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Published on January 24th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

Prada Candy Review

If anything get’s me longing for the sweet delights of Valentine’s Day, it’s a whiff of Prada’s Candy fragrance! A nearly edible combination of sweet warmth to make you swoon over this pure Gourmand delight!

Prada has always been a fashion house of the up-most in class, sophistication, and serious style! Serious being the optimal word here. Not that Prada is boring, anything but; however, serious and strict they are with their linear style and often minimal design. Focusing instead on well tailored and sharp cuts with high quality fabrics and bold color. Prada has never been one to follow the crowd, or to engage too heavily in fleeting trends. They also have never been ones to engage the younger more “cool” clientele.

But something has changed with Prada in recent years. They seem to have stepped out of the well angled box they’ve been living in and have started to appear, shall we say, daring, exciting, and at times playful! And the introduction of their Prada Candy fragrance is one such playful addition.

The campaign is clearly marketed to a younger, more vibrant, playful, fun & flirty woman! The kind of young woman that steals the spotlight with her charm, smile, and Prada mini-skirt! She is playful, witty, and certainly coy but still in Prada fashion she is ubber chic, pulled together, and sophisticated. This is no bubble-gum pop princess! The Prada Candy kitten is a smart and fierce one who knows exactly what she is doing and looks good doing it!

Focusing on Gourmand notes as you’d expect, Prada Candy is a decadent combination of sweet creamy Caramel, warm vanilla-like Benzoin, and soft Musk. And that’s it! Like Prada’s sense of style, nothing is over-complicated and everything is kept minimal but still exquisite. And with only three ingredients, you’ll be surprised at the result!

Yes, this is sweet and is certainly for those who enjoy Gourmand scents, but surprisingly it isn’t sweet in a sickening way. I was quite surprised at how well I could wear this fragrance without getting a tooth ache in the process. I think this is due to the combination of the warm Musk and Benzoin. The two deepen each other and although you can always sense the Caramel, it instead is warmed by these others and brings it down to a more glowing scent, soft and cozy.

So despite the upbeat and party-like marketing, Prada Candy in actuality is more of a cozy blanket and a warm hug rather than an all-nighter! With it’s glowing sweetness, it is a wonderful fragrance for cuddling on the couch, bundling up in Cashmere on a rainy day, and reading a good book under the duvet! And of course, it is a well suited scent for Valentine’s Day, a sweet scent for your sweetie!

Prada Candy

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Prada Candy Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This Gourmand fragrance by Prada is minimal in it's ingredients with Caramel, Benzoin, and Musk, but surprisingly warm and cozy! Yes, it is sweet but not in a sickly way! Despite the party-like marketing, Prada Candy is a perfect scent for cuddling on the couch and a great sweet scent for your sweetie on Valentine's Day!


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