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Published on April 9th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

Valeur Absolue Parfums Review

“More than perfumes”…Valeur Absolue has reinvented the way we wear perfume, making scents that not only enhance our beauty but also enhance our moods! Imagine if you could bottle happiness, well that’s exactly what Valeur Absolue has done and the result is nothing short of absolute perfection! Bursting with well-being!

In an industry where beauty is sometimes only skin deep, we often feel out of balance between our desire to look beautiful and our desire to cultivate our own inner beauty. The modern woman cares just as much, if not more, about her peace-of-mind and her own health as she does about looking good, but it is rare to find brands within this industry that promote both!

Enter, Valeur Absolue, a brand that puts equal emphasis on beauty as they do well-being! Valeur Absolue has revolutionized modern perfumery, incorporating ancient traditions to bring harmony and balance to the women who wear it. As the brand’s name suggests, these fragrances are for the multi-faceted modern woman who is always in pursuit of the absolute – absolute beauty and well-being while always remaining true to herself! This is a brand for a woman who isn’t sold on the superficiality of the industry and instead wants to surround herself with things that enhance herself both physically and spiritually.

Valeur Absolue created a line of fragrances that do just that, that enhance not only a woman’s beauty but enhance her mental state and well-being! They do this by their innovative combination of beautiful fragrance notes, therapeutic essential oils, active natural ingredients and beneficial minerals. All of which lead to Valeur Absolue Parfums being more than perfumes but a “scentual” experience!

How do they do this? Carefully selected ingredients that combine to elevate your mood and enhance your well-being!

The secret to these magical elixirs, is the utilization of essential oils selected to enduce a particular mood state. Although these scents utilize pure essential oils, they are more than just aromatherapy, these are true perfumes created with the highest quality oils to produce a fragrance that is as complex and original as any other high-end fragrance found on the market!

Furthermore, an active natural ingredient called Areaumat Perpetua, or Immortelle extract, is also present in each perfume. This ingredient uses principles of NeuroCosmetics, which is based on interactions between the skin and nervous system and has been shown to simulate the production of beta-endorphins, a neurotransmitter that works directly with the brain to enhance your mental well-being.

Lastly, each fragrance is infused with special minerals, oligo-elements, which act as catalysts for some of the principle reactions vital for cells. These elements are selected to produce an actual shift in the wearers mood, by being co-factors of key cellular process that lead to increased energy, stimulation, or encouraging revitalization!

There are three scents that each have their own specific purpose. Harmonie, Joie-Eclat, and Sensualite.

Harmonie is a soothing and calming elixir, centering around the soft and comforting White Musk. It includes the calming essential oils of Neroli  and Bergamot which are known as natural anti-depressant and stress-reducing oils to help elevate your mood while relaxing the nervous system. Neroli and Bergamot not only instill a calm and confident mental state, but combine to make a scent that is utterly unique with it’s slightly fruity Orange-Blossom and fresh Earl Grey Tea nuances.

Valeur Absolue Harmonie Perfume

To accentuate these harmonious oils are smooth notes of sweet Vanilla, warm Cardamom, and earthy Woods, which give this fragrance a depth and richness that compliment the fresh Neroli & Bergamot. And to enhance the natural well-being properties of the essential oils is the Immortelle Extract which works with your own body to elevate your mood.

But just when you thought that this fragrance was special enough, they enrich the perfume with minerals of Potassium and Manganese to increase positive energy and place Amethyst stones in the bottle as a symbol of harmony in crystal healing!

Harmonie is a sophisticated scent for those who are always on the move and for a woman who has a lot on her plate and needs the precious time to relax and unwind. With it’s beneficial ingredients and deep, comforting scent, Harmonie is a like a big hug! A fragrance that makes you feel at peace!

If Hamonie is the calming fragrance of the collection then Joie-Eclat is the uplifting one! A sparkling scent bursting with the freshness of juicy Tangerine, effervescent Grapefruit, and crisp green Cardamom all of which have long been used to elevate mood and increase energy!

Valeur Absolue Joie-eclat Perfume

 But along with these bubbly notes are two special notes, Vetiver and Tuberose, that work together to ground the perfume encouraging it to linger. These notes are special because they are rarely combined and the effect is stunning! The rich and regal floral note of the Tuberose mixed with the dry earthy Vetiver and the lingering spicy green Cardamom creates an intoxicating scent that is utterly addictive! Not only that but the revitalizing effects of the Vetiver essential oil, combined with the Immortelle Extract, and energizing minerals make this perfume a spark of genius!

Joie-Eclat is for a woman who seeks inspiration, who is on the cusp of a breakthrough in life and who needs the burst of energy to see the light! It jump-starts the senses and perks up the soul! Add some encapsulated Diamond Powder, and you’re sure to get that sparkle in your eyes back!

The last fragrance in the collection is Sensualite, a romantic and feminine scent centered around the Rose de Mai. Inspired by the sensuality of a woman, certain flowers were chosen to represent the curves of a woman’s body, soft, delicate, and alluring. Essential oil of Rose de Mai is featured eliciting an almost hypnotic state and a sense of deep contentment. Jasmine oil is also used to accentuate this eurphoric state, almost like falling in love all over again!

Valeur Absolue Sensualite Perfume

Combined with glowing Amber, warm Musk, and grounding Cedar, this romantic fragrance is the epitome of feminine beauty! Add to this magical elixir, the release of “well-being molecules” from the use of Immortelle Extract, and stimulating minerals of Potassium and Calcium along with essence of Mother of Pearl, and you have yourself a real Love Potion!

One of Valeur Absolue’s ambitions is to bring a smile to those women who are searching for the absolute, and they have certainly brought a smile to my face! As a woman within the industry, I am always searching for products that do “more” than just beautify, that will enhance my life and well-being and I think I’ve found the ultimate match with Valeur Absolue! And with their expansion plans to include body care and home fragrances, I can see the potential for real change within the industry!

As Benedicte Foucart, President & CEO of Valeur Absolue, said “For the first time, women can have it all, in perfumes as well: an exceptional perfume that also offers well-being aspects, without any compromise whatsoever on quality”

We as modern women always hold such high standards with ourselves and everything in our lives, so why shouldn’t we expect more from our beauty products?!

To explore more about Valeur Absolue and to purchase your own well-being elixir, visit And keep your eyes open for the their upcoming launch in House of Fraser in the UK!



[Product for review was a Press Sample courtesy of Valeur Absolue]

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