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Published on July 20th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Clarins Eau des Jardins Review

Clarins Eau des Jardins is a refreshing and pure Summer Citrus Floral that is uplifting and really makes you feel happy and full of positivity.  No truly, it not only smells happy, but it actually improves your mood! What is more important is that it is a completely natural fragrance made with essential oils and plant extracts and no alcohol or harsh chemicals.  It not only scents your skin, but also conditions it while providing uplifting aromatherapy. This makes it a perfect fragrance for those with sensitivities, those who work in sensitive environments like clinics, or for plane travel.

And due to its mood enhancing botanicals and non-existent harsh chemicals, this is the perfect scent to wear when you aren’t feeling well, when all other scents seem too overpowering, nauseating or even when your signature scent is giving you a headache!

Even expecting Mom’s will love this as it is a natural and safe way to wear fragrance while pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, this fragrance is also Non-photosensitizing so will not react with sunlight so it is safe to wear in the sun (this does not bother most of us, but some people’s skin becomes sensitive to the sun and wearing perfume can heighten this sensitivity).

Now, on to the scent itself, Eau des Jardins is a pleasant and pretty Citrus Floral. Nothing pretentious or complicated here, but then again, there isn’t anything complicated about natural ingredients to begin with. In a way, it smells like a body spray you’d find in a bath & body store but without the overpowering alcohol burst at the beginning. This is not a scent to wear when you want to impress, instead this is a scent you want to wear when nothing else seems to comfort you. Or when you want a break from hairspray, fake tans, and high-heels and feel the need to let your natural woman side out.

The top notes include perky Grapefruit, sparkling Lemon, zesty Orange, fresh Spearmint leaf and crisp Bergamot which definitely add a positive and refreshing zing. These essential oils are known for their uplifting and mood enhancing properties and it works! The bright notes sure add a burst of sunshine into your life!

Next, you are taken aback by beautiful Rose, warming Cedar wood , and slightly masculine Patchouli and Vetiver; all essential oils that lead to calm moods and clearheaded thinking. These warm and inviting scents comfort and soothe the spirit.

Along with the aromatherapy oils to enhance your mood. Essential oils of blackcurrant bud, beech wood bud, and sobier bud are supposed to sooth, moisturize and illuminate your skin.

Pretty scent, happy mood, and luminous looking skin….what more could you ask for?

Clarins Eau des Jardins

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Clarins Eau des Jardins Review The Perfume Expert

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Overall Impression/Smell

Summary: The first ever fragrance specifically designed to enhance your mood. It is completely natural using essential oils for not only aromatherapy but also to condition the skin! It's safe to wear for people with sensitivities, pregnant or breastfeeding moms or simple for those who want to feel like a natural woman. But because of it's natural contents, it has poor longevity and weak sillage. But that's what you want when wearing a natural scent.


Uplifting & Natural

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