Perfume Tips Cute Valentines Day Ideas for Her

Published on February 5th, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Cute Valentines Day Ideas for Her

Don’t know where to start when it comes to planning romantic gestures or picking cute gifts for your wife or girlfriend? Are you having trouble coming up with some cute ideas for Valentines Day for her?

I have the solution!

No need to worry about coming up with creative Valentine ideas because I have handpicked the MOST ROMANTIC gifts for her to make your life easier.

Women LOVE perfume!

And nothing is more personal and sentimental than buying her a new fragrance. Every time she wears it she will be reminded of you, your love, and this special Valentines Day.

Perfume is also a way of expressing just how much she means to you, see the below list for the BEST PERFUMES for women for Valentines Day!

1. Lipstick Rose Frederic Malle

Lipstick Rose Perfume by Frederic Malle

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Nothing is more feminine than a swash of red lipstick and an armful of glorious roses and Frederic Malle’s Lipstick Rose is a lipstick smile to make your heart melt!

An just like every great woman, this fragrance is multi-dimensional, a perfect balance of sweet & sultry, serious & perky, girly & womanly!

Perky Grapefruit puts a spring in your step with uplifting but add to that depth of more serious notes of Musk, Vetiver, and Amber for a well-balanced fragrance to remember.

2. Jo Malone Red Roses

Jo Malone London Red Roses Perfume

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Want to display the romantic gesture of giving a dozen roses, but in a more creative way?

Look no further than Jo Malone’s Red Roses. It’s straight up Roses in ALL their glory!

I don’t really need to say more as this scent smells exactly what it expect it to. It’s feminine, romantic, and as airy as a sunlit English garden; with Roses, fresh Mint, slightly metalic Violet Leaf, and effervescent Lemon.

Such a romantic gift as roses are the symbol of love!

3. Love By Kilian

Love don't be shy fragrance by Kilian

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This perfume will make your head spin with dizzying delight! Like a kid in a candy store!

A sweet concoction of Vanilla, Sugar, and Caramel, mixed with delicate floral notes of Neroli, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine.

Add a depth of heady Roses, soft Musk, and powdery Iris and you get an intoxicating perfume that will make you fall in love all over again!

Love By Kilian is the ultimate romantic gesture for Valentines Day as the name states, it’s all about LOVE!

4. Gourmand Coquin by Guerlain

Guerlain Les Elixirs Charnels Gourmand Cocquin

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No one does romance like the French! And no one does romantic perfume like Guerlain! And Guerlain’s Gourmand Coquin is the epitome of a Parisian affair! What a PERFECT Valentines Day idea for her!

This perfume is pure class, sophistication, and the ultimate of luxury. Not only that, but it’s intoxicating concoction is as mezmerizing as the sparkling lights on the Eiffel Tower!

An exquisite combination of deep Turkish Roses, dark Chocolate, warm Spices, and boozy Rum, Gourmand Coquin will make you drunk on love!

5. Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady

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Want to put your lady on a pedestal this Valentines Day?

Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady shows her just how amazing you think she is! If you want another way to tell her how beautiful she is, or a more creative way to let her know how special you think she is, then Portrait of a Lady will certainly let her know how much you care!

Like her beauty, this perfume is a work of art!

A classic scent based on Roses its romantic and rich in depth! Combined with inviting Musk, smoky Incense, warm Spices, and oriental Benzoin, this perfume is not just sophisticated, it’s regal.

A traditional and mature fragrance, Portrait of a Lady is for a woman of class!

6. Roses & Chocolate Mancera

Mancera Roses and Chocolate Perfume

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Some of the BEST Valentines Day ideas for her are Roses AND Chocolate, so why not give them both…in a perfume!

This is a super cute Valentines Day idea as it is a modern, and somewhat cheeky, play on a typical Valentines Day gift for her.

Straight-up red Roses and deep dark Chocolate, Mancera’s Roses & Chocolate perfume is perfect for a woman that enjoys the lighter side of life and appreciates creative gift ideas.

7. Lancome Tresor In Love

Lancome Tresor In Love Perfume

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For young love or those just falling in love, you can’t get more romantic than Lancome’s Tresor In Love!

This is one of the most perfect Valentines Day ideas for girlfriend! 

A vibrant fruity floral, this scent is innocent and girly. Roses and Jasmine swirled with juicy Nectarines and citrus Bergamot.

Tresor in Love is a perfect fragrance for a younger woman or for those who simply brighten the room every time they enter!

8. Velvet Love Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Love Perfume

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If you aren’t giving her roses, then you are probably giving her Carnations; the OTHER romantic flower! And creamy white Carnations are at the center of this romantic and sultry scent.

Velvet Love not only highlights the glorious Carnation flower, but also seductive Ylang-ylang. The combination of these two flowers with Black Pepper make this fragrance a steamy affair!

An alluring scent for your sexy mistress or for naughty night in!

Even the black velvet box that it comes in is sexy!

A perfect Valentines Day gift idea for the woman who gets your temperature rising!

9. After my Own Heart by Ineke

After My Own Heart Eau de Parfum by Ineke

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Unlike the above sex-appeal of Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance, After my Own Heart is a dreamy, innocent, breezy scent perfect for Spring and new-found love!

Featuring a bouquet of delicate Lilacs, fresh-cut Grass, and garden-ripe Raspberries, After my Own Heart is a breath of fresh air!

As romantic as a sunlit picnic in a field of wild flowers, or as pretty as an afternoon tea in an English garden!

A beautiful scent for younger women and women that appreciate the outdoors and more fresh/organic scents, rather than “perfumy” ones.

And such a sweet message to portray to that special someone after your own heart on Valentines Day!

10. Floral Romantique by Guerlain

Elixir Charnel Floral Romantique Guerlain Perfume

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As the name suggests, this Valentines Day perfume is a romantic floral scent that evokes the sort of elegance and joie de vivre of a stroll along the Champs Elysees with the one you love!

Floral Romantique smells just as you would expect….floral! First with a burst of Mandarine Orange and then featuring feminine notes of Jasmine, Tiare, Lily, and Ylang-ylang.

But like most Guerlain perfumes you get the most impeccable layering, where these romantic floral notes dry down to reveal soft Musk, dark Black Tea, earthy Cedar and rich Chestnuts!

What a romance from start to finish with this fragrance. It’s everything a woman should be, beautiful, warm, glowing, classy, and captivating!

If you can’t take her to Paris….then buy this perfume instead!!!! You can’t get a more romantic Valentine idea for her than this!

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