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Published on July 4th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Oscar De La Renta’s Esprit D’Oscar Review

As this is the first review on ThePerfumeExpert.Com, I feel it’s only fitting that I review the first fragrance I ever wore. Oscar De La Renta, the predecessor of Esprit D’Oscar, was given to me by my beloved Nana when I was a young girl. Having an extensive fragrance collection of her own and a great love of beautiful scents herself, my Nana passed along the passion for these beautiful nectars and from that very day I received my Oscar, I never looked back.

Esprit D’Oscar is the updated version of the original Oscar De La Renta and it smells like the Oscar you remember…the way you’d want Oscar to smell. Oddly enough, Esprit D’Oscar smells more like what you’d want the original to smell like, making the original smell almost too overpowering, mature, and dated.

I believe that this is one of the most outstanding examples of an updated fragrance. Esprit D’Oscar somehow miraculously maintains every positive attribute of the original but makes it magically more present-day.¬† This is truly an updated fragrance perfection! So often when companies update or reformulate classics they dramatically change the scent. But not in this case, even though quite a few notes have been changed, you can barely detect them, making Esprit D’Oscar smell like a modern Oscar De La Renta rather than a reinvented one.

The top notes of Esprit D’Oscar are more sparkling and fresh with lemon and citron rather than the spicy top notes of the original. But after the sparks fades, Esprit Keeps the same soft powderiness of the original, with a strong middle note of iris that takes center stage along with metallic earthy violet. Other middles notes of delicate orange blossoms, heady tuberose, and sensual jasmine add depth to the baby powder iris making this fragrance romantically feminine.

Powdery iris, violet and rich tuberose seem to linger as warm and inviting base notes of amber and cozy tonka bean swirl around woody vetiver, sensual musk, and sweet heliotrope. These notes combine to create such an intimate and comforting scent. Esprit D’Oscar almost seems to envelope you in a scentual hug, embracing you in its soft powdery warmth.

Because of its soft and gentle nature, Esprit D’Oscar makes a perfect scent for a cuddly night in after a warm bubble bath, draping yourself in white silk pyjamas and snuggling into your favourite cashmere throw. An Esprit D’Oscar woman embraces¬† her femininity, is kind, with a gentle sprit and a big heart. She knows how to care for others but also knows how to care for herself, enjoying the beauty in life around her.

Esprit D'Oscar

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Oscar De La Renta’s Esprit D’Oscar Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: The epitome of classic femininity. For such a soft and warm fragrance it's longevity is exceptional and sillage is definitely noticeable but gentle and not overpowering. Esprit D'Oscar is like a big hug! There is no better specimen for a soft powdery floral oriental than this.


Soft and Feminine

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