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Published on October 18th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Jo Loves Gardenia Review

Jo Loves Gardenia is a true love story! A bottle of romance; of falling in love. It is one of the most uniquely beautiful Gardenia fragrances that I have ever experienced. Gardenias are typically strong, heady, and blooming romantics. They are a sophisticated and regal flower that is worthy of royals! But because they are often so powerful, Gardenia, or White Floral scents are hard to pull off and at times can be head-ache inducing.

But not Jo’s version! This is due to the cleaver incorporation of complimentary scent notes that add a greenness and freshness to the Gardenia flower, and particular notes that add a depth to the usually overtly girly smelling flower. This makes the scent smell more like Gardenias in an open-air garden rather than a strong heady distillation of the flower itself.

Jo Loves, along with Jo Malone, are masters at this technique and this produces very authentic, natural, minimalistic and sentimental fragrances that are unbeatable and truly unique! Their uses of other scents found within/around the key florals in their fragrances is revolutionary. Incorporating not just the distilled version of the flower but it’s leaves, stem, roots, and any other plants, herbs, or fruit that may surround it in its natural environment. This makes for scents that are real, organic, and in a way more sentimental and personal as they smell more like places, moments in time, and memories than perfume.

Jo Loves Gardenia is equally as fresh as it is romantic. It’s the spark that makes you fall in love. Although sparkling, it’s also delicate and soft. Creamy, dreamy, and smooth. It opens up with a blossoming garden of pristine Bergamot, crisp Narcissus, and fresh blooming Gardenia that makes your heart skip a beat.

Ylang-ylang and Jasmine come in to add some sensual depth to the floral notes, which takes the fragrance from girly to womanly; the passion of the scent. While, Coumarin, Heliotrope, and Musk add a creamy smooth warmth and depth to the dry down adding a unique richness and serious quality to the usually frivolous scent of a Gardenia flower. The kind of dry down that makes you feel safe and warm.

This fragrance is a true romance from the intoxicating moments of love-at-first-sight, to being wooed into a relationship, to finally the comforting¬† feeling of being in the arms of “the one”.

And if you want to know what the “the one” smells like, read the Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander Review.¬† An equally unique scent that would smell gorgeous on a man or woman!

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Jo Loves Gardenia Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Gardenias are usually strong, heady flowers, but Jo Loves' version is fresh, green, and delicate! Smells like Gardenias in an open-air garden! Completely unique in it's organic and natural take on a usually very "perfumey" flower. This one of the best Gardenia fragrances out there! Perfect for weddings and romance!


Fresh Green Gardenia

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