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Published on July 6th, 2013 | by The Perfume Expert

Guerlain’s Flora Nymphea Review

Everyone must own a signature scent! And as being the Perfume Expert, I have a few, but there is one that I wear that is dear to my heart at this point in my life, and that is my Flora Nymphea. Flora Nymphea is a magical scent in the beautiful Aqua Allegoria line by Guerlain.

As a side note, Guerlain is one of the few and one of the oldest perfume houses left in the world and are by far the most exquisite. Having been the royal perfumer since the 1800’s to the likes of Napoleon, Empress Eugenie, and Queen Victoria, Guerlain spares no expense on creating the most beautiful fragrances in the world not only in scentual experience but in quality and class. Most of the Guerlain fragrances are deep, rich, complex, and mysterious, but the fragrances in the Aqua Allegoria represent the more innocent and natural side of a woman.

All the fragrances in this line are inspired by nature and feature simple and minimalistic representations of the flowers/herbs/fruits one would find in a garden, but a magical garden at that!

Flora Nymphea is centred around Orange Blossom and Honey. A sweet symphony of Spring-like bliss whisking you off to some fairy-tale garden on the wings of bumble bees. One of the most unique and awe inspiring fragrances I have encountered. First off, you don’t find many examples of Honey used as a main fragrance note and when you do, it can smell quite artificial, overly sweet, or waxy. The Honey accord found in Flora Nymphea is a delectable smooth and rich Honey that smells likes it’s been warmed in the Summer sun.  Combined with deep Woody notes and sensuous Musk, the Honey accord in this fragrance is utterly captivating, almost on an animalistic level; which is perhaps why this particular scent could also be worn by a man.

Complimenting the warm Woody honey notes are fresh green flowers of Orange Blossom and Syringa. Two floral notes that evoke spring blooms but also add a green element to the scent; a breath of fresh air in amongst the enveloping honey.

Flora Nymphea is a daydream of delight. A timeless dance of delicate florals and a glowing sweetness that feels like a hug from the sun. The Flora Nymphea woman is magical wistful character, full of spirit and sparkle. She spends her special time dreaming sweet dreams and playing in nature. Fleeting from one flower of life to the next but always grounded in her kindness and warmth. You can’t help but smile when Flora Nymphea flutters into the room.

 Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea

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Guerlain’s Flora Nymphea Review The Perfume Expert

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Summary: Flora Nymphea is a magical dance of delicate florals and a glowing sweetness that feels like a hug from the sun. Warm honey makes you dizzy with delight as you fall into a field of Spring-like flowers. This fragrance makes your heart flutter!


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