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Published on October 2nd, 2015 | by The Perfume Expert

Nina Ricci L’Extase Review

Nina Ricci’s latest perfume L’Extase is marketed as an erotic boudoir fragrance that is said to liberate a woman’s deepest desires and fantasies!

But does this scent really evoke the overt sex appeal that it promises, or does it fall flat on the sheets?!

Well, I recently tried the new perfume and had high hopes that it would make me swoon at first whiff, instead it left me feeling a little unsatisfied (wink wink).

It is not a horrible fragrance so don’t get me wrong. It’s warm, deep, and inviting. It’s cozy and soft. It’s a decent neutral fruity-floral that is perfect for the upcoming sweater weather and snuggling in front of a fire. But a good snuggle is all that it inspires….NOT your deepest darkest fantasies!

Don’t try to be something your NOT!

This is a shame and it is a good example of how the marketing of a fragrance can mislead, and in turn, end up resulting in bad reviews. If this fragrance was titled differently and marketed as a soft, inviting, romantic Winter fragrance then it would be a lot more successful.

The other strange thing about L’Extase is if you read the notes listed, you’d be fooled into thinking it was going to be a real sexy mysterious fragrance. Notes like warm Amber, romantic Rose, sweet Caramel, glowing Benzoin, sultry Jasmine, soft Musk, and vibrant Pink Pepper, Raspberry, and Pear.

Although these notes are sumptuous, it’s almost as if they were all added in the exact same proportion. There is no structure and differentiation in the ratio of notes, leading the scent to muddle and create just an indifferent fruity-floral.

It’s like when you mix every vibrant color of paint and end up just getting mediocre gray!

To me, I got a strong focus of Red Berries mixed with romantic Rose, soft Musk and sweet Vanilla. It is warm and inviting and wraps around you like a cozy sweater. It isn’t dark and brooding, nor mysterious, but instead more approachable and would make an excellent neutral Winter fragrance that would suit a wide variety of tastes.

I imagine this scent being worn by a sophisticated woman who exudes class and understated feminism. She sprays it on her favorite pashmina as she sinks into the sofa with a good book and  a cup of tea on a rainy day, or wears it on a special night when snowed-in in front of a roaring fire with her lover.

So although it isn’t what it’s supposed to be, Nina Ricci’s L’Extase is still a nice cold weather scent. It’s just a shame that it wasn’t marketed differently to reflect the softer side of the scent.

No erotic fantasies here, but sometimes that’s ok. Sometimes, we’d just prefer a good book instead!


l'Extase by Nina Ricci Review

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Nina Ricci L’Extase Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Nina Ricci's newest scent is a neutral warm, deep, & cozy fragrance perfect for sweater weather, but it isn't the sexy boudoir scent that it's marketed as!


Cozy NOT Sexy

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