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Published on October 21st, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Young Living ART Skin Care Reviews

Young Living is known for their high quality essential oils and the ART Skin Care line utilizes these beneficial oils to create an effective and natural skin care regime suitable for EVERY skin type!

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular as people are starting to move away from dangerous chemicals or drugs and embrace more natural and homeopathic remedies for what ails us.

This trend is also working it’s way into beauty and skin care, where more demand is appearing for “green beauty”!

There are so many different skin care products on the market and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Not only overwhelmed by choice, but overwhelmed by the overly scientific approach, long-winded too-good-to-be-true descriptions, or strange sounding chemicals found in these popular creams and lotions.

I mean, some creams even use the term Rx in their names, or strange terms like Laser, Durian Cell Reform, Retasphere, Synchronized Recovery Treatment, LR 2412 4% – Cx Advanced Skin Corrector…..come on….REALLY???

Not everyone wants to feel like they are going in for plastic surgery when they apply a cream to their face!

Not everybody wants to put harsh chemicals onto their skin!

Let’s get back to nature!

Let’s get back to what we KNOW ACTUALLY works!

And we KNOW that there are naturally occurring oils that have been healing our ailments and skin conditions since the beginning of civilization!

The ancient Egyptians used Frankincense to prevent aging, Lavender has been used by Roman soldiers to heal wounds and prevent infection, and Sandalwood has been used to protect skin in India for hundreds of years, and all of these can be found in the Young Living ART Skin Care products!

Frankincense is added not only for healing and for combating signs of aging, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is good for protection and moisturizing, Lavender and Green Tea for anti-bacterial properties and healing, Melissa oil restores skin, Honeysuckle Extract for anti-aging, and Lemon Oil for disinfectant and oil absorption.

I recently had the privilege of trying the ART Skin Care System; including the ART Gentle Cleanser, ART Refreshing Toner, and the ART Light Moisturizer. Overall, I was impressed by their performance and it felt good to know that my skin was getting high quality essential oils.

Although, I did notice the tell-tale signs of a natural skin care product in the smell. I don’t mean the smell of the Essential Oils, as this is a lot more subtle than I had anticipated, I mean the smell of the binders and sulfates that are usually hidden by overly fragranced beauty products. Now, this IS a good thing, as we generally don’t want fake fragrances in skin care.

This also leads to my next point, is that the lack of perfume, gentle nature, and ingredients in the ART Skin Care, make this an ideal skin care regime for those with skin conditions and sensitive skin!

I should know, as I suffer from a long list of skin gripes, like acne, dehydration, eczema, fine lines, and rosacea!

Not only were these products perfectly gentle for my sensitive skin, they weren’t sticky or oily to complicate my acne either! This is an important note, as others I have spoke to about these products with different concerns, whether they have dry mature skin or oily skin, have found it to be perfect for them. This makes it a universal skin care regime that I would safely recommend for any skin type.

Let’s look at each product now to see exactly what’s in it, how it’s beneficial, and how it performs.

ART Gentle Cleanser:

young living art gentle cleanser review essential oils

I love foaming cleansers. Yes, it’s true they don’t necessarily clean your skin better, but they FEEL like they do. And I love that feeling!

And to be honest, as a beauty expert, this is actually THE BEST foaming cleanser I have ever used!

It creates the softest foam I have ever felt and the best part about it, is that the foam lasts and lasts as you massage it onto your skin. Also, unlike other foaming cleansers that feel more refreshing, this foam feels almost creamy in texture, like washing your face with a cloud.

Most people with dry or sensitive skin will tell you that they normally have to stay away from foaming cleansers as they are usually too harsh and that squeaky clean feeling they leave usually makes your skin tight and dry, but NOT the ART cleanser! It’s luxurious creamy foam is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and leaves skin perfectly soft.

But don’t get me wrong, this foaming cleanser was effective enough to remove dirt, makeup, and oils off my oily t-zone as well, so don’t let it’s gentleness fool you into thinking it won’t be effective for oily skin types.

I would highly recommend this cleanser for ALL and ANY skin type. It really stacks up against the big beauty brands!

