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Published on November 23rd, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Kerastase Therapiste Reviews | How to Repair Damaged Hair

Are you guilty of having over bleached and over processed hair? Are you dependent on heat styling tools? Do you wish you had virgin hair again? Let Kerastase show you how to repair damaged hair to new with their Therapiste hair care line.

Now that you’ve confessed your hair sins, you’re going to need some therapy!

Kerastase offers hair therapy with their new Therapiste line. Repairing damaged hair and resurrecting it with a revolutionary ingredient found in nature that literally brings things back to life!

We are all guilty of some sort of hair sin. Perhaps you subject your tresses to too many trips to your hair colorist begging your stylist to go lighter every time. Perhaps you see heat styling as a daily must. Or perhaps I…..ooops….I mean…YOU….are guilty of BOTH! (wink wink)

No matter what stress and torture we put our hair through, once we start messing with our virgin hair we usually can’t go back….until now!

Keratase’s new Therapiste line promises to greatly repair and reconstruct damaged hair, bringing it back to life and renewing it to a healthy state long forgotten.

I’ve done many Kerastase reviews as I am a huge fan of their high quality and innovative hair care products. But none are more innovative or have raised the bar as high as their new Therapiste collection!

How to repair damaged hair

Four products make up the Therapiste line, including a shampoo, pre-shampoo conditioner, mask, and serum. Each one acting in a different way to mend hair and revive it’s inner beauty. But each utilizes a special concoction of ingredients featuring the miracle ingredient from the Myrothamnus Flabellifolia plant.

This phenomenal plant is able to come back to life even after ten years of near death, and it’s this very spectacular trait that Kerastase has harnessed to restore damaged hair to new!

When hair becomes damaged by excessive heat styling, harsh environmental conditions or over processing, proteins called Keratin Associated Proteins (KAPs) disappear. These proteins are responsible for binding keratin together and in turn are essential for maintaining the structure of the hair fiber.

So when they disappear, the internal architecture of the hair begins to collapse, leading to breakage, splitting, weakness, limp, and dull locks.

A similar destructuring happens to the Myrothamnus Flabellifolia plant, but when it comes into contact with water, it regains its original casing and begins a new cycle of life.

Kerastase has isloated the compound responsible for this rejuvenation in the sap of the plant and created a compound called FIBRA-KAPTM, a powerful complex to compensate for the loss of KAPs in hair fiber due to damages.

SP 94 supplies the follicle with the energy necessary to activate KAPs synthesis, 6 amino-acids attach themselves to damaged areas of the hair, and a wheat protein derivative helps restore uniformity and smoothness.

And it’s this miracle compound that enriches each of the hair treatments in the Therapiste line.

Soin Premier Therapiste – Smart Starter Conditioner

It may sound strange talking about conditioner before shampoo, but trust me, this isn’t your usual conditioner.

Kerastase Therapiste Soin Premier Conditioner
Available on Amazon

A first in the industry, Kerastase has created a pre-shampoo conditioner that you actually use BEFORE you wash.

This is a hair care revolution!

Applying this conditioner before your shampoo coats the hair with a protective gauze which reduces the friction and aggression done by your sudsy shampooing. Not only that, but it allows even more nutrients to be absorbed by the hair during the process.

In a way, it’s like a primer for your cleansing routine.

A pre-shampoo conditioner may sound like a gimmick, but it’s NOT! I was really impressed by this product as it does what it says!

Because I lighten my hair frequently, I have had to adjust to a new cleansing routine completely. Over-processed hair takes extra care. Even if you go to the best hair colorist or use the best heat protecting products, the hair’s structure becomes compromised and something as simple as washing/conditioning your hair becomes a risky maneuver.

But the unique thick creamy consistency of this conditioner binds to the hair, wrapping around each strand in a loving hug, preparing it for the next step in cleansing. I could feel a massive difference in my hair even before I put a drop of shampoo in!

And don’t worry, your shampoo will still suds and still clean your hair!

Purchase separately on Amazon here:

Bain Therapiste- Balm-in-shampoo

Working alone, or after the pre-shampoo conditioner, this unique shampoo coats the hair with a semi-solid gel to repair the hair fiber and reducing friction during washing.

Kerastase Therapiste Bain Therapiste Shampoo
Available on Amazon

Ultra gentle for even the most damaged hair, but also effective at cleaning without stripping the hair of moisture. This shampoo and pre-conditioner leaves your hair as soft as a baby’s!

