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Published on October 29th, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

BEST Perfumes 2015 | Winter Perfumes

Here is the ultimate guide to the BEST Winter perfumes including the latest trends & top perfumes for 2015!

As a perfume expert, I do a lot of research every season to bring you the latest trends in the fragrance world and Winter is by far my favorite season for fragrance. Scents are deeper, warmer, softer, and more rich. Winter fragrances evoke sex appeal, mystery, romance, and comfort.

The Winter 2015 season is no exception, but there are few notes in particular that are emerging as popular trends in perfume and they are: Rose, Leather, and Oud.

In this guide I will outline each trend and showcase what I believe to be the best representation of each.

2015 Trends in Winter Perfumes


Rose is probably the most overly used scent note in the fragrance world, but don’t let that fool you! There are so many facets and variations of Rose that it isn’t as predictable as you may think.

Rose can smell sweet, floral, sharp, citrusy, smooth an everything in between!

When the Rose note is used in Fall/Winter fragrances it’s usually darker, deeper, richer, and more velvety. Think of the difference between red Rose and a pink Tea Rose.

In Winter you’ll usually find rose being combined with other rich notes that warm the floral nature and make it more smooth, notes like Leather, Woods, Amber, Incense, and more.

There are two perfumes that stand out as the best Rose scents for winter 2015: Jo Malone Tudor Rose.

Jo Malone Tudor Rose

I don’t think I could write about a Rose trend without mentioning a Jo Malone perfume! They create some of the most beautiful and wearable Rose fragrances that are true-to-nature and never “perfumy”.

Jo Malone Tudor Rose and Amber

Tudor Rose & Amber is one such scent. A romantic combination of opulent Rose with glowing Amber. Other warm notes of Clove and Ginger make this a real sumptuous scent that is not only regal and mature but also inviting and comforting.

It is an elegant and classy Rose fragrance but one that isn’t too traditional or stuffy, it’s got a bit of intrigue. Tudor Rose & Amber has the perfect amount of sweetness from the Rose and just the right amount of spice to heat things up.

This is a perfect every-day fragrance for Winter and is exquisite as a night perfume as it’s perfectly suited for cold winter nights, and cozying up by the fire.

Jo Malone Tudor Rose & Amber is available on Amazon here:

Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land

As a tribute to the nurses of WWI, Rose of No Man’s Land is an iconic scent that salutes femininity and strength. It’s a sentimental and dreamy Rose scent that is ideal for those who prefer their perfumes “girly” without being frivolous.

Byredo Rose of No Man's Land

This fragrance starts with a bright and sunny paring of Pink Pepper and Turkish Rose Petals, before settling into a heart of Raspberry Blossom and Rose Absolute.

But what grounds this scent is the base note of soothing White Amber that enriches the overly girly nature of the Rose. This makes it more elegant and mature.

Also, the addition of dry grassy Vetiver, which is usually more of a masculine note, makes this Rose scent even more sophisticated and modern. The grassy green nature of Vetiver prevents this Rose perfume from being too sweet and fruity.

For those who love their feminine and romantic floral scents, Rose of No Man’s Land is right up your street! Although the name might symbolize a ugly time in our history, this fragrance is as pretty as it gets!


Leather is usually a note featured in men’s colognes, but when used in perfume it can add a new level of depth and richness to a scent.

Don’t worry, it won’t smell like your grandpa’s old leather jacket, you may not even notice it all! Leather adds a smoothness to other notes that surround it, deepening notes and grounding them.

The best use of Leather in a perfume can be seen in Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Smoke Show and the classic Kelly Caleche by Hermes.

Vilhelm Parfumerie Smoke Show

“A smoldering smoky brew” as it’s described, Smoke Show is pure sex appeal combining traditional notes an unexpected modern twist that is captivating and alluring!

Vilhelm Parfumerie Smoke Show

At first, you’re hit with the unique and sweet facet of Saffron, a relatively new note used in fragrance. The sweet Saffron is juxtaposed with vibrant Pink Pepper before highlighting the star attraction, Leather!

