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Published on July 8th, 2016 | by The Perfume Expert

FOREO Luna Go Review | Best Facial Cleansing Brush

The cutest sonic skin care device EVER! Not to mention the BEST facial cleansing brush on the market! But did you know t’s ALSO an anti-aging device!

We’ve all read about, tried, or currently own one of the popular sonic face cleansing brushes. They are quite possibly the biggest trend in skin care and one that is certainly here to stay!

There isn’t anything more basic than washing your face, but these innovative beauty tools have really stepped up our skin care routines offering sonic vibrations, alternating heads, rotating bristles, and more.

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But as high tech as they sound, they aren’t without their drawbacks.

As a beauty blogger I’ve tested many face cleansing tools and have always found a pet peeve about each. I found them to be either too expensive, too bulky for travel, too abrasive, or didn’t like the fact that the brush heads get gunky easily and need replacing more often then i’d like.

Well… seems like I wasn’t the only one who found issues with current face cleansing devices.

The Swedish design team for Foreo also took notice to these issues and have created a line of facial cleansing devices that not only address their competitions flaws but blow them out of the water!

The Foreo Luna collection features a full-sized version (Luna 2), Men’s versions, the mini version (Luna 2 Mini), the travel version (Luna Go) all which come in four different varieties based on skin type. Foreo also offer the ultra portable cheap & cheerful disposable version called the Luna Play which is the budget friendly version as it comes fully charged to last for up to 100 washes.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the newest device, the Foreo Luna Go and so this review will focus solely on it, although most of the Luna Go’s features are shared with the other devices in the collection.

Foreo Luna go skin type options

Here are the reasons why I think the FOREO Luna Go is the BEST Facial Cleansing Brush on the Market:

1. Anti-Bacterial Waterproof Construction & Don’t Need Replacement Heads

The first plus point of the Foreo devices is their construction and material.

Each are made out of anti-bacterial high quality silicone that is also 100% waterproof so it can go in the shower with you!

This is a bonus compared to their rivals. Other skin cleaning devices are water resistant to a certain extent and yes of course they can be used with water, but they don’t really recommend submersing the device or exposing it to a lot of water for a prolonged period of time.

This was always a pet peeve of mine because i’d have to keep the device in a special case or stand somewhere in the bathroom and it wasn’t always at hand (meaning quite often I jumped in the shower or tub forgetting my brush tool in the medicine cabinet).

With the Foreo brush it can live happily right in the shower, waiting patiently until the next time I use it.

The other reason why it’s silicone construction is so appealing is that there aren’t any plastic brush heads! Hooray!

No gunky brush heads to trap bacteria and makeup, and NO NEED to change brush heads…….EVER!!!!!

The Foreo Luna Go is up to 35X more hygienic than standard bristled cleansing brushes.

This is the major reason why the Foreo Luna GO is the BEST facial cleansing brush on the market! Not only is it better for your skin because every use will be as fresh/clean/sanitized as the first, not to mention that it’s more cost effective, but it also means you can be even lazier….i.e. not excessively cleaning the brush heads after every time you use it.

All you need to do is pick the right device for your skin type, either normal, oily, combination, sensitive and then you never have to think about it again! No expensive replacement heads and NO need to wash/disinfect the bristles after use.

2. Portability: A Travel Essential

Another reason why the Foreo Luna GO stands above the rest is it’s portability.

First off, the size of this cute little thing is about the size of a cotton face pad. It’s TINY! And quite possibly the cutest beauty tool you’ll ever own! And it will happily fit in the smallest of cosmetic bags!

Foreo luna go size measurements

The small size makes this beauty gadget the ULTIMATE  travel accessory!

Next, when fully charged up, this little nugget will last about a month, and the fact that it charges via USB makes it super for world traveling. No need to worry about converters. You can even charge it with your laptop, or iphone attachment!

As someone who travels A LOT, the biggest hurdle I face is SPACE! Space is at a premium, especially when traveling with only a carry-on. And the Luna GO fits perfectly anywhere, even in my pocket!

FOREO Luna Go Review

The ultra portable size means you never have to take bulky devices ever again, and because of it’s sonic cleansing, it even does an effective job with mere water!

The Luna GO is a must-have beauty bag staple on every trip I go on!

Not only does the size and battery life make this a MUST-HAVE in your travel bag, but it is also perfectly suited for your gym bag. A great gym buddy to take off all that excess sweat and grime.

3. Dual Function: Cleansing PLUS Anti-Aging Massage Feature

First of all, this is a facial cleansing brush with T-Sonic pulsations (8,000 T-Sonic™ transdermal sonic pulsations every minute) removing 99.5% of dirt and oil, as well as makeup residue and dead skin cells.

Foreo Luna sonic vibrations face cleaning

This brings me to the only negative I have with this unit, with such a powerful sonic vibrations, the short nubs of the brush don’t seem to really get into the skin as well as longer bristles, if you know what I mean. It’s hard to explain, but when turned off, the little cleaning nubs feel soft and flexible, but when on they almost become rigid as they move around the skin. I would’ve liked to have seen these nubs a bit longer so when placed on skin they can sweep more.

Don’t get me wrong, this unit DOES remove dirt/oil/makeup, but it would almost “feel” more clean if you could actually sense the nubs moving around the skin.

But this is perhaps foolish to say, because one of the reasons why I don’t like the traditional face cleansing tools is that the bristles and sonic action seem TOO evasive and scrub TOO much!

But enough about that….

The biggest way that the Foreo Luna Go stands out above all other skin cleaning devices is it’s dual function settings!

Wash all your troubles away on one side….but flip the little sucker over, press the button two more times and it becomes an anti-aging face massager!

Foreo Luna Go Anti Aging facial cleansing brush

How cool is that?!

Lower-frequency pulsations stimulate the facial muscles to bring youthful-looking skin by reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as leaving your skin looking firmer and more elastic by tightening the skin over the muscles and increasing circulation.

The vibrations also work as a lymphatic drainage helping the skin flush out toxins and excess fluids, so say goodbye to puffy under eye bags! And these pulses also stimulate circulation which helps not only reduce the appearance of fine lines but also dark under-eye circles!

Even if you don’t need the massage for anti-aging or under eye bags, this mode is ideal for applying your creams and serums. And in fact, the gentle pulsations make your skin absorb the products even better, making your existing skin care MORE EFFECTIVE!

I love using the anti-aging mode the morning after a long night, or to help with jet-lag. It helps get the circulation up and running after a long flight and flushes all the toxins consumed the night before (haha).

So don’t think of this “anti-aging” function as something you use ONLY if you have mature skin!

There are many more benefits to your skin: Flushes toxins, increases circulation, and reduces puffy under-eye bags and dark circles!

4. Cost Effective

As mentioned earlier, the Luna facial cleansing devices are more economical due to the fact that they DON’T need replacement brush heads.

At just £69 or $99 US, this already is cheaper than a Clarisonic brush for example!

But that’s not all. The brilliant thing about FOREO is that there are brushes for every price point.

They just released a mini version called the Luna Play which is only £29 or $39US! This is definitely a first in the market, offering such a cost effective option for skin cleansing.

The Luna Play is roughly the same size as the Go but only features the cleaning function and is more of a disposable device, which lasts up to 100 uses.

These options have really made skin cleansing devices available to a wider market!

You can see, there is much more to FOREO and this beauty gizmo than meets the eye.

As they say…….

Good things come in small packages!

 To learn more about FOREO and to order your own Luna Go today, visit

Black Friday Sale! Save up to 25% Off On Select Devices (Valid 11/23 - 11/29 or While Supplies Last)

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FOREO Luna Go Review | Best Facial Cleansing Brush The Perfume Expert

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Summary: There are a lot of reasons why I think this is the BEST facial cleansing brush on the market. Anti-Bacterial construction and NO need to change heads! The size is IDEAL for traveling and charges via USB! But the biggest benefit is the anti-aging massage mode making it a dual-purpose device. Cleanse PLUS firm skin, plump fine lines, increase circulation and flush toxins/fluids to bannish under-eye bags!


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