Skincare Reviews boscia Luminizing Black Mask for detoxing and brightening your complexion

Published on January 4th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Review

We’ve all heard about a detox diet, but what about detoxing your skin! Start anew with a clean slate and a fresh start and that’s just what the Boscia Black Mask is for!

This groundbreaking peel-off mask from the natural skincare company Boscia is not only packed with rich minerals to replenish your taxed skin of 2013, but it also delivers potent detoxification to truly rid your skin of past woes readying it for a new year!

Black as black can be, this thick clay is not your average clay. Originally discovered in Montmorillion France, it is superior with it’s rich mineral content. 67 minerals to be exact that offer exceptional anti-oxidant protection and conditioning, not to mention the natural purification and detoxification that clay performs while soaking up excess toxins and oils.

Although this jet black clay is the star of the show, the Boscia Black Mask also contains another powerhouse, Vitamin C. Vitamin C not only is a powerful anti-oxidant and can help reduce fine lines; but it also provides and instant boost and brightening to your skin while fading dark spots!

Along with this is is Witch Hazel, a traditional herbal ingredient that works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-septic to help reduce pimples. In addition, Witch Hazel works to tighten pores, prevent blackheads, and firm skin.

But the most unique thing about this mask is it’s peel-off component (be warned this is a slightly tricky process to apply the right amount in order to ensure it peels off). What this means, is that when you apply the thick layer of clay to your skin it immediately starts working to draw out toxins from your pores; absorbing the nasty stuff and trapping it in the clay as it dries. When you then peel off the dried clay, you are essentially lifting all of the bad stuff off your skin in one go, taking all of the dirt, oils, and toxins with it!

What you’re left with is smooth, bright, clean and clear skin! It doesn’t work miracles and you may not notice a drastically visible transformation, but neither does drinking a single detox smoothie. But in theory, it’s great for a truly a clean slate for the new year!

I have been impressed by Boscia products in the past and really respect their philosophy of combining innovation, natural ingredients, and Asian traditions in their skincare. I recommend this mask to anyone who needs a fresh start, or for someone who puts their complexion through a lot and needs a deep clean every once-in-a-while. Safe for all skin types, I encourage everyone to don some black this year. Just don’t answer your door mid-facial!


Luminizing Black Mask by boscia for purifying and brightening skin

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Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This mask is great for giving your skin a fresh start, a clean slate! Packed with nutrient rich minerals, this superior clay purifies and detoxifies your skin, soaking up all the nasties! Not only that but it brightens with Vitamin C! The only problem is that the thick consistency is a bit messy and it's tricky putting the right amount of mask on in order to ensure it's peelability. Put it on too thin and it's very difficult to get off, which has knocked a few points off it's rating. Also, because you have to use so much to get such a thick layer, it also unfortunately loses some points off it's good value. But still, it's a decent mask for giving your skin a fresh start! A clean slate! Just a bit tricky to use.


A Good Detox Mask

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