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Published on December 11th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

CAUDALIE Enzymatic Peel Mask Review

CAUDALIE really delivers the ideal facial peel for sensitive skin types or for those who are hesitant first-timers to the facial peel craze!

At this time of year the harsh colder conditions and lack of sunlight can zap our skin of moisture and radiance. At any other point in the year, we would boost our skincare routine and ramp up our brightening with a facial peel; but when our skin is crying out for moisture or has been frost bitten by the Winter conditions using a harsh chemical peel would be torture!

Originally from Canada, where cold weather is an understatement, I often encountered this conundrum. Harsh conditions can make skin dull, dry, and red. Although, the best way to deal with lackluster skin is to exfoliate or use a peel, when your skin is in such a fragile state being aggravated, dry, and flaky, these treatments seem way to harsh.

Enter the CAUDALIE Enzymatic Peel Mask!

A revolutionary facial peel that is as effective as it is gentle! Unheard of in the industry, CAUDALIE has managed to tap into the peel market in a way that is almost counter-intuitive compared to the ramped up mega peels! Instead, CAUDALIE focus on giving an instant radiance and a new skin effect with all the benefits of the nutrient-rich CAUDALIE skincare line.

They do this by using their patented Viniferine ingredient, synthesized from the sap of a grapevine, that is clinically proven to be 62x more potent than Vitamin C at brightening, reducing dark spots, and boosting radiance but gentle and kind to the skin. Another natural component, Papaya Enzyme, also works to gentle slough off dead skin cells and activate cell renewal. To speed this exfoliation process is a mild Glycolic Acid component, but unlike other peels that focus on Glycolic Acids, this is only used as a means of enhancing the more natural ingredients of this mask and hence is much more safe and gentle for all skin types.

And no CAUDALIE product would be complete without some ultra nourishing ingredients to soothe, heal, protect, and moisturize the skin such as Candela, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Grapeseed Oil!

The result, is skin that is immediately more radiant, clearer, brighter, smoother, hydrated, and with reduced redness and reduced pore size. But the added benefit is that over time, skin will be healthier, more youthful, clearer, and dark spots & scars reduced! The best part about it though, is it’s ability to do ALL of this without being harsh; so those with sensitive skin types or those of us who prefer a more gentler approach to peeling in the Winter will really appreciate this product!

CAUDALIE Enzymatic Peel Mask

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CAUDALIE Enzymatic Peel Mask Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This mask is the perfect peel for those with sensitive skin or for those who are wanting a less harsh peel for the Winter months. It boosts skin with radiance & brightness, while also reducing pore size and dark spots ALL while being gentle to your skin!


Perfect Peel for Sensitive Skin

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