“But I already have a Young Living recipe for foaming cleansers” you may say. But for those who have tried making their own foaming products with EOs, you’ll know just how difficult it is to create a lasting foam that doesn’t instantly dissolve on contact.

So the long-lasting, soft, creamy, foam in this product makes it worth the splurge!

ART Refreshing Toner:

young living art refreshing toner review essential oils

Toners are usually quite drying and strip moisture from the skin. If they aren’t drying, then they tend to leave a tacky film on skin that isn’t pleasing. Thankfully, the ART Toner did not strip my skin nor did it leave any film. Instead, I get a more normalizing effect with this toner which I very much liked.

Now, it does list Alcohol as it’s second ingredient which I’m not that thrilled about (I would have just made it a purely witch hazel-based toner if I were Young Living). But with the added Grape Seed oil, Aloe Vera, and the soothing essential oils I did not find the usual stripping as I do other Alcohol-based toners.

The smell is really refreshing!

Peppermint, that really wakes up your senses but also rejuvenates the skin.Apart from the Peppermint you can’t really smell any of the other essential oils. I would have liked to have had just a few more drops of the Young Living essential oils in the Toner and in the Moisturizer.

I assuming that the subtle usage of EOs is so as to not cause any skin reactions for people with really sensitive skin, which is a good thing but at least make the packaging in a way that people can add a few extra drops of their own!

Although I thought this toner was decent, I think I would still prefer to make my own toners with essential oils and witch hazel. It’s just as good, if not better, and cheaper.

ART Light Moisturizer:

young living art light moisturizer review essential oils

This is an excellent day-time moisturizer for ALL skin types, EVEN OILY SKIN!

I have an oily t-zone and this moisturizer sunk right in without any greasy residue or sticky film. It almost felt like my mattifying moisturizer!

I like the real light texture and how it glided onto the skin and absorbed almost instantly. Because of it’s light nature I would recommend this a day moisturizer or a moisturizer for those with oily/combination skin.

As I have combination skin and I’m in my 30’s, it’s difficult to find anti-aging products that are for oily skin. Most anti-aging moisturizers are too rich. So I really appreciate this light fast-absorbing lotion that includes the anti-aging benefits of Frankincense, Honeysuckle, Orchid extract, Grape Seed, and Leucojum aestivum bulb extract (from the Summer Snowflake Bulb) which slows the proliferation of aging skin cells and Knottweed extract which is an anti-oxidants.

I was impressed by the performance of this product and once again, the beneficial EOs make this product even more appealing. However, like the ART Toner, I wish that there was slightly more EOs within the lotion. In addition, they should have made the packaging in a way where people could add extra drops or customize the lotion more.

In conclusion, as far as a more natural skin care line, the Young Living ART Skin Care regime contains some really high quality essential oils and ingredients that YOU KNOW are going to benefit your skin! Because of the high standards and excellent reputation of Young Living oils, I KNOW that I am putting the best therapeutic EOs onto my skin and that is really important!

Although the products aren’t as fancy, don’t smell as pretty, or aren’t as dramatic as most of the high-end beauty products I usually recommend, there were some aspects of this line that I feel stacked up against mainstream brands such as the performance of the Gentle Cleanser and the anti-aging yet light texture of the moisturizer.

I would definitely recommend these products to those who prefer more natural skin care products or those who are into more Green Beauty and I would also recommend this line to people with sensitive skin in particular.

Young Living fans will also like this line, but hardcore oilers may find themselves thinking the same thing I did, in that it would have been great if the packaging was different so we could add additional essential oils, especially to the toner and moisturizer.

To learn more about Young Living, how you can become a member and purchase these high quality products visit:

Young Living ART Skin Care Reviews The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Young Living is known for it's high quality and standards when it comes to Essential Oils. This natural skin care line utilizes their high quality EO's to create gentle yet effective skin care routine that REALLY DOES suit ALL skin types! A great line especially for those with sensitive skin. The price is high due to the quality essential oils used, so that may deter some. But for those who prefer more natural skin care, than this is a great alternative.


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