Over processing or excessive heat styling use should equal greater care and attention to how you treat your hair. Gone are the days when you could just wash and go! Now every simple step takes care and sensitivity, from gently massaging shampoo in to cautiously brushing.

But the Kerastase Therapiste line is specifically formulated to protect the delicate nature of over processed hair, and the results are more than I could imagine.

Seriously, this combo of products made my hair feel feathery soft, weightless, full of shine and bounce!

Shampoo is available separately at Amazon here:

Masque Therapiste- Hair Mask

For added damage control and a deeper therapy, Kerastase has a classic hair mask that fuses onto the hair to fill it with reparative complexes that restore the fiber. 

It rebuilds the internal structure of hair weakened by chemical and physical aggressions.

Kerastase Therapiste Masque Therapiste Hair Mask
Order on Amazon

This mask is an essential for those who have just gone through or are going through multiple processes, such as going platinum or getting a chemical straightening process.

Also ideal to use as a special treatment for extra dry or damaged hair at certain times of the year like after all the chlorine/salt water/sun exposure of Summer or after the endless updos of the holidays.

After just one use of this mask, I saw and felt a remarkable difference in the structure and strength of my hair.

Kerastase Therapiste Reviews Before and After

My usually weak and fragile blonde now felt thicker and more resilient. Before, my hair was so fragile that even putting my hair in a pony tail had to be done with extra care to prevent breakage (those who have gone platinum will know what I mean).

But after just one use of the Keratase Therapiste shampoo/conditioner/mask collection and I felt like I could toss my hair, wrap it up, or pin it down, with full confidence.

Purchase the mask separately here:

Double Serum Therapiste- Hair Serum

This is the icing on the cake for the Therapiste line!

Two products in one, this hair serum imparts moisture and seals split ends.

Kerastase Therapiste Serum Therapiste Hair Serum
Available on Amazon

A dual pump that dispenses two different agents. One is an oil-based care agent, which moisturizes the fiber without being greasy. The second is a cream-textured top-coat to treat and seal ends.

Not only does this product impart ridiculous shine but it mends split ends, revealing an appearance of virgin hair. Smooth, shiny, and manageable.

The best part about this serum is that it offers thermo protection to further protect hair from damage from heat styling!

The only fault I found with this product is the container design. It’s a dual chamber that is supposed to release equal amounts of both products when pressed in the middle. But even when doing so, I couldn’t get equal amounts. It was tricky and ended up careful pressing more on one side to dispense chamber A and then pressing more to the other side to dispense chamber B.

Nevertheless, this is a beauty bag staple!

I love how it imparts just enough moisture without weighing the hair down or making it greasy looking. It also virtually erases my split ends which is a godsend!

In conclusion, the Kerastase Therapiste line is just what the doctor ordered! I take great care of my hair and only see the best but even that sometimes isn’t enough for the most trendy and high maintenance colors and styles. It is hard to keep my blonde looking vibrant and even more hard to baby my weakened strands.

I’ve spent a fortune getting to the blonde shade I am now and I want to maintain it as long as I can. And with the help of Kerastase I have found a way to breathe new life into my tresses.

Kerastase Therapiste Reviews After Picture

(my best impression of a Kerastase advert)

They promise to restore hair to a new and I believe them!

I am not exaggerating. My hair has never felt so strong and full of healthy bounce and shine since I was 12 or since I discovered the joy of Aveda hair color.

The most obvious improvement is in the structure of my hair. It feels strong from root to tip and even thicker.

This is as close to virgin hair as I’ll ever get!

Because let’s be honest, we will continue to sin and treat our hair bad, so why not let Kerastase worry about fixing our mistakes and cover-up our sins!


To learn more about the Kerastase Therapiste line or to purchase visit the Kerastase website here: Or find yourself a discount on products from Amazon here:

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Kerastase Therapiste Reviews | How to Repair Damaged Hair The Perfume Expert

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Summary: The Therapiste line is one of the best hair care lines for healing & repairing damaged hair from over processing and over styling. Split ends are mended, hair has extreme shine and bounce, and hair fiber is stronger and has more structure. This line is A MUST for those who lighten their hair or use heat styling tools regularly. A bit pricey and necessary to use the whole line, but worth the price in order to protect your hair!


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