Beauty Tips How to Prevent Winter Hair Static

Published on March 8th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

How to Prevent Winter Hair Static

It’s Winter and that means STATICY HAIR!!!!

The sparkling falling snow may be pretty but cold weather makes our hair not so! Winter hair static is probably THE most annoying beauty problem on the year! But don’t worry because I’ve got the most genius hair tips on how to prevent winter hair static forever!

Fix staticy hair and prevent hair static for good with these simple steps!

Whether it’s due to the dry conditions and excessive contact to woolly sweaters, hats, turtle-necks, and constant wrapping of scarves, static electricity can build up on our body. When this happens it can cause not only the annoying, but unsightly, issue of static on our hair. Literally making our hair stand on end!

But I have some easy tips for you to reduce the hair static!

  1. Use a moisturizing Shampoo and a heavier conditioner during the Winter (ones with silicone or oils like olive or argon). Goldwell, in fact, makes a Shampoo specifically for reducing Winter static called Dual Senses Winter Care, find it here. And never rinse with hot water!
  2. Blow dry using an ionic hair dryer to neutralize the electrical charge like the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer that reduces the electromagnetic charge and moisturizes hair.
  3. Try to reduce your brushing and if necessary, use a metal brush, or spray your brush with hairspray before using.
  4. Use a hair oil, like Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil, to finish the ends preventing static and add shine.
  5. Try an anti-static hairspray, like this Winter RX Anti-Static spray by Alterna (see it here).
  6. Mist hair with a spring-water spray, like Avene foundĀ here, throughout the day to prevent static and add hydration.
  7. Swipe hair with an anti-static dryer sheet to eliminate static (keep one in your handbag for touch ups during the day). Or try the luxury version from Kerastase! The Carre Lissant Smoothing Sheets! Handy for in your purse, for on the go smoothing!
  8. Throughout the day, whenever you apply your hand lotion, after rubbing it into your hands, swipe your hair also to eliminate frizz.
  9. When in a pinch, rub hair with a metal object, like a metal coat hanger before you hang your coat up, to neutralize the static.
  10. Don’t wear rubber soled shoes! Believe it or not, rubber soles actually accumulate MORE electricity and when this electricity builds up, it is release through the top of your head…making your hair stand on end! Plus, who doesn’t like an excuse to get new shoes!

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