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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream Review

Don’t let the idea of Facial Peels scare you away! This gentle overnight peel by CAUDALIE will give you a fresh face by morning without the harsh chemicals found in most peels!

Those of you who read my blog, know that I am a huge fan of CAUDALIE skincare products. Not only do I value the brand’s environmental and ecological ethics but I value their ability to utilize natural ingredients to create highly effective products that are not only kind to your skin but kind to the world!

The best thing about CAUDALIE products are their gentleness and therefore, I always recommend CAUDALIE to those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, their innovative use of the grape and it’s anti-oxidant properties also make this my go-to brand for anti-aging products and mature skin.

One such product that is perfect for both sensitive AND/OR mature skin is their innovative Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream. It could possibly be one of the only creams on the market of it’s kind. One that combines the most gentlest exfoliating action with the power of anti-oxidants all in a night cream!

The Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream certainly lives up to it’s name sake, offering gentle exfoliation and skin renewal as you sleep so that you can wake up to skin that is smoother, brighter, more toned and with less visible pores, dark spots!

It does this by using a patented Viniferine ingredient, synthesized from the sap of a grapevine, that is clinically proven to be 62x more potent than Vitamin C at brightening, reducing dark spots, and boosting radiance but gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin!

Another natural component, Papaya Enzyme, also works to gently slough off dead skin cells and activate cell renewal. To speed this exfoliation process is a mild Glycolic Acid component, but unlike other peels that focus on Glycolic Acids, this is only used as a means of enhancing the more natural ingredients and hence is much more safe and gentle for all skin types.

Hyaluronic Acid is also used in this night cream to keep skin hydrated and reduce the appearance of fine lines by morning!

Even though it’s worn overnight, this is no sticky/tacky sleeping facial! This cream instantly soaks into skin like your regular night cream, but make no mistake, this isn’t your usual night-time moisturizer! This is much more than that! After one night, you’ll notice a drastic difference in your complexion when you wake. Skin is more youthful in appearance and even if you were up all night, your skin won’t give you away! Your fresh-faced glow will fool even yourself that you’ve had plenty of beauty sleep!

Who wouldn’t want to wake up with younger looking skin!

Who wouldn’t want to fake a good night’s sleep!

The Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream is highly recommended for those with normal to dry skin, those with mature skin, and those who are wanting a gentle peeling action but suffer from sensitive skin types. I recommend any CAUDALIE product, but this particular night cream is truly unique and, although gentle, produces amazing results that you can feel and see after just one use!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream

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CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This cell renewal night cream is highly recommended not only for mature skin but also for those with sensitive skin that want a gentle exfoliating action but without the harshness! Applied before bed, this night cream works wonders as you sleep to gently exfoliate and promote skin renewal so you wake up with smoother, brighter, and more toned skin! Who wouldn't want to wake up looking younger?!


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