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Published on July 13th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Jessica McClintock Eau de Parfum Review

Jessica McClintock by Jessica McClintock is an old perfume but one I felt compelled to review after re-discovering it with my lovely Aunt recently. Even though it was released in the late 80’s, there is nothing dated about this fragrance. Even the bottle that it comes in is classic and timeless.

Essentially, Jessica McClintock is a Lily-of-the-Valley scent, but one of the most unique you’ll ever find. This is because most Lily-of-the-Valley fragrances are potent with the heady little white flowers and over time can become almost sickingly sweet and headache inducing. Even the most famous Lily-of-the-Valley fragrance, Diorissimo by Dior, is to be used sparingly and near impossible to wear year-round.

Jessica McClintock, on the other hand, can be worn as an every-day scent because it uniquely combines the sweet Lily-of-the-Valley with fresh, crisp, and sparkling notes. These notes really make the fragrance come to life and dance upon the skin. Right from the very first breath of this fresh air, you’re met with sharp Bergamot, crisp green Basil, and effervescent Lemon. Now these are unique enough, but add rare notes of green aromatic Cassia leaves and ripe juicy Blackcurrants with sensuous Ylang-Ylang and this definitely is not your usual Lily-of-the-Valley! (Although the Cassia and Blackcurrants are quite hard to smell).

But the star of the show is still the lovely Lily-of-the-Valley, although a more bright and green version. Because it’s combined with such clean top-notes, this fragrance smells more like drinking freshly squeezed lemonade on a picnic blanket laid in a field of wild flowers than it does smelling a bouquet of Lily-of-the-Valley.

To add a bit more depth to the fragrance are notes of romantic Rose and sultry Jasmine along with base notes of Musk and mixed Woody notes. Although, I usually prefer some grounding base notes in a scent, the fact that these are almost non-existent in this fragrance is actually nice. Nice because it highlights the fresher notes and lets the scent remain light and airy keeping you dancing in the clouds.

Jessica McClintock is for a woman who has a big heart and a zest for life. Someone who is always there to offer a hug and to make you laugh. A woman with a twinkle in her eye, a smile on her face, and a love unconditional.

Jessica McClintock

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Jessica McClintock Eau de Parfum Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This is not your typical Lily-of-the-Valley scent. It is unique as it combines the sweet floral notes with sparkling citrus and crisp greens. It's a pretty scent that feels like dancing on clouds! Even though it was released in the 80's there is nothing dated about this floral classic.


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