This thick rich Leather that provides a slightly masculine edge but when melted with a deep red Rose facet, it becomes .

As the fragrance deepens even more it reveals a dry dusty Vetiver, exotic Agarwood (Oud, the third trend of 2015), and earthy Cedarwood.

Smoke Show should also be featured on this list more than once as it incorporates ALL three of the top trends in one phenomenal scent!

Smoke Show is for those who are bold and full of passion. For the star of the show, those who revel in the centre of attention. It’s complex and sophisticated but sultry and mysterious. It certainly leaves a lasting impression! A perfect scent for nights out, special occasions, and holiday parties.

Available at Barney’s here:

Herme’s Kelly Caleche Eau de Parfum

Smells like an expensive handbag filled with flowers!

This is a classic perfume that is traditional and mature. Inspired by Hermes leather, Kelly Caleche is an outstanding combination of feminine and masculine notes.

Hermes Kelly Caleche

The warm rich Leather nuances make this a real “skin” scent! Sumputous Leather combined with powdery Iris and soft Mimosa make this perfume melt into your skin for a very inviting scent that smells like a comforting hug.

This rich Leather combination is sandwiched between citrusy Rose and sweet Violet flowers that brighten up the fragrance, and smooth Vanilla and decadent Tuberose that provide a lingering scent that trails well after you’ve left the room!

Kelly Caleche is like comfort food, offering a fragrance that is warm and inviting and somewhat soothing in it’s wake.

This is the perfect every-day scent for cold weather months, warmed on the skin or spritzed on a sweater or scarf. It also makes a great office scent as it’s sophisticated and confident while still being beautiful.

Available on Amazon here:

Oud Wood:

Oud, or Agarwood as it’s sometimes called,  is fast becoming a trendy fragrance note. Once used only in niche oriental fragrances, Oud has now made it’s way into the mainstream market!

Oud is an utterly unique smell. It’s sort of a combination of sharp resin mixed with musty wood and nutty earthiness (kind of like mushroom). It is usually used in middle eastern scents as it’s exotic nature makes it an excellent addition to the oriental fragrance family.

An acquired taste, straight up Oud is a love or hate it kind of note, but two scents in particular use it in a subtle and wearable way: Byredo Accord Oud and Diptyque Oud Palao.

Byredo Accord Oud

Seeing Oud in a whole new light, Byredo’s Accord Oud is smoky, boozy, and intoxicating! A unisex fragrance that is sure to entice everyone within arms length. Combining dark berries and smoky Oud, this perfume is like a walk in the Autumn woods. Perfect for sweater weather!

Byredo Accord Oud

This fragrance utilizes two of this seasons trends, Oud and Leather! The rich Leather softens the Oud and gives it a smoky nuance that is mesmerizing.

Sweet Saffron, ripe Blackberry, and sweet Rum add to this head swirling mix by giving it that delectable sweetness. This sweetness also makes the scent more feminine.

As the notes dry down, soft Musk and green Patchouli and Sage combine as base notes to ground the fragrance making it a more wearable every day scent.

Seriously, Accord Oud is one of the most impressive new fragrances I have tried in a long time! It’s more than a perfume, it’s a wearable moment.

The combination of woods, smokiness, soft musk and berries is GENIUS!

Available at Barney’s here:

Diptyque Oud Palao

Another semi-masculine delight, Diptyque’s Oud Palao, is a complex and sexy scent that reminds me of a black velvet smoking jacket!

Diptyque Oud Palao

A captivating and alluring concoction of earthy Oud, smokey Tobacco, leathery Labdanum, and sweet Rum. But add to these masculine notes, Bulgarian Rose, comforting Sandalwood, and sweet Vanilla and you get a powerful woman on the rise!

Hypnotic! Mysterious! Mesmerizing!

But with all these strong notes, you may think this scent would be too overpowering….that’s where sharp green Camphor and Patchouli freshen up the scent keeping it from being too heavy.

Oud Palao is for a strong confident woman. A woman who takes charge and commands a room. This perfume is ideal for special occasions and night time soirees.

Available at Nordstrom here:


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