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Published on November 20th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Dior Holiday 2013 Makeup Palettes

The house of Dior makes the most spectacular holiday makeup palettes money can buy! Each and every year they out do themselves in quality, shades, practicality and packaging, and Christmas 2013 is no exception!

I must first emphasize the necessity of a Dior holiday palette as they are so much more than a luxury! As with other holiday palettes they only come out once a year, so the scarcity of these useful commodities make them a holiday must! In addition, it is the one rare opportunity to get multiple eye shadow shades along with lipstick shades, liners, powders and glosses all in one little package! This makes holiday palettes useful not only for holiday travels and mid-party touch-ups but also useful throughout the upcoming year! Sometimes, the only thing in my beauty bag is a Dior holiday palette as they usually include EVERYTHING I could ever need for flawless makeup wherever I am. And the chic packaging is total eye-candy for anyone who happens to witness my pre-landing makeup application on the plane!

This season’s palettes are definitely going on my wish-list, mainly because of the versatility of each but also because of the classic “little black case” design!

The most ultimate of them all, is the multi-use palette featuring 6 eye shadows ranging from nudes/browns/greys which are subtle enough for day or dramatic enough for new year’s eve! These are colors we all wear and that we wear continuously throughout the year so this palette will provide many looks for many months to come!

Next we have 2 Dior Addict Extreme lip colors  and 2 Dior Addict Gloss lip glosses in varying pinks; which again can be worn day and/or night. And finally a Diorskin Nude shimmer instant illuminating powder and a mini Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara to complete your look! It may be pricey, but trust me, this palette is so useful you may not need to buy anything else until next year! And you’ll thank me when you see how much room it saves in your suitcase!

Dior Face Palette Christmas 2013

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Now if you feel like you wouldn’t use the lip colors in this palette (because some of us prefer reds or nudes as compared to pinks), then Dior has also released an eye shadow palette featuring four of the most used eye shadow shades in our arsenal. One peachy/nude base color, a neutral lid color, a luminous highlighting shade and a dark grey liner shade. Once again, this palette can and will be used ALL year round, so you are sure to get your money’s worth here!

Dior Holiday Eye Palette

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The most unique palette Dior has released this year is their lip & nail kit. This kit is ideal while going through a busy holiday season with multiple events. Having a little kit to touch up your lips is one thing, but being able to fix a chipped nail mid-party is a total life-saver! I don’t know how many times I’ve shown up a party with a perfectly manicured hand only to have the varnish chipped by the end of the first dance! So as cute as this little kit is, it’s actually practical. This would also make an ideal wedding day kit for a bride as well!

Dior Pink Lip and Nail Palette Holiday 2013dior red lip and nail palette holiday 2013

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Last, but not least, is the Dior travel brush set. Again, these little multi-tasking beauties rarely come out at any other time of the year, so picking up a new travel brush set is a “given” during the holiday season. Of course they are useful during the holidays but will also be useful for travel for years to come. And who can resist the classy little pouch they come in!!!!

Dior Holiday 2013 Couture Collection Brush Set


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