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Published on October 3rd, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Jo Loves Orange Tulle Review

Orange Tulle by Jo Loves is a romantic fairy tale of magical Mandarin, delicate Orange Blossom and enchanting Neroli. It is a breathtaking moment of femininity and innocence. A fragrance that seems to give you hope like the first rays of sunlight in Spring.

And like all Jo Loves fragrances, she seems to display the florals in their natural environment, making them smell more like flowers in a garden rather than the distilled and often heady extraction of the flower itself. She does this by incorporating other, more grounding, scent notes that would be found with the flower if it were naturally occurring in nature.  A Jo Loves fragrance often combines the scent of leaves or stems and other herbs and plants that may be found around a particular flower in its natural environment. This gives the scent more credibility and sophistication as opposed to being an overtly girly scent; which is normally hard to pull off given dainty notes like Orange Blossom and Neroli.

Although this fragrance starts off with you naively twirling around in an orange grove with a sprig of Neroli in your hair, a note of Mint and sparkling Petitgrain takes the dainty floral to a more fresh and crisp level just like a breath of fresh air. And as you spin to the ground and look up into the blue sky, you are warmed by the rays of the sun and the faint scent of Musk, comforting you as you enter into a magical daydream.

Orange Tulle is the scent of a princess, a debutante, or a woman who has never lost her innocence. She is filled with hope and is as free as a bird. She wishes on every dandelion she comes across and every star in the sky. She longs for her prince charming, but until that day comes, she’s just as content to read a book under a willow tree in amongst a field of wild flowers, dreaming the day away.

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 Jo Loves Orange Tulle Fragrance

Jo Loves Orange Tulle Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: This dreamy fairy tale of a fragrance by Jo Loves is breathtaking with its delicate Orange Bloosoms, sweet Neroli and fresh sparkling Mint! This is the true essence of feeling like a princess. If only its reign lasted longer, hence the loss in stars when rating it. Unfortunately, this scent disappears into a whisper, but a tantalizing little secret it does tell!


Dainty & Innocent

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