaf is also listed as a unisex fragrance but with deeper and more mysterious nuances that put it more on the masculine side. Heavy in warm glowing Benzoin, dry Vetiver, and smoky Tobacco, it’s hard to see how this would be suitable for women, but with the ingenius addition of just a hint of Rose, you get a sophisticated scent that could easily be worn by a woman who likes to wear the pants in the family!

Nomaterra Fragrances Boston Tobacco Leaf

I would have preferred to have more Rose in this scent and think it would have added a more velvety and creamy nuance to the scent; however, I understand that when working with pure essential oils and natural ingredients, the additional Rose may take the price point of this scent up and beyond!

Nonetheless, sultry, sexy, mysterious, and a bit brazen, Boston Tobacco Leaf is perfectly suited for the cooler months. To me it gives off the same kind of feeling as Guerlain’s Shalimar; where it almost smells like the magic of Christmas Eve!

Brooklyn Violet Leaf

While DC Cherry Blossom, or Tobacco Leaf smells gorgeous on both men AND women, Brooklyn Violet Leaf is as manly as they come! With deep Leather, dusty Tobacco, and dry White Woods, this cologne is rich and commanding. But add to these typically manly notes, picante Bergamot, metalic green Violet Leaf and other sharp minerals and you get a bold and confident scent that is utterly captivating!

Idealy worn by a man who is not only sure of himself but also likes to command a room, Brooklyn Violet Leaf is no shrinking violet!


Savannah Magnolia

Heading south, Savannah Magnolia is a dainty delight with delicate floral and effervescent citrus notes that has you lazing on a porch-swing in Georgia! At first your eyes are open to the vibrant Grapefruit and ripe Raspberry  (though nearly undetectable) notes but the scent really comes alive with it’s romantic Magnolia blossoms and intoxicating Jasmine. Finally you are rocked to sleep with soothing Green Tea and comforting Musk.

Nomaterra Fragrances Savannah Magnolia

This scent is more than just “pretty”, it is romantic and free-spirited! A perfect everyday scent and a gorgeous Summer scent specifically. Savannah Magnolia is for a Woman who prefers the simple pleasures in life, fresh linen, cool white cottons, mint juleps on the porch, picnics in the park, and long country walks. It is an essence of happiness and contentment.

Miami Orange Blossom

If we travel even further south we get into Nomaterra’s more tropical fragrance, Miami Orange Blossom, a tutti-fruity scent good enough to eat!

This lickable fragrance is like a lolly-pop for the senses!

Nomaterra Fragrances Miami Orange Blossom

Bright, fun, and flirty, this Nomaterra scent is playful just like a fun-filled trip to Miami! A mixture of bright Citrus, lush Melon, and tropical Coconut start your beach vacation off right, followed by some Miami heat with sultry flowers of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom and Pink Pepper.

Grounding this vibrant scent are your typical base notes of Amber, Vanilla, and Sandalwood but with an interesting addition of powdery Linden Blossom.

Malibu Honeysuckle

Another bright scent is Malibu Honeysuckle. This Nomaterra scent is probably the most “perfumey”, meaning it has more of your classic perfume notes like Bergamot, Rose, Orchid, Tonka Bean, and Vanilla. This combination makes it smell more like a mainstream perfume, which trust me, is extremely difficult to pull off if you’re not a big perfume house so koudos to Nomaterra!

Nomaterra Fragrances Malibu Honeysuckle

What’s nice about this girly floral scent is the accentuated Mandarin Orange note. This Orange note really livens up the florals and gives the usual serious Rose more of an edge.

Malibu Honeysuckle is for a real girly-girl. I can see this scent being worn by a younger woman. The kind of girl who loves cruising to the beach in her convertable and giggling with a car-full of friends all the way!

I can’t help but think of Malibu Barbie when I smell this scent, and I mean that in a good way!

Oahu Gardenia

The last scent, Oahu Gardenia, is probably the most simple Nomaterra scent. With only four notes, Gardenia, Jasmine, Frangipani, and Sandalwood.

Nomaterra Fragrances Oahu Gardenia

Even though it is described as a Gardenia scent, to me this fragrance is more of a smooth Frangipani and Sandalwood combo. A warm, tropical scent like an island sunset.

Oahu Gardenia would make a lovely Summer night scent or even as a destination wedding day perfume as it’s romantic and sentimental of the big island.

Nomaterra Home Scents

Although each of the Nomaterra fragrances are superb in both quality and the feeling they portray, Nomaterra doesn’t just stop at beautiful wearable fragrances!

They believe that one should be surrounded by scent and so they also developed a soy candle line featuring 5 of their different scents! Boston Tobacco Leaf, DC Cherry Blossom, East Hampton Atlantic White Cedar, Oahu Gardenia, and Savannah Magnolia.

Nomaterra Handmade Soy Candles

Some may think it’s strange to wear a perfume and have your home smell the same, but trust me, these are not your usual fragrances!

Even while testing these scents, they seemed to transport me to a different time, a favorite city, or bring up a special memory, and I couldn’t help but be whisked away by their beauty.

It is hard to explain, but they smell more like an ambiance or a feeling than they do of a “perfume”. And that’s why they would make exceptional home scents.

Made entirely by hand and featuring custom wax specially created to blend with Nomaterra’s superior scent oils, these candles are sure to take you further on your scentual journey. 


On-the-go Fragrance

But my favorite thing about this brand are their ingenius on-the-go fragrance wipes! Literally, the most innovative fragrance product on the market!

These multi-purpose life-savers are a beauty-bag staple! The must-have travel item or on-the-go refresher in your handbag!

After using these myself for the past few months now, I can’t imagine what I ever did without them!

One can literally have gorgeous fragrance anywhere and everywhere they go! Planes, trains, and automobiles, to work, gym, the powder room or even at the dinner table, these scent packets are the coolest thing since sliced bread!

Available in three different scents, Miami Orange Blossom, Malibu Honesuckle, and Oahu Gardenia (I only wish they’d have them in ALL of the Nomaterra scents).

Nomaterra Fragrance Wipes

Now available at Sephora here

The variety pack is especially nice because it gives you three different options for scents depending on your mood, the occasion, or the environment you’re in. Fun & flirty Miami Orange Blossom, Girly Malibu Honeysuckle, or sophisticated Oahu Gardenia.

These soft little cloths soaked in beautiful scent are perfect for your carry-on or travel bag with no need to worry about how you’re going to smuggle your perfume on board!

I have used fragrance minis and purse sprays in the past. I have even tried tirelessly to figure out how to fill one of those aromatizers, but nothing is as simple, convenient, or as user friendly as these Nomaterra Wipes!

These fragrance wipes not only save space and provide added convenience while traveling, but they would make a great stash for mid-day pick-me-ups at work, for after the gym, or even in your handbag for on-the-go women or busy moms!

To find out more about this highly recommended brand, visit their website at:

[Samples for review and product giveaways courtesy of Nomaterra Fragrances]

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