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Published on August 1st, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Lacoste Pour Femme Review

Lacoste Pour Femme is a sporty fresh scent in keeping with the Lacoste clothing line. Like a stark white Lacoste polo shirt, this fragrance is crisp, clean, and bright. Although it lacks a sense of sophistication, it excels as an example of a neutral, inoffensive, and sporty scent of a modern woman.

When you think of Lacoste, one envisions simple starch whites and bright colours done in an uber-minimal sense and tailoring; however, this fragrance is extremely complex in its scent hierarchy involving a multitude of fragrance notes. But surprisingly the end result is still minimal and simple in its delivery. Perfumes with a multitude of notes mean either one of two things to me; either they end up evolving over time like a complex scent journey that is enthralling, or they smell simply “perfumy”. Lacoste Pour Femme smells simply “perfumey”, but in an understated way perfect for the country club.

Top notes of Freesia, Black Pepper, and Apple really shine in this fragrance, so much so that they are all I really smell. The Freesia adds a distinct feminine touch while the Pepper adds a sporty freshness. The apple is what gives this fragrance it’s clean and crisp scent that makes it perfect for Summer days, picnics, or a casual tennis match.

Middle notes listed are numerous including, Hibiscus, Violet, Heliotrope, Rose, and Jasmine but like I mentioned, they are so faint, they do nothing but add to a general “perfumy” smell to the scent. And the base notes of Sandalwood, Suede, Incense, Cedar, and Labdum are virtually non-existent. And again, probably do nothing but to add to the indistinct perfume nature.

Unimpressed as I may sound, this perfume still has some merit as a neutral sporty scent; however, it’s probably best left on the court.

Lacoste Pour Femme is for the active and lively Woman. A Woman who is always on-the-go, busy enjoying life, and always with a skip in her step. This fragrance is for Sunday brunches at the Country Club. Tennis matches in the Summer sun. And picnics in the park. The Woman who wears this scent isn’t mysterious or complex, instead she is a breath of fresh air!

 Lacoste Pour Femme

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Lacoste Pour Femme Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Lacoste Pour Femme is a sporty, clean , and fresh scent. Although it's loaded with a multitude of scent notes, it gives off a generic "Perfumey" scent. But it's crisp Apple and peppery Freesia make this a great and inoffensive scent for sporty, on-the-go women.


Sporty & Perfumey

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