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Published on July 3rd, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Talika Smile Code Review

Read how to get fuller lips AND reduce smile lines at the same time with this two-in-one product from Talika. Amazing Lip Plumper PLUS wrinkle reducer in one!

Who doesn’t want fuller lips?!

But as we get older, not only do our lips become thinner but we have to deal with fine wrinkles and smile lines around our mouth. Whereas before, we’d have to use products to plump our lips and more anti-aging products to reduce fine lines, this revolutionary product by Talika Skincare does it all in one easy-to-use system!


One end, the lip plumper, produces an immediate 3D effect acting almost like a natural lip filler, visibly plumping lips for a fuller pout! It does this naturally by using Marine Collagen and a secret volumising peptide to increase lip volume.

Smile Code Talika Review

But also added are spices like Cinnamon that boosts the circulation to lips plumping them and also enhancing their natural color!

You can see by my before and after picture just how much this product plumps the lips. And I was pleasantly surprised at how long the plumped effect lasted (most of the day).

You can also see in the “after” picture just how much more definition my lips have, in other words, the lip line is more defined. It’s usually hard to tell where my lips begin and end but after using this product I had a clear lip line and this made it easier to apply lip liner and lipstick and looked better too!

Talika Smile code Lip Plumper Before and after picture

Furthermore, in the “after” picture you can see how the product enhanced my lip color slightly making my lips a bit brighter and more pink.

Most lip plumping products use only aggravating substances (like Cinnamon) that cause the lips to swell because of the increased irritation in that area, but I appreciated that this product also included ingredients like Marine Collagen that ACTUALLY work to increase volume on a more permanent basis.

The other end of this product, the “High Definition” age-defying lip care, works as a wrinkle reducer and anti-aging treatment.

A special Photo-Beauty Enzyme helps repair damaged DNA to the delicate skin around the mouth and Adenosine helps to stimulate cellular renewal for brighter skin reducing age spots. And your typical Hyaluronic Acid instantly plumps fine lines.

As I am still lucky to not have any drastic wrinkles or age spots around my mouth, this part of the product was hard to judge it’s effectiveness. But what I did notice was an increase in moisture and smoothness around the mouth. Also, it seemed to create more definition in my lip area, in other words, my lip line was better defined and in turn made it easier to apply lip products.

This is probably the FIRST EVER product that I’ve seen that tackles ALL concerns about our lips and aging!

Yes, you can get normal wrinkle/anti-aging cream for your face, but finding a product that specifically tackles smile lines and lack of definition around your lips is virtually non-existent until now. That AND add on top a function of plumping lips that have thinned with age and you get a MIRACLE PRODUCT that is sure to be a beauty bag staple for mature women everywhere!

I LOVE a good multi-purpose product and for those of you who aren’t young chickens anymore, I think you’ll really appreciate the dual function of Smile Code! 

Smile Code is available on


[Product reviewed in this article was a Press Sample courtesy of Talika/Allison PR]
Talika Smile Code Review The Perfume Expert

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Ease of Use

Summary: This is a multi-functional product that kills two birds with one stone! Not only does it temporarily plump lips to a full standard, but it also works on reducing fine smile lines around the mouth and boosts anti-aging effects for a beautiful smile for years to come! Two products in one, so great value!


Lip Plumper & Wrinkle Reducer in One!

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