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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert


Jour d’Hermes by Hermes Review

“The dawn of a new fragrance” is what Hermes says about their new scent, Jour d’Hermes.  And they have truly captured the light of dawn in this fragrance. Jour d’Hermes evokes the first glow of the morning, the shimmering light that peeks through sheer white curtains and lands on crisp cotton sheets. The kind of light that welcomes you to a new day, and fills the room with hope making the white gardenias on the bedside table open to bask in it’s warm rays.

This scent smells like the light of dawn; warm, bright, glowing. Oddly enough, the perfumer decided not to release the notes encompassing this fragrance, designing it to be uniquely ambiguous in order to be personal to every wearer. This idea fascinated me as I began to spray the scent during multiple occasions throughout the day and on different days of the week, each time getting a unique scent experience that seemed to perfectly translate the beauties of my environment with every wear.

However, I personally cannot help but instantly pick out delicate and effervescent top notes of smooth sweet and sparkling Lemon. This eye-opening beginning is followed closely by delicate Orange Blossom, romantic Gardenia, and dainty Lily-of-the-Valley which make up the soft yet sophisticated floral composition. The scent is also richened over time with an enduring depth of warm Honey notes, comforting Musk, and smooth Vanilla. The entire combination smells to me like delicate white flowers dripping with creamy lemon-infused honey and then wrapped in a cherished Musk. Like rays of sunshine this luminous scent brightens, comforts, and lifts the spirit.

The woman who wears this fragrance has a gentle and pure soul. She is classic and refined and enjoys the simple things in life like breakfast in bed with the morning paper, hanging linen on the line to dry in the warm sun, and displaying a vase of white flowers picked with care.  Although demure, she has a inner strength that inspires and she thrives on the hope of a new day, knowing that every morning is a new beginning.

And although the scent is soft and fades quickly, so do the enchanting rays of the morning sun! Jour d’Hermes is utterly captivating with it’s allusive romance and fleeting notes. If we could bottle the light of day, this would be it, in every flitting moment of beauty.

Jour d'Hermes Eau de Parfum

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Jour d’Hermes by Hermes Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This fragrance is like the hopeful dawn of a new day! It's luminous and sparkling, hopefully romantic, and warm and comforting. Even though it is delicate, it is still complex with beautiful yet ambiguous notes that make this scent uniquely your own. Although it doesn't last long and has a weak sillage, this scent is subtle enough to wear in sensitive situations like on the plane, if you worked in a clinic, or at weddings if you didn't want your scent to steal the spotlight. This scent is captivating with it's allusive beauty and I can't help but be enchanted with it's chameleon-like qualities and fleeting notes.


Glowing & Luminous

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