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Published on August 31st, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Love, Chloe Review

Love, Chloe is an elegant dusting of fine powder sprinkled onto Spring flowers in the afternoon sun. It is a graceful and dignified floral fragrance worthy of those with the upmost of sophistication and class. This scent is pure woman at her best. Nothing frilly, girly, or overtly seductive, just the pure straightforward allure of a woman. A woman in love.

Just as the name suggests, this fragrance is Love bottled. The romance, the enchantment, the butterflies in your stomach, the warmth and positivity are all represented in such hopeful Floral notes and smooth powdery Musks.

And just like falling in love, at first breath, this fragrance floors you with an eye-opening jolt of Pink-Pepper. After that initial glimpse you can’t help but get weak in the knees with notes of soft Lilac, intoxicating Hyacinth, spicy Wisteria and powdery Iris; all spring flowers that signal hope and new beginnings.

After love is in full bloom, comforting Musk, soft powders, smooth Rice accords, and creamy Heliotrope make you feel safe and enveloped in warmth. Time seems to stand still as these warm notes linger in the sunset of this fragrance.

From start to finish this perfume is a true love story. And is meant to be worn by a woman that knows every facet of falling in love, with an open heart, romance, confidence, grace, and an inner beauty .  It is meant to worn by a woman that loves like no other and IS loved like no other.

Love, Chloe

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Love, Chloe Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Love, Chloe is a romantic, soft, powdery, yet confident fragrance. Due to it's strong sillage and great longevity, this fragrance is for a strong woman who knows every facet of falling in love. There is nothing subtle about the love bottled in this scent.


Love in a Bottle

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