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Published on January 12th, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Alien Perfume Review

You’d thing with a name like Alien, that this fragrance would smell more like a science experiment than a perfume for women! This may be so and Alien creator, Thierry Mugler is the mad scientist who concocted it, and a genius one at that!

With it’s bold and mysterious atmosphere orbiting around three simple notes, Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume is from a whole other planet! And this fragrance review will explain just how far out it is!

Rightfully considered one of the most unique and popular modern perfumes for women of the past century, Alien has been mystefying experts and captivating it’s wearers for many years.

Thierry Mugler is known for creating exceptional fragrances that play outside the box, and Alien has got to be the pinnacle of this creative play within the fragrance world.

 Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume Review

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It’s phenomenal to think of the power that this scent brings and mystique while only containing three simple notes.

Seductive Jasmine, glowing Amber, and deep Woods! That’s it! It truly is an enigma of scent!

But somehow in the swirl of space between these three notes arises a fragrance that is so unique it simply just has to be smelled for your self to experience.

It’s almost as if these three notes combine to smell nothing like themselves but instead an entity all it’s own. Alien is bold, rich, deep, dark, mysterious, sexy, and a bit risque!

For some, this combination leads to an outburst of other-worldly-Jasmine. Not the soft delicate Jasmine found in the garden, more of a ramped up hydroponic Jasime that’s heady, creamy, and enveloping.

For others, the experience is of the comforting Amber and warm Woods, almost masculine in it’s outcome.

But for a few, and I’m one of them, the result is almost a Grape like tincture swirled with glowing Amber to create an almost children’s cough medicine smell! And I mean that in the best possible way! (A similar scent to Poison)

For a name like Alien, you’d think that it would smell strange or too experimental, but in fact, it smells quite mainstream to most.

Regardless of your personal experience with Alien, it’s an experience that everyone should take! Preferably in the dark of night and in the Fall/Winter, as it’s glowing depth is perfect for the colder months!

Alien seems to glow in the air, giving off an almost galactic-like scent that can be smelled for miles it seems. If someone has issues with perfume not lasting long on their skin, I always recommend they try Alien as the longevity is unparalelled. But for others, this commanding presence is too far out of the stratosphere!

Thierry Mugler Alien is for the woman who commands a room. A woman who is bold and saucy but never gives away too much. There is a mystery behind her and a transcendent quality as if she is not from this planet. Her gaze eludes you, just as her fragrance alludes you in the still of night, trailing her like the tail of a comet!


Alien Perfume Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Thierry Mugler's Alien is a powerhouse fragrance! Unique enough to be intriguing and an exceptional fragrance for the money! This strong, heady woody floral, will certainly leave a mark with it's bold and distinctive scent. One of the strongest most enveloping scents on the market, it's dark, mysterious, and sexy. Alien is one of those fragrances you have to smell in order to understand, it's in a world all it's own.


Unique Sexy Powerhouse

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