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Published on July 24th, 2014 | by The Perfume Expert

Natural Perfume by Niche Perfume Brand Pink Mahoghany

Do you love perfume but can’t wear it because of allergies or sensitivities? Well, I think I’ve found the solution in luxury niche perfume brand, Pink Mahoghany!

Scent is such an important thing in our lives and it is such a shame that some people can’t fully enjoy wearing a fragrance because of allergies or sensitivities. Most people think that it is the specific scent notes that cause them problems, but in fact, it is the chemicals used in mainstream fragrances that are the culprits. And the number one culprit are Phthalates!

Phthalates are chemicals used to make plastics flexible and as lubricants in most cosmetics. They are also used in fragrances to provide binding, of a sort, and to enhance the performance (linger factor) of chemically produced scent notes. In fact, any time you see the word “fragrance” listed in the ingredients, this most certainly means Phthalates *.

These chemicals can not only produce dangerous side-effects affecting your metabolism, reproductive system, and hormonal issues; but in conjunction with other chemicals can lead to less serious symptoms like fragrance allergies.

But one fragrance company is taking on the mission to bring perfume to the market in a healthy way!

Texan niche perfume brand Pink Mahoghany creates beautiful natural scents and home sprays using high quality essential oils in small batches without the use of harsh chemicals/Phthalates!

These are not your typical home-made perfumes!

I have tried many “natural” perfumes, even tried my hand at creating my own essential oil blend, but it’s very difficult to get that sophisticated “perfumy” scent. Typically, natural scents or essential oil perfumes smell just like that, essential oils! They tend to smell more herbal and medicinal versus sweet or flowery.

However, Pink Mahoghany scents are just as exquisitely combined as any mainstream fragrance!

You don’t get the overt “nature” scent as you do with most natural perfumes, nor is it obvious that these are essential oils and real scent notes! In particular, the Pink Mahoghany fragrance called Sunrise is especially impressive smelling nearly identical to Tom Ford’s famous Neroli Portofino!

I truly believe that the reason why these fragrances smell so sophisticated is the perfumer herself! Chavalia, herself, is a true artist, and has a nose of an expert and the heart of a dreamer! She has been in love with scents and smells her whole life and is a true passion of hers. And this creativity and care shows in her fragrance creations.

Here are a few fragrances in the Pink Mahoghany collection:


Tangerine Dream. A bitter Orange and zesty green Bergamot creation to uplift and inspire. Bitter at the beginning but the dry-down of this zingy fragrance is addictive. A real sun-kissed warmth that smells like juicy Oranges and sweet Neroli or Orange Blossom. In a way it reminds me of the refreshing dry down of cult-worthy Orange-Neroli scents like 4711 or Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. It’s Citrusy but in a sexy way!


Mint. Mint. Mint. And a Mint unlike other mainstream perfumes. When mainstream perfume houses include Mint as a scent note, it is usually of the straight-up mint variety. Pink Mahoghany’s Signature scent seems to smell more like Spearmint, giving it a unique nuance of Mint and woodsy greens like Pine or Fir. Combined with effervescent Citrus notes, this scent is completely Unisex and refreshing for a hot summer’s day.

Ethereal Translucence:

Woodsy Herbal. This scent is heavy with green woodsy herbs like Eucalyptus, Rosemary and earthy greens like Cedar or Pine. To be honest, this fragrance smells like Christmas! And would probably suit the colder months snuggling by a crackling fire while snowed-in!

French Cuffs:

A Men’s cologne, French Cuffs, is like nothing I have ever smelled before. Smokey, but in an almost Hickory smoke way; a sweet syrupy smokehouse. It is said that this scent works with your body chemistry to bring out a unique scent all your own. Perhaps it was bringing out all of the time spent by the campfire at the lake this past week! I do usually enjoy a good smoke note in a men’s cologne, but this is too much like a Texas BBQ for my liking.

But what makes Pink Mahoghany even more appealing to me is their Bespoke perfume service! The talented scent artist, Chavalia, will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind scent all your own! So if none of these scents appeal to you, why not get a custom-made fragrance featuring your favorite smells! A bespoke perfume is a great way to crystalize a moment in your life, like your wedding day for example or a new job. Scent is one of our strongest ties to memory, so what’s more perfect than to create new memories than with a new perfume!

To find out more about this unique American-made perfume house and their unique natural fragrances visit:


[Products for review are Press Samples courtesy of Pink Mahoghany Fragrances]

*See this article for more information on dangerous chemicals used in perfume